The Top Best Bestest Games Of 2017 So Far

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Alice: Plunkbat is the multiplayer game I am most excited to be learning.

It’s an FPS which sprawls across 64 square kilometres yet where one single square metre can be fiercely contested, where every encounter is tense, where patience and nerve are often more important than aim, and the mere sight of an open door is cause for concern.

I’ve not yet won but I have hit the top ten in rounds where I airdropped into firefights and fought my way out, rounds where I parked with a rifle popping heads across the landscape, one where I fought over a meadow inch-by-inch, where every window in a city seemed to contain a gunman, and one round where I didn’t fire a single shot but sat happily beneath a tree watching corn ripple in the wind as everyone else whittled each other down.

Playing alone, it’s a time of quiet concentration. With chums, it’s a 25-minute adventure with japes aplenty and always a dramatic climax – especially when you pull foolish schemes.

It runs like a dog, mind.

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  1. gwop_the_derailer says:


    • Ghostwise says:

      More like Sunkman, apparently.

      • gwop_the_derailer says:

        Never mind, it was released in 2016. How time flies!

        But yes, it’s been on my mind lately. Hope IO survives.

  2. ANtY says:

    Have you seen this upcoming hack n slash game? link to

  3. fencenswitchen says:

    Battle Brothers. Period. Such a great small wonderful game.

    Leading your mercenary gang in a low-fantasy, living world with somewhat chess-like simple figurines travelling around the beautiful map, which is always newly generated with every playthrough. Permadeath does not make the brutal hard tactical fights any easier, which remind me a little bit of XCOM and Heroes of Might & Magic as well. But actually it is a managment game too, a bloody business – you are running a company. (sorry, could not resist.)

    You guys haven’t even had a final review of it yet, which you should change sooner rather than later :)

    link to

    • Avioto says:

      This! The most underrated gem this year (so far). I really hope they’ll make a second one with better animations and more diversity in characters.

    • Aetylus says:

      Yes! Best turn based tactics games since some blokes remade Xcom. I also rate Atlas Reactor – Best turn-based competitive online game ever.

    • Ericusson says:

      Battle brothers is a fetichist game reserved for those having hundreds of hours to sink into.

      Besides there are way too many bothersome elements in the game for it to be accessible to a larger public, and awful combat maps.

      Kind of the same thing that plagued darkest dungeon before they introduced the radiant mode for a less grindy game really.

  4. Joriath says:

    I’ve managed to miss all of those. Go me!

    • Ghostwise says:

      Same here, but I know I’ll be buying many of those on deep discount in 3 years or so – when I can afford them.

      I hope NieR will not do that thing where many Japanese games never go past 50% in sales.

  5. Minglefingler says:

    Good choices, I agree with all the ones I’ve played except Nier which I liked rather than loved (didn’t enjoy the second playthrough and it glitched at the end boss so I lost a few hours of progress and any desire to continue) and Bayonetta. I don’t seem to be able to click with Platinum’s games for some reason. I would have put Golden Krone Hotel in there too and if you can have Deadly Premonition then surely I can have Brigador Up-Armoured Edition? I’ll chance my arm further by throwing Stellaris: Utopia in there as well, although to be fair I hadn’t played a game with any of the dlc previously so I got lots of new stuff at once.

    • Guvornator says:

      My experience of Platinum Games is largely of an amazing combat system that the game spends a lot of time preventing from using because it just has to tell it’s bloody tedious story. Bayonetta is very guilty of this, which is why I would chose Vanquish as my PG PC pick.

  6. Laurentius says:

    I only really played two gams of that list: Endless Space 2 which I didn’t like which should be obvious as I am not a fan of Amplitude’s spreadsheet take on strategy games and something that apparently reviewers of 4X dig immensely. Also played Tides of Numenera and I really had good time with it, better then with Wasteland2 and far better then with Pillars of Eternity, it’s too compact though, when it comes to locations and interaction between party memebers.

