Crackdown 3 trailer brings the boom, Terry Crews

Crackdown 3

Confession: I haven’t played any of the open world action-adventure Crackdown series and the Crackdown 3 trailer (which you can watch after the jump) left me none the wiser on a lot of different fronts. That’s why I went to Wikipedia. However that was about 7 minutes ago so obviously I’m now reading about the ancient belief in swan songs being this beautiful song a swan sings before death.

Here’s Crackdown 3 [official site] which is approx 50% being shouted at by Terry Crews and 50% destructive running:

“They killed the power around the world,” sez Crews, surveying a cityscape which appears absolutely unaffected by any lack of power, with lights and holograms shining all over the place. Perhaps it’s a comment on how humans seek to justify aggression.

Anyway, according to my research:

“The whooper swan’s nearest relatives, the trumpeter and tundra swans, share its musical tracheal loop. Zoologist D.G. Elliot reported in 1898 that a tundra swan he had shot and wounded in flight began a long glide down whilst issuing a series of “plaintive and musical” notes that “sounded at times like the soft running of the notes of an octave”.”

Oh wait, I mean:

“Time to step up your boom and stop crime as a super-powered Agent in Crackdown 3’s sandbox of mayhem and destruction. Explore the heights of a futuristic city, race through the streets in a transforming vehicle and use your powerful abilities to stop a ruthless criminal empire. Crackdown 3 delivers cooperative mayhem and an all-new multiplayer mode where destruction is your ultimate weapon powered by Microsoft Cloud.”

Crackdown lore nerds might be interested to note that the trailer trumpets the game as definitely being called Crackdown 3. This was a matter of some debate a few years back as the game is a sequel to the original Crackdown but is set in an alternate universe to Crackdown 2 so I guess it’s more Crackdown 2 (AU) or maybe if you start using co-ordinates to work out where the timelines might branch you’d have Crackdown (0,0) be the first one, then Crackdown (1,0) be the second one and Crackdown (0,1) be this one.

But although that’s pleasing to me on a sort of temporal geography level AND opens up some interesting gaming possibilities based around scalar multiplication of vectors it’s also the kind of thinking that gives you a console called the Xbox One X, so.

Also of note is that Terry Crews is yelling about dropping buildings and throwing cars which sounds very Wonder Woman. That said, my internet sleuthing tells me that the large-scale environmental destruction is restricted to the multiplayer (“join with up to 10 agents online to tear the city apart piece by piece in a 100% destructible multiplayer arena” – from the official site) and not the single-player stuff.

Crackdown 3 will arrive on PC via Windows 10 on 7 November.


  1. Da5e says:

    Aww, are they going with a generic American ‘EDM’ soundtrack? Crackdown 2 had some fantastic tunes, all dark garage and harsh drum ‘n’ bass and Atari Teenage Riot. It made it feel like a city out of control.

  2. Malcolm says:

    Loved Crackdown 1 (and 2 to a slightly lesser extent). Slightly unimpressed by the tone of this trailer – but maybe I’m just getting old. I do hope they’re not ditching the amusingly patronising Agency Director in favour of this.

  3. Sin Vega says:

    wow, that trailer is absolutely terrible. I adored Crackdown too, even if it could have been much more. I suppose Terry Crews is a pretty good cast for blacktion man, and since almost all trailers for everything are bad anyway, it doesn’t necessarily mean much.

    Oh, go on then, I’ll keep half an eye on this one.

    • LexW1 says:

      It was amazingly terrible. It looked like a humourless, unimaginative take on Saint’s Row. I didn’t see any of the mass destruction that was supposedly “powered by the cloud”, either. Just lots of huge explosions obscuring the fact that nothing was actually deforming or being destroyed beyond cars, people and the odd object/barrier.

      The graphics almost look… ’90s… Not in a good way.

      • durrbluh says:

        Everything from the “screaming hammy dialogue at the camera” shtick to the dead-faced mannequins awkwardly gliding through attack animations felt *extremely* dated. I don’t know if it’s quite 90s, but it’s damn close.

    • N'Al says:

      This. I expect the game will be pretty good, but that trailer was just rubbish.

      As for the terrain destruction: link to

  4. Solidstate89 says:

    Never played Crackdown 2, but I love the original Crackdown. May give this one a shot.

  5. Mr. Anderson says:

    This just looks like Saints Row 4.5 to me.

  6. Premium User Badge

    DuncUK says:

    I treat the claim the the destruction can *only* be done in the cloud with much the same suspicion as I did the claims about Sim City. Microsoft have been talking for a while about using the cloud for various computational tasks in games, I just find the whole thing rather suspect and more likely a thinly veiled advertainment for their own cloud services.

    • Solidstate89 says:

      I don’t. We all know one of the greatest limitations to terrain/building destruction in Red Faction: Guerilla was the computational requirements for physically rendering the buildings with realistic destruction. In Crackdown 3 multiplayer you’re supposed to be able to destroy an entire city’s worth of buildings.

      If anything would require the massive amount of computational power afforded by the “cloud” it would most certainly be that.

  7. Solrax says:

    Pretty psyched for this, like others I loved Crackdown. Damn did I feel like a badass by the end of that. And I loved the movement and verticality of that game. After I’d played for an hour if I went out in my neighborhood I’d catch myself instinctively eyeing buildings and thinking “I can go up that pipe to that roof, across the ledge that roof and up to the top, and then across. Maybe there’s an agility orb up there”.

    If this has that I’m in. And I liked the art design. I hope it does look like the trailer.