GOG launches summer sale (in spring)

Oh I do not remember the solution to this snow cone puzzle at all.

Those wild rebels of GOG have once again denied the majesty of the astronomical calendar, launching their big summer sale while it’s still spring. Over one thousand games are discounted, and buying anything will also get you a free copy of Rebel Galaxy – a spaceship shooter our Brendan liked enough for it to be a fair freebie. If you don’t know where to start with such a huge sale, hey, check out the picks we put together for GOG.

GOG have also once again launched GOG Connect for a bit, letting people get DRM-free GOG copies of certain games they own on Steam.

If you hit GOG’s home page, you’ll noticed it’s covered in deals. Loads of ’em! A great many good games.

Our list of picks has some okay games, I guess, but my own personal top tip is, as in every big sale, Deadly Premonition for £1.99. When it is good, it is very very good – but when it is bad it is horrid. For £2, it’s worth a pop to discover if you love or loathe it.

If you buy anything at all in the sale or in the open beta of Gwent, you’ll get Rebel Galaxy for free. Our Brendy lost interest in Rebel Galaxy but Richie Shoemaker later declared it one of the best space games, so I suppose we’ll need to get them to fight to settle this.

The sale will end on Tuesday, June 20th, at 2pm.

If you fancy GOGifying your Steam games, swing on by GOG Connect. This latest round lets people redeem GOG copies of 40 games on Steam, including AI War, Amnesia, Defcon, Downwell, Dropsy, La-Mulana, Reigns, and Stacking. You’ll need to connect your GOG and Steam accounts for that. And yup, you still get to keep them on Steam. GOG Connecting is not a permanent opportunity, so get in while the offer is open.


Top comments

  1. Rao Dao Zao says:

    If Springwatch is on TV, it must still be Spring.
  1. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    June is still spring?

    But neat. Cheap games.

    • Sakkura says:

      It’s complicated

      link to en.wikipedia.org

      Cheap games is cheap games, luckily

      • Premium User Badge

        Drib says:

        I guess living in the American southeast has put me in a different mindset as to what ‘summer’ is. I tend to put it starting in May and running till about the end of September.

        Silly England with its silly terrible weather and not jungle-like humidity and heat all year.

        • BenWH says:

          I’d also noticed this odd creep towards considering the 21st June as the start of summer – even in schools. Thank god there are still a few sane people left. There is no sense in the longest day being the first day of summer when you think about it… point of view of course.

          • indigozeal says:

            Yeah, this is a stateside perspective as well, but slavishly adhering to the idea that 21st = start of season gets you into weird perspectives (Northern Hemisphere-wise) pretty quickly – like thinking that the September activities of the kids going back to school and the leaves turning are quintessential summer sights. Long live Northern Hemisphere summer as June, July, and August.

        • MajorLag says:

          Here in Wisconsin, we no longer recognize the existence of spring or autumn. There is only the bitingly frigid winter and the oppressively humid construction season.

      • MikoSquiz says:

        Anyone claiming summer starts at the solstice is the purest example of a proper mental I have ever heard of. There’s a reason solstice directly translates as “midsummer” or “midwinter” (depending on the solstice) in many if not most languages. It’s like claiming the workweek begins on Thursday.

  2. TheMightyEthan says:

    In what gods-forsaken frozen wasteland is June considered spring?

    • kalirion says:

      link to google.com

      I find it kinda weird myself, that seasons start on the 21st and sometimes 22nd.

      • Zorgulon says:

        It’s also weird because the summer solstice is also known as Midsummer’s Day, despite being the start of summer by this reckoning.

        Long story short, there’s no consensus. But any attempt to have a regular date on which “summer starts” is generally based around the longest day of the year.

        • jezcentral says:

          How odd. Summer was always June, July, August to me. And all other sane people around the world.

          • welverin says:

            S, are you saying everyone in the southern hemisphere is insane?

          • Premium User Badge

            The Almighty Moo says:

            Welverin, of course he is- anyone who lives somewhere where they must wear impractical magnetic boots all the time to stop themselves falling off the bottom of the planet has got to be totally radish Montgomer windsill.

