Jalopy’s Turkey update adds backstory via licence plates!


I’l admit I entirely forgot that Jalopy [official site] getting a Turkey update meant the country and not, e.g. the bird. I was conjuring up all kinds of adventures I could take a turkey on while we played the roadtrip ‘n’ car maintenance adventure. Just me and my feathery friend, the wind in our wings, the radio set to some bangin’ choons, the turkey in charge of map reading… The turkey is called Priscilla and has replaced Jalopy’s Uncle character in my head.

In the real version of this update that doesn’t involve Priscilla and me Thelma and Louising it off a cliff or doing Carpool Karaoke, the Turkey update has added that country as a new environment/route in the game. Behold the trailer!

Turkey is the final map expansion for the game on its journey through early access, in case you were wondering about its scope, so some bits of this update focus on the ability to finish your road trip by driving all the way back home to Uncle.

There are the usual bug fixes and twiddles but other key points to note are:

  • Tyre repair kits which mean you don’t have to just replace damaged tyres outright.
  • There are also some new tracks plus the news that the soundtrack is available to buy separately on Steam
  • And – my favourite – is the addition of authentic licence plates.

“The game’s starring Laika 601 Deluxe now has a randomly generated licence plate for each player, which adhere to real world licensing procedures in the DDR. Players who want to dig a little deeper into their Jalopy’s history can decipher their licence plate to find out more about their in-game Laika.”

That’s really cool, seeding backstory via car licence plate generation. I’ve been reading up on how that works and you can tell things like the district or whether it belonged to particular branches of the military or the police. For more here’s the German Democratic Republic vehicle registration plate Wikipedia entry.

Jalopy is in Early Access at the moment so the usual caveats about buying. It costs £9.99/$12.99. Hit the patch notes for full details on today’s update.


  1. Roest says:

    Why go through all of this and then call a Trabant Laika?

  2. X_kot says:

    Your MS Paint skills remain unmatched, Pip. I want to gobble up that turkey!

  3. lglethal says:

    Pip, are you the Stig?

    Based on the photographic evidence from this article, I’m going to say Yes…

  4. Synesthesia says:

    Are there any news on wheel support? There weren’t any when I bought the game, and I’ve been waiting for some sort of implementation. This game just begs for a wheel.

    • ButteringSundays says:

      Except that it really doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong I love my wheel but driving in Jalopy involves lots of looking around and clicking things – it would be awkward using a wheel- and I’d even go as far as to say the driving itself is balanced around the keyboard (not to say it’s ‘easier’ or even better – but that it’s part of the intended experience, if you dig). It’s not really a traditional ‘driving’ game.

      But understand that me suggesting non-analogue input for a game involving a vehicle is particularly uncharacteristic.

  5. April March says:

    Man, I love all the tiny details, like the dirty windshield and the tiny cartoon smoke coming out of the hood, that do a lot of work towards making the Jalopy feel like a real junker. I kind of hope that if you play on a controller it just vibrates constantly.

  6. ButteringSundays says:

    I poked at Jalopy last in November, have been waiting for them to finish things up as I was worried I’d burn out on it too early (I already put some hours in over a year ago when there was less to see).

    Part of me wants to hold out for 1.0 but it’s getting harder and harder to resist, now that it seems feature complete!