  7. This banana says:

    Jeez! So many interesting things here!
    Thank you so much for all these lovely recommendations, so conveniently packed in one list! I guess my wishlist will increase tenfold now, but I’ll try to get through (most of) them in given time. Thanks RPS!

  8. Someoldguy says:

    An interesting collection, but I’m surprised that in a list of entries over 40 long that some of the RPS recommended games are missing without any explanation for their absence.

  9. Kefren says:

    The worst one is the left and right arrows game. They jump up and down, sometimes hidden by the screenshot. Each new page load threatens to move them. 7/10.

    • UncleLou says:

      Pro tip: this game works much better with the keyboard than the mouse. Use the cursor keys.

      • hernique says:

        You want me to use the keyboard? As if I was a peasant? Nonsense. (and seriously you just need to standardize the images’s size)

        • Aetylus says:

          Just pretend you were playing Dwarf Fortress. Then you can be a gleeful peasant who goes on and on about how much more efficient it is to be a peasant instead of one of those mouse loving sheeple.

      • Robert The Rebuilder says:

        I read RPS on my phone. These little arrows are a pain. And no, my phone has no keyboard.

  10. Premium User Badge

    subdog says:

    Thimbleweed Park absolutely deserved to make this list. Harrumph.

  11. EwokThisWay says:

    All these “i couldn’t care less about the plot/story but i absolutely loved it” makes me really freaking sad and pessimistic about the future of video games…
    Am i the only person who still thinks a good video game is simply a perfect balance of a good story, a good environnement and a good gameplay ?

    • pockoman says:

      I think that it’s silly to say that a video game has to have a great story. There’s a place for fun mindless sandbox games, just like there’s room for walking simulators. Not every game can be or should be the Witcher or the Last of Us.

    • skyturnedred says:

      Gameplay > Story

      Every single time. If the gameplay is bad and the story is supposed to be something phenomenal I’ll check it out on youtube. (While playing Hearthstone.)

      • MisterFurious says:

        I agree that gameplay is more important than story. If all you have going for you is a good story, then write a book or a movie or a TV show. That said, story is still important and it shouldn’t be too difficult to have a good balance of both but it’s very rare that it happens.

    • MajorLag says:

      No, but I kind of wish you were. I can’t recall a game I’ve played where the story was actually important to the experience.

      I don’t meant to sound so offensive with that statement, but I can’t think of a better way to put it.

      Stories are related by the teller to the listener and are therefore fundamentally non-interactive*. For this reason, I think they generally don’t mesh with gameplay at all and so at best can only ever be entertaining in their own right, as a sort of separate component inexplicably interwoven with the game. At worst they’re used as something like click-bait to keep the player slogging through mediocre gameplay to see what happens next.

      *The exception being the kind of interactive story-driven/story-creation experience one can sometimes have when playing tabletop roleplaying games with a good group. One could make the argument that emergent sims are the videogame equivalent of this, and while I’d agree to a certain extent I think there’s a lot of room for improvement.

  12. sillythings says:

    I know John didn’t like it, but Hollow Knight deserves to be on this list. Incredible game with an enormous amount of content and polish.

    • Mark Schaal says:

      Another vote for Hollow Knight. Absolutely one of the best metroidvanias.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      It’s hanging out with Hyper Light Drifter who was left out last year because of Old Man Walker.

  13. Henke says:

    Glad to see Rain World made the list. Picked it up in the current Humble Bundle and it has got it’s hooks in me. Hooks AND tentacles. Pulling me down into it’s murky, terrifying depths. I’m 10 hours in and feeling like I’m only beginning to scratch the surface of this magical and deadly world.

  14. Lugg says:

    Alec: “…when I was what I now realise was a mere child”

    Don’t you mean… a Meer child?

  15. nitric22 says:

    RPS I blame you for my Steam Wishlist. WHO is going to PAY for all of this?? Hmmmmmm… and moreover, who the hell is going to PLAY all of this. Unless and until you invent a cure for sleep, I am holding you accountable for this disaster.

