PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to add vaulting, climbing

The splendid Battle Royale ’em up PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds [official site] is to get a whole lot more agile with the addition of climbing and vaulting, creator Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene has revealed at E3. I am mighty excited about the prospect of leaping over fences, climbing up walls, rolling over cars, and diving through windows, as this clunkiness of obstacles has been a minor concern for me and I wasn’t sure quite what the plan was. Turns out, the answer is swish movement that should make gunfights more exciting. Have a look in this trailer:

That was shown during the PC Gaming Show today, the presentation organised by the professional RPS LARPers at PC Gamer.

Looks good, doesn’t it? Fancy animations (and some new clothes?). I can think of so many fights that would’ve played out differently if I could smoothly leap over a fence or dive out a window. As much as I adore Plunkbat, interactions with its environment are limited and that limits options. Too much stuff is just there to duck behind – or be trapped by.

I don’t tend to buy games in early access so it’s quite exciting to me that one I enjoy is about to take a big step in a direction I like. Had this agility been in from the start, I wouldn’t have commented much on it. Now it’s being added, hey, this is great news.

The new fog and dusk variants look good too. Greene reiterated that developers Bluehole Studio are working on two new maps too.

And that new gun at the end? Ah, the OTs-14 Groza bullpup rifle will be found in supply drop crates and, as I’ve only successfully grabbed two, I imagine I’ll come to know it mostly from the business end.

No firm word on when all this will launch. Big features tend to arrive in monthly updates. Greene said this month’s will focus on improving server performance, which will be welcome but I’d be delighted if these new moves snuck in too.


  1. Ghostwise says:

    If the Twitch-branded clothing adds bonuses to vaulting and climbing, you’ll sure be in a bind.

  2. Steffson says:

    “I’ll come to know it mostly from the business end”

    Have you by any chance been listening to Film Reroll?

    • Kolbex says:

      What does a podcast that roleplays through movies (according to a quick Google) have to do with the quoted text, in which an idiom of long standing is deployed in a perfectly consonant and mundane context?

  3. Premium User Badge

    DelrueOfDetroit says:

    I get that this is in early access but it is still strange for there to be a big E3 announcement that is all BASIC GAMEPLAY MECHANICS.

    • Premium User Badge

      Nauallis says:

      Especially strange since this is still effectively an indie title despite the rah-rah on Twitch and the internet at large.

      • meepmeep says:

        An indie title that has sold nearly 3 million copies in less than 2 months of early access. That’s exceptional.

        • slick liquid says:

          Yes. Exactly. It’s exceptional. It’s strange that Nauallis thinks that this is strange.

      • slick liquid says:

        Pal, are you mucking about? It’s the third most played game on Steam, out of nowhere. Consistently, for weeks now. I love it. You should try.

        • Premium User Badge

          Nauallis says:

          Yep, sarcasm. Can’t argue with a recommendation like that. Nonetheless, it’s still an indie title. That’s not a bad thing. Just surprised it’s gotten an E3 mention without publisher backing.

          • Klaxon Overdrive says:

            Battlegrounds has got my heart pumping more than any game since Doom came on shareware floppies. If my computer didn’t run it with potato FPS, I’d be playing it right now.

    • fish99 says:

      The game already has jumping, which is a basic gameplay mechanic. This looks more advanced and honestly you don’t see many shooters with this kind of movement.

  4. Deathshadow says:

    I love this game; really easy to get in top 5 solo if you hide and keep quiet. Really hard to random a good team though but thats part of the fun I guess. If you you got a good group of friends that are like minded you’ll win tons! GLAHF! Cheers!