The Crew 2 shows off racing by land, sea, and air

If it has an engine and goes fast, it’ll likely be in The Crew 2 [official site]. Ubisoft have pulled the cord to part the red velvet curtains and reveal their sequel to their 2014 open-world online racing game and coo, it’s got a lot of fancy-looking fast things. Cars! Planes! Power boats! Dirtbikes! Dune buggies! Sports bikes! Helicopters! I did not expect myself to be excited about this but coo, I do like how many ways there are to see its minature USA. Have a look in this nine-minute trailer fresh out of E3:

I am into that.

The Crew 2 is due some time in “early 2018”. The Crew 2 beta signups are open, for those who fancy a crack before then.

For more on what The Crew is about, read resident likely lads Adam and Brendan’s accounts of their race across the USA in the first game.


  1. Werthead says:

    The bit with you flying over New York makes me yearn for a new Crimson Skies.

  2. Raoul Duke says:

    Yeah, but will it still be a superficially interesting but ultimately totally desolate and average game? And will they find a way to make it take even longer to actually get from clicking to launch the game and being allowed to drive a car in any sort of interesting context?

  3. racccoon says:

    it looks good, its probably a lead up to a gta type game concept later down the track. why not just do it NOW.

  4. Arglebarf says:

    I really wanted to like The Crew – the condensed USA open world was a stroke of genius, even if Santa Fe was indistinguishable from Saint Louis. In that sense, it channeled the my secret desire for a modern take on Cruisn USA that I dare not speak aloud.

    What eventually drove me away (pun intended) was prohibitive in-game progression costs (Want a new car? That will be a million cyber-bucks. Win a race? have three cyber-bucks.), dour story (Join a car gang to do car crimes to avenge the car murder of your car brother…), and the aggressive in-game DLC advertisements (*every 5 minutes* “Hey, its Zoe, come by the garage to pick up your new car” New car is part of $30 DLC and still has to be unlocked by level gate/in-game currency).

    Compare that with Forza Horizon 3, which emphasizes driving for fun (Hey, welcome to the sunny racing festival of fast cars and sweet stunts) and showers the player with a constant stream of unlocks and progression. Maybe what I am saying is that I would love the granular customization and huge world of The Crew mixed with the non-player hostile progression loop of FH3. Maybe the environment of American Truck Simulator with the mechanics of FH3 and the car customization of the original The Crew. One can dream.

  5. April March says:

    Well, at least they jettisoned the weird single-player story for their MMO. And somehow they decided that rather than change their floaty racing they’d add ramps and boats and planes so it’d feel more arcadey, I guess? That’s a… curious approach. A Ubisoft approach, I might even say.