Minecraft: Story Mode – Season 2 starts in July

Telltale Games have announced a second season of their cuboid adventure series Minecraft: Story Mode [official site]. As is the Telltale way, Season 2 will pick off where the first left off, remembering your decisions and lumping you with the consequences. Though the consequences here are somewhat sunnier than in e.g. The Walking Dead seasons, seeing as it’s based on Minecraft. Season 2 will kick off on July 11th.

Here’s the blurb from Telltale on what Season 2 is about:

“Now that Jesse and the gang have vanquished the Wither Storm, saved the world, and become totally super famous heroes, life has gotten a bit more… complicated. With more responsibilities and less time for adventure, old friendships have started to fade — at least until Jesse’s hand gets stuck in a creepy gauntlet that belongs to an ancient underwater temple. Together with old pals and new comrades alike, Jesse embarks on a brand new journey filled with tough choices, good times, and at least one temperamental llama.”

Season 2 will introduce support for Telltale’s ‘Crowd Play’ multiplayer doodad, which lets other people join in by using their pocket telephones to vote on decisions. If your kids are into Minecraft: Story Mode, this is a fine opportunity to introduce them to the pains of democracy.

Episode 1 of Season 2 is due on July 11th for Windows and Mac. The season is due to be five episodes long, though so was the first until Telltale extended it with another three.

As in the first season, the cast will be headed by Patton Oswalt and Telltale promise more cameo appearances from ‘Stampy Cat’ and other Minecraft YouTubers. I find their children’s TV presenter voices unnerving but I suppose: 1) It’s not made for me; 2) Pip says my own YouTube voice is creepy and becomes angry if I ever speak to her in it; 3) We shouldn’t squabble when the very real horror of ASMR videos is still out there. We cannot rest until ASMR videos are stopped. I myself haven’t slept since 2010, too worried that someone might creep into my bedroom and lick their lips inches from my lughole until I’m clawing and tearing at my hide trying to make the sensation stop.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    I think there was a free weekend or something for the first one. I played about five minutes, cringed, and uninstalled.

    Has it gotten any less terrible?

  2. Phantom_Renegade says:

    Instead of making more Wolf or more Tales, which were actually good, they insist on doing this, and GoT and more WD mediocrity.

  3. peterako1989 says:

    Who, in everything that is holy, asked more of this…this….thing!?

  4. TheAngriestHobo says:

    This is the IP that Telltale chooses to give a second season to?

    • Unclepauly says:

      It’s crazy right? Who woulda thought someone would make a season 2 to a game that sells like hotcakes. It’s mind boogling

  5. fstkfstk says:

    Gosh yes! MORE! Played the first season with my kid and it was fantastic.

    Oops, you’re not a kid or parent? Well, plenty of murder-death games coming out every 2.54 minutes elsewhere…

  6. Catweasel says:

    Being kid friendly doesn’t necessitate being awful, I’m not giving this a pass just because it’s for a young demographic.

    • fstkfstk says:

      *Shrug* It wasn’t awful by any means. Sure it was crudely manipulative, filled with in jokes, covered in false but often satisfying choices– just like every other Telltale game for the last ten years.

  7. PlumFennec80 says:

    But… but… muh Wolf Among Us/Fables…. Can’t that have a Season 2 instead?

    • fstkfstk says:

      Why? Minecraft Story Mode was the best of Minecraft. Wolf Amongst Us was decent and a treat for fans but nothing mind-blowing.

      Now some more Borderlands, that’s warranted for sure.

  8. dr. fondles says:

    It’s for kids. Choose your battles. We are momentary.