Techland delay Pure Farming 17 long enough to become Pure Farming 2018

Pure Farmind 2018

Pure Farming 17 has been delayed for so long that it’s now got a new name: Pure Farming 2018 [official site]. Publishers Techland (the same gang who made Dead Island and published Torment: Tides of Numenera) say it will arrive early next year, not this year as expected, because they’re keen “to make it as good as it needs to be”.

Techland first announced Pure Farming 17, which is made by Polish studio Ice Flames, back in in August 2016. They planned to release it in “early 2017”. Techland now say:

“We know that many of you were expecting to get your hands on the game in 2017 and we are sorry for any disappointment. Pure Farming is our first farming sim and a very ambitious project, bringing a deep level of simulation across four diverse locations, a diverse stable of state-of-the-art, licensed machinery, unique activities for each region and much more.

“Rest assured the only reason we’ve delayed the game is to make it as good as it needs to be – and we’ll have lots more to show you in the weeks and months ahead.”

There’s more here from producer Krzysztof Czulec:

“We have spent the last few months really stepping up our game – we listened to our fans, to farm sim players, and the farming community, and they gave us sage advice. We took notes, learned a lot, and managed to get even more great brands involved. We know the exact direction we are taking, and plan on bringing the best ever farming experience simultaneously to PC and consoles.”

The Farming Simulator series has proved that there’s a large fan base for this kind of stuff – its 2017 entry sold a million copies in its first month.

For now, here’s a new Pure Farming 2018 trailer to watch:


  1. Skiv says:

    Technically this is a good thing. More time to Polish up (oh god) the game to a usable state

  2. LewdPenguin says:

    Hmm so what exactly is the pitch here? This is my first exposure to the game and it looks like Farming Simulator but minus forestry, and frequently chugging along at 15 FPS.

    As someone that’s yet to upgrade from FS15 as FS17 looked a bit ‘meh pick it up when it’s dirt cheap’ (and I haven’t noticed it going for dirt cheap yet) I can’t say I see any reason to go for this over FS17 whenever the time comes for me to move on from FS15.

  3. Kashi says:

    So … why didn’t they just simply name it “Pure Farming” in the first place?

    • April March says:

      Because then the next game would have to be called Pure Farming 2, and that implies that there’s an earlier game you need to play first.

      • SanguineAngel says:

        Until this moment, I hadn’t fully realised why publishers used the year. It makes such obvious sense

  4. razgon says:

    Techland made Dying Light, which is probably the finest open world zombie game out there – I don’t really get the Dead Island reference,since its a what..6 year old game by now instead?

  5. racccoon says:

    Looks like people will be farming one the greatest hidden commodities in the world. Which has been held back by stupid political rules & laws, the tapes of doom! its been stomped upon by oil & plastic companies as threat to there very existence…Marijuana, Now the newest massive profitable plant ever reborn, which in itself is so diverse with hundreds of hidden properties & uses.
    A god of a plant.
    It was on the back shelf placed in those printed thoughts of evil and under valued myths! its now heading upon your shelf, if not already, you could possibly see it there if you weren’t so gagged & muffled in the dark! Wake up politicians, you are letting old worn out excuses hinder your corporate worlds advancements in medicine and technology.

  6. April March says:

    Well, this article made me Google “biggest farm in the world”, so there’s that.

  7. Ghostwise says:

    Now I wonder what impure farming would be.

  8. KastaRules says:

    We are literally getting flooded by PvP and PvE sandbox survival simulators and Farming Simulators.

    Looks like software houses are quickly adapting to this market trend.