        • gunny1993 says:

          There is consensus, there just happens to be two of them XD There’s a meteorological seasonal calendar and an astronomical one.

          link to metoffice.gov.uk

          • SaintAn says:

            Astronomical is a fact. Meteorological is an alt-fact that sounds like something some people made up to help stupids keep track of the seasons even if they’re wrong a large amount of the time.

          • Zamn10210 says:

            Yes, the weather is an ‘alt-fact’. Anyone who has ever been outdoors in England, Europe or nearly anywhere else in the Northern hemisphere in June will be aware that it’s about as summery as it gets.

        • alh_p says:

          Well, solstice it might be, but as nice weather/heat lags behind the sun’s movement we feel the largest amount of heat (summer – if we’re so lucky) from its sojourn in our hemisphere only after it has already started moving away again! Weather has terrible lag.

    • Jeremy says:

      The Northern Hemisphere I’m afraid. I am a stone’s throw from Canada and we’re just starting to hit 70s consistently.

      • teije says:

        Sorry neighbour. Next time I’ll try a smaller ice boulder border toss.

    • Arglebargle says:

      It’s been a cool year so far. Only hit the mid-90’s(F) a couple of times in May. Summer here is May through October, usually.

    • Ejia says:

      I live in the tropics. Here, there is only summer and not-as-hot-as-summer.

      • Caiman says:

        You mean wet season and dry season? It’s much simpler. When it’s raining, it’s wet season. Otherwise it’s not. Temperature has little to do with it.

  3. kalirion says:

    I wasn’t gonna buy anything, but then I noticed the Rebel Galaxy offer and that was too tempting to pass up. So I picked up Downfall, having recalled how much I enjoyed The Cat Lady (from the same devs, sharing the same universe.)

  4. Rao Dao Zao says:

    If Springwatch is on TV, it must still be Spring.

  5. ButteringSundays says:

    “GOG have also once again launched GOG Connect for a bit, letting people get DRM-free GOG copies of certain games they own on Steam.”

    This is all well and good but as crazy as it might sound I’d be more interested in DRM versions of my GOG games.

    I’d completely forgotten I even owned Theme Hospital until I launched the GOG client by accident the other day.

  6. obsidian76 says:

    In the UK June is a summer month even in the frigid north – i swear the media corporate or not really take us for idiots

    link to en.wikipedia.org

  7. Vandelay says:

    My word! I just went to do the connect thing and discovered I own Men at War. I had no idea thta was on my Steam account, but it apparently tells me I played it for less than hour in December 2011.

    Plus, if Rebel Galaxy is free with first purchase, do you get two copies if you buy it for just under $6? Who wants to buy it and see?

    • April March says:

      That’s usually how it works, yeah. If you get a free game with a purchase and buy it, you get a gift.

      Spoilsport, away!

  8. Sin Vega says:

    The important thing is not when Summer is, but where, that we may more easily kill it at last.

  9. caff says:

    So many good games there that I have fond memories of.

    Call of Pripyat for £3.89? Bargain.
    Oxenfree for £3.79? Buy this NOW.

    The one that attracts me is SWAT4 for £4.79. Not a huge discount but boy, I think I want to play that again…

    • Rublore says:

      A quick warning on SWAT 4, just in case: the game won’t work if you have multiple monitors active. You have to disable all but one by hitting Win+P and selecting Computer Only.

  10. Ejia says:

    Though the DRM-free versions are very nice, my favorite thing about GOG is the whole updating old games to run on current machines bit. No matter how cheap they are elsewhere, I am not buying a game made earlier than ~2005 anywhere else than GOG.

    Oh, and Connect let me add a dozen titles to my account! Perhaps I’ll add another: Day of the Tentacle Remastered is 67% off.

  11. Caiman says:

    Hmmm, this GOG Connect doesn’t work that well. Two games this time that are definitely in my Steam library (played recently as well) which it won’t transfer over on account of it not finding them.