  16. Siimon says:

    Non-standard image sizes make the arrows jump up and down :(

  17. Wulfram says:

    I’d pick Mass Effect Andromeda, though I guess I’m not surprised you didn’t.

    • malkav11 says:

      Likewise. I’ve cooled a little from my initial fervor of love for it as a certain degree of repetitiveness has settled in and I’ve maxed out all the skills I actually care about, but I still think it’s a far stronger entry in the franchise than almost anyone online, press or gamer alike, is giving it credit for. Certainly I like it much better than Mass Effect 2, and that game ends up on best of lists with depressing regularity and height.

    • GuyNice says:

      I tried really hard to like it (battling through bugs) but the uninspired story and juvenile dialogues wouldn’t let me. The overwhelming abundance of tedious tasks and egregious fetch quests were the nails in the coffin. As a former fan of the franchise, I’m quite salty over it. MP is a glitch fest with terrible netcode and a blatant cash-grab design, to boot. Never again, EA.

  18. Caiman says:

    I suppose it’s inevitable that many games get overlooked given how many of them are released on a weekly basis. Here are a few more I’d definitely add to this list.

    Thimbleweed Park – a great point-and-click callback to Maniac Mansion and its ilk that made me genuinely care about its eclectic cast of characters, which is perhaps why I was slightly let down by its ending.

    Paradigm – released around the same time as Thimbleweed Park, but sadly overlooked by most, which is a pity because I enjoyed it even more; it’s another point-and-click inspired by the classics, but far more inventive than TP, and genuinely funny to boot.

    Starcrawlers – fairly recently released, “Might and Magic in space”. Well-written and designed story-based missions mixed up with procedural ones, with an in-depth combat system, inventive character classes, and a faction influence metagame, awesome.

    Mini Ghost – perfect recreation of an MSX-style retro Metroidvania platformer with perfect mechanics, for extra cheap, with value layered on top with a level and character editor. It doesn’t look like much, but I can’t stop playing it.

    • Shoconn says:

      Have to say I agree with StarCrawlers and Paradigm. Both definitely entertaining. Feel Everspace too was good and could have made the list as well

  19. Radiant says:

    TEKKEN 7

  20. poliovaccine says:

    Thank you, John Walker, for using “poring over” correctly. From the mental image, I can almost imagine why so many people think it’s “pouring over,” but thank you for helping to keep “poring” a word in this century.

  21. Kyir says:

    I am incredibly disgruntled that Hollow Knight isn’t on this list. I was already STILL grumpy about how it got treated here, but really? Honestly??? Can I be more incredulous?????????????????

  22. Stellar Duck says:

    Sigh. I’ve played none of those.

    I wonder, am I giving up on games outside of the niche wargames and sims? I think it feels like it.

    I kinda want to play Prey, but not enough to actually do anything to play it.

    • MajorLag says:

      I feel the same way, though about puzzle games. I think it is a natural reaction to the gaming market being absolutely flooded with quality products. Rather than try and determine which ones are worth our time to play, we stick to the genres that are most comfortable and interesting to us.

  23. AlphaW0lph says:

    Where is Steel Division: Normandy?Best RTS so far in 2017 imo…

    • Ghostwise says:

      Where is Steel Division: Normandy?

      As far as I can discern, it’s in Normandy.

  24. Rob_Heinlein says:

    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam ???

  25. vahnn says:

    You’ll never see a list like this in any other PC games site. Most sites would have 35 of the latest sequels to the top-selling, bland DudeBro series, with 7 or 8 lesser-known title, and 1 indie title.

    It’s part of why I love RPS.

  26. Relkin109 says:

    Deadly Premonition? So this list is not exclusively games that have released in or around (Astroneer) 2017? Just games the staff have been playing in 2017?

  27. Enzoid says:

    Persona 5, although it’s not a PC game, is definitely my GOTY. It’s just amazing.