Warning: Ubisoft’s servers are wonked today

If you’re planning to play a spot of For Honor tonight or perhaps a little Rainbow Six Siege, er, revise your plans. A lot of Ubisoft’s online servers and services are down today for reasons unknown, disrupting games and causing trouble. Ubisoft say they’re investigating and want everything shipshape but if your Monday date night involves ninja fights, you might want to formulate a backup plan.

Ubisoft say in this afternoon’s support notice:

“We are currently experiencing degradation on all Ubisoft Services.

“​Players may have trouble connecting to the Ubisoft websites, the account management website, Uplay PC and online features of games.

“We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience while this issue is being investigated.”

Personally, I experience degradation every time I play online.

Ooh I bet that flipping new swirl is behind it. Has a touch of Junji Ito’s Uzumaki about it, that new spiral. You can imagine NuSpiral slowly twisting everything around it, curling and corrupting. I’m sure Ubisoft have dispatched a team of crack stylists armed with straighteners and crimpers to sort that swirl out.


  1. Luciferous says:

    Heh, had to be theday I remember i have a bunch of bundle games that need redeeming on uPlay as well!

  2. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    Sucks to be a Ubisoft server admin today then.

  3. Lurid says:

    So… like any other day then?

  4. CrackedMandible says:

    Blood for the blo…er…spiral god?

  5. Person of Interest says:

    Thanks for the daily dose of culture re: the spiral link. Although I can’t help but notice you passed up a chance for another “coil” tie-in.

  6. FragMonkeyGames says:

    Thats cute. Don’t see ‘Ubisoft’ and ‘Server’ in the same sentence very often.

    I thought they ran everything on their coveted Peer2Peer Technology.

  7. GrumpyCatFace says:

    Breaking News: Online DRM is dependent on working servers. When there’s a breakdown, you lose access to your games!

    We now return to your regularly scheduled Capt. Obvious re-runs.

  8. Mabswer says:

    Ubisoft and servers not working.. News to someone?