Dishonored’s new expansion is about killing the Outsider

I haven’t yet got round to playing Dishonored 2 despite loving the first, so it seems awfully rude of Bethesda and Arkane to announce Dishonored: Death of the Outsider [official site]. It’s a standalone expansion about trying to assassinate The Outsider, the magical goth who gifts powers to the protagonists in Dishonored games and prattles in an irritating way. Watch a cinematic trailer and find details below.

The player-character this time around is Billie Lurk, an assassin first introduced in Dishonored 1 DLC Knife of Dunwall who reappears in Dishonored 2 as Meagan Foster. The trailer above sees her reunited with Daud, her old mentor and the protagonist of Knife Of Dunwall, for the mission to kill the Outsider. Here’s what Bethesda say:

Using all-new powers and abilities, Billie will infiltrate underground fight clubs and square off against the Sisters of the Oracular Order, the immortal Envisioned and the Outsider-obsessed Eyeless gang. She’ll also face new Clockwork Soldiers – along with other new and returning foes – and retrieve ancient artifacts in a thrilling bank-heist mission, eventually facing the mysterious, god-like Outsider himself.

The expansion also comes with an “Original Game Plus” mode, which lets you play through the Death Of The Outsider story with “a selection” of the abilities Emily and Corvo can use in Dishonored 2.

Death of the Outsider is due for release on September 15th.


  1. zeep says:

    I still have to play Dishonored 2. And revisit part 1 because i have no idea who Billie Lurk is and why he changes to a girl in part 2.

    • Dewal says:

      It’s easy, Billie is a girl name ! So she just changed name, not gender.
      And you have to play the DLCs to know her a bit.

  2. Burges says:

    Why do they want to kill the Outsider? He has been helping both Daud/Billie and Corvo/Emily/Meagan. Also I thought he was an intriguing character.
    ALSO I do not really like how this makes some choices canon – there is a way to heal Meagans arm and eye. I understand the necessity if you make a sequel, but for DLC? Why put the choice in in the first place?

    • Grizzly says:

      He’s also helped Delilah, and Daud does have some choice words for the outsider in the Knife of Dunwall.

    • Ushao says:

      The Outsider has made it clear he doesn’t really care what happens to people with his powers as long as they make it interesting. In other words, it entertains him.

    • kwyjibo says:

      Ever since the first game, the Outsider is the only one I’ve really wanted to kill. Who cares about all this mortal shit, I want to kill a god.

  3. woodsey says:

    Trailer’s kinda… naff, isn’t it?

  4. RosalietheDog says:

    Excited to hear there’s a DLC. Apprehensive that it’s about the Outsider. I find missions involving ‘god-like’ enemies such as the Witches the least enjoyable in Dishonored 1/2.

  5. Zenicetus says:

    I guess it’s good marketing, but it’s weird to see cinematic cut scene combat in a game that’s so heavily built around 1st person perspective. It never looks like this in the game.

    Anyway, I like the idea of inhabiting a different character with different powers, like the Daud DLCs for Dishonored 1. But killing the Outsider would seem to close out future sequels. He’s pretty central to this whole world they’ve built in the series, so I predict he manages to survive this DLC.

    • Grizzly says:

      The void changing after the death of the outsider seems like a great exploration for further games.

    • Ushao says:

      The Outsider was born a human, so there’s plenty of room for “something else” to take his place.

  6. Mouse_of_Dunwall says:

    This is excellent news! The first game’s DLC is my favorite video game campaign of all time. I can’t wait to play this.

  7. maninahat says:

    Cool! Was wondering when one of these would come along.

    Also nice to have a gay, black protagonist with disabilities. I wasn’t expecting to have one of those in a mainstream game any time soon.

  8. Leramar says:

    From a narrative point of view how can they kill the Outsider? He’s the one who gives everyone their powers. If he is killed then the franchise is dead.

    • Mouse_of_Dunwall says:

      I believe Harvey Smith has said that there were other god-like beings in the Void before the Outsider, so it’s possible something could replace him.

    • JakeOfRavenclaw says:

      Considering that every single assassination so far has had a non-lethal variant, and that they haven’t been shy making certain choices canon, I don’t think there’s much risk of the franchise ending for that reason.

      Also–and this will be getting into SPOILERS for Dishonored 2, if I’m remembering right–the Outsider hasn’t always existed, and he started out as an ordinary human, so there’s plenty of room for lore shenanigans even if he does bite it.

      • sub-program 32 says:

        Heck this new main char might even BECOME the new outsider if the plot works out that way.

  9. duns4t says:

    As a huge Dishonored (1+2) fan I’m cautiously optimistic about this. The trailer doesn’t do much for me, but I have so much faith in Arkane.

    I’m a little scared that this could be a way to cleanly end the series, when I’d much rather have more full games. Particularly one set in Pandyssia!

  10. Deviija says:

    Ooo, oh my goodness, Billie as protagonist! I’m really looking forward to this.

  11. fish99 says:

    I don’t really want to kill the Outsider, and I’m struggling to see why Meagan and Daud would want to, but heck, I’ll play more Dishonoured.

    I’m guessing this is standalone because Dishonoured 2 didn’t sell, which is sad and which I blame mostly on Bethesda’s no-review-code BS, which just makes it look like they’ve got something to hide, even when they have a good game on their hands.

    • Just Endless says:

      I’m guessing it’s standalone because the base game had, and still has, some major optimization problems. It’s by FAR the worst running modern game I’ve played, and I’m basically holding out until I get a new PC in a year or two as I don’t appreciate unexplained frame drops from 30 to 5-10 at random (and every time i walk near an insect)

    • Seyda Neen says:

      Daud is very explicit in his hate for The Outsider in Dishonored 1’s DLC. It’s understandable – the Outsider gives power to powerless people who are always potentially going to abuse it, and a lot of people die because of it.

      • fish99 says:

        Sounds like he’s trying to avoid responsibility for his actions. If you think about – in my playthrough of D1/D2 Corvo did almost zero murdering with those powers, so you could very much argue that the powers themselves are neutral. Rather bizarrely even Daud didn’t kill anyone in the D1 DLC when I played it (since I just found the game more fun as stealth).

        I’m not debating what you said btw, just Daud’s reasoning.