’90s RPG Silver slashes its way onto Steam

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Sweet, sweet nostalgia. I only have vague memories of playing the RPG Silver [Steam page] as a ten-year-old (I’m wondering now what the age rating was…) but I remember really liking it. Its swordplay was its standout feature, and the direction of your strikes depended on which way you moved your mouse. It seems rudimentary now, but at the time it blew my little mind.

Anyway, now I — and anybody else who’s interested — gets to relive the action all over again on Steam, where it has just released courtesy of THQ Nordic. Admittedly, it’s been out on GOG since 2012, but this latest version, currently on sale, is a perfect excuse to jump back in. It’s only £3.99, which includes a 20% launch discount.

From first glance, it looks exactly like the 1999 original but with more resolution options. Expect your party of 3D characters to run across various colourful 2D backdrops and live out the story of David, a young knight who’s trying to save his captured wife from the evil sorcerer Jarrah, and in doing so save the realm.

I’d say, from what I can remember (and from reading what others have said about it), that the story is decent and that the characters you meet have some excellent dialogue.

I’m not sure the prospect of playing it through for the first time will appeal to that many people, but for those who want to jump back into a world they loved it will be welcome news.

The early reviews look positive, with barely a bug in sight. If you’ve bought it, tell me: is it as good as I remember?


  1. Prah says:

    This game has already been on GOG for a while link to gog.com

  2. Saarlaender39 says:

    Just logged in to say the same as Prah above, and to find I’ve been ninja’d, of course ;)
    It has been available on GOG.com for five (?) years now.

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      Waltorious says:

      This was my first thought as well. If anyone would prefer top play it DRM-free (And with the soundtrack included), get it on GOG instead.

      I only ever played the demo of this, but snapped it up on GOG when it was released there. I haven’t played it yet, though. Maybe I will soon!

  3. MacPoedel says:

    I was 11 when this game came out. I didn’t have the money to buy games (maybe 1 a year), and I don’t think it was available in our local store. But I played the demo to death even if it was really short.
    I don’t remember where exactly I got that demo, it was either a demo disc sold in a store (now that I think about it, that wasn’t a very ethical practice) or it came with the gaming magazine I read at the time.
    For me it was one of my first cRPG’s, looking back on it, really odd that I never played Baldur’s Gate 2 or Fallout 2 at that time. Perhaps they didn’t have demos? :)

    Anyway, as those before me have posted, this has been available for years on GoG, so that explains the lack of bugs.

    • Sleepy Will says:

      10? 11? How old do I feel now, that game is recent for me!

  4. Horg says:

    I will buy this, for no other reason than to stick it to Fuge one more time. Some antagonists just deserve a good arse kicking every decade or so.

  5. HigoChumbo says:

    Probably one of the most underrated and incomprehensibly unknown games I’ve ever played, alongside Shiny’s Sacrifice.

    It was really atmospheric and the combat/magic system was rather cool back then, though I recall both the voice-acting and the last boss fight being awful. Still, I’ve got pretty fond memories of this game.

    • geisler says:

      This wasn’t / isn’t some unknown game lol (neither was anything released from Shiny). It was a major release and as far as i can remember was covered by every major gaming magazine / outlet. Ask anyone above 30 years old and they’ll remember this game.

      • Kolbex says:

        Huh, I’m well over 30 and weirdly I’ve never heard of this game (Sacrifice was one of the greats, though).

        • haldolium says:

          He has kind of a point though, at least in Europe it wasn’t particular unknown and had its fair share of coverage.

          I don’t think it aged as well though, played the GOG version a bit back then and lost interest in it rather soon. I think its one of these games where memories are much more delightful as the game is nowadays.

        • GeoX says:

          I’d heard of the Dreamcast version. I didn’t even know it was originally a pc game, though.

      • Frank says:

        Over 30, American, never heard of this game, even though I’ve played far too many games from its era.

      • HigoChumbo says:

        Ehrm… I am above 30 and I played this game when it was released (hell, I upgraded my 486 to a Pentium just to play it, if I recall properly), and I still think it’s a RELATIVELY unknown game given how great it was for its time.

        Sacrifice was pretty much more of the same. Yes, people had heard of it, people had seen it in magazine covers, but most people didn’t bother to play it, and I think it went through unappreciated when it was a pure gem.

        I’m European, by the way. Me and my group of friends are the only gamers I’ve ever met who even heard of it.

        • Risingson says:

          My theory is that all the european videogame sites, including this, tell historical facts only based on american sources. This is why you find people praising XCOM and not UFO, how it was played all around Europe, or you find the same story of successes and failures in videogames when the European market was much different from the other videogame ones.

          • Alice O'Connor says:

            I can tell you that we say X-COM because it became the name of the series and it’s a lot simpler and reader-friendlier than using the lesser-known name and adding notes explaining regional differences.

          • Risingson says:

            That has no sense, Alice. You would use “Out of this world” or “Illusion of Gaia” in that context. It’s absurd that “lesser known name” is the one from your own country from most of your readers – and very local jokes – are from. Sorry.

  6. FredSaberhagen says:

    Completed this on dreamcast! The magic effects were so cool looking (lots of projectiles) and the elements made sense. 9/10

  7. cpt_freakout says:

    I also think it has one of the best late 90’s RPG soundtracks, a pretty good copy of which is included with the GOG version (I didn’t see it in the Steam version).

  8. Vedharta says:

    Played this to death on the Dreamcast and yes i definitely remember this fondly, not obscure at all! :-)

  9. frakswe says:

    Doubt they’ll do anything else besides making it somewhat runnable on modern pc’s,shame really since it deserves a code overhaul.

  10. KDR_11k says:

    I remember being confused by how few save points there are in the game, coming from 90s PC gaming where saving anywhere was normal. In fact I’m not sure I even encountered the concept of explicit, single-use save points before then.

  11. Darth Gangrel says:

    “the direction of your strikes depended on which way you moved your mouse. It seems rudimentary now”. That’s far from rudimentary, most modern games don’t have that feature, although I’d gladly be proven wrong.

    • HigoChumbo says:

      The closest I can think of is the combat in Mount&Blade and the like. Maybe Exanima, though that game is still a mess.

  12. Godwhacker says:

    I played it and finished it when I was younger, and thought it pleasant but forgettable. I remember thinking it was ripping off Secret of Mana, but I can’t remember why