Raiders of the Broken Planet shows 4v1 action

Ooh I’d entirely missed that MercurySteam, the gang behind Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, are making a 4v1 shooter. Raiders of the Broken Planet [official site] is its name, and asymmetric sci-fi shoot-o-brawling is its game. Four players are off adventuring across an alien world, completing missions and duffing up AI-controlled baddies, while t’other can join games as ‘the Antagonist’ to sabotage their missions. That sounds potentially a lark. Here, have a look at how that works in this recent trailer:

Or if you prefer words to moving pictures, here’s the blurb from MercurySteam:

“While playing co-operatively, players run the risk of having an Antagonist join their game, to stop them from achieving their objective. The Antagonist can select any character from the Raiders roster and is able to see which characters the Raiders team selects. This gives the Antagonist the opportunity to pick a character whose strengths and weaknesses are tailored towards the opposition. Combined with the shifting objectives, complex enemy AI and dynamic characters, the Antagonist is another element that makes the outcome of matches impossible to predict as both sides do everything they can to win.”

Yeah, I’ll give that a go. Heck, if I sign up for the beta, maybe I can do that soon.

Raiders of the Broken Planet finally comes to my attention today through another trailer, one explaining the story more. I think it’s broadly: alien technology found on one of Saturn’s moons lets people blast off far away, where they get stuck and start fighting to secure magic space-energy and a way home. Sci-fi stuff.

No firm word yet on when Raiders of the Broken Planet will launch.


  1. Behrditz says:

    Wasnt there another game awhile back that was going to be some kind of third person shooter where another player could join in as an antagonist, or take control of some of the enemies? I know it got cancelled.

    • April March says:

      Yeah, I know which one you’re talking about. I don’t remember its name, but I remember it took place in a five-minutes-in-the-future dystopic Paris, and it came up with a buzzwordy name for the mechanic. I think it was crossplay? I know crossplay is already a name for cosplaying a character of a different gender, but that’s the kind of stupid word that would come out of the minds of the people who create buzzwords.

      • Williz says:

        I also remember this game, never got off the ground though from what I remember. Think I remember reading about it in magazines a few times years back.

  2. Christo4 says:

    So… Like dark souls? Just that it’s with separated instances in the campaign. I can’t really see a difference.

  3. DarkFenix says:

    The issue with asymmetric games like this is that too much of the experience hinges on a single variable, the opposition player. Evolve, even without its microtransaction spam, was ruined by this in my opinion.

    There was no averaging out of the opposition team’s ability, just one guy. If he was a better or worse player than your team, it was extremely boring and ended up being a curb-stomp battle one way or the other.

    Normal team vs team games aren’t immune to this by any means, but the more players (ie. random, uncontrolled variables) you have per side, the greater the statistical chance for a roughly even match.