The Evil Within 2 announced, “less linear” than the first

Bethesda continue to prove that they’re the kings of lyrically-relevant, stylistically-incongruous music choices. Wolfenstein 2 used Wayne Newton’s Danke Schön, while The Evil Within 2 [official site] uses a Duran Duran cover in the reveal of its grisly horror sequel. Watch the trailer below.

As in the first game, you play as Detective Sebastian Castellanos, but this time it’s all a bit Psychonauts. From the Bethesda site:

Set in Union, a crumbling city built using Lily’s mind as the Core, The Evil Within 2 presents a mix of closed off, claustrophobic environments that are reminiscent of the first game, and new, less linear areas that will give you the opportunity to explore at your own pace. You’ll be able to wander freely and poke through all the dark corners of the world at your leisure, but this is still a survival horror game, and ammo and resources will be scarce. You’ll need to prepare carefully and move cautiously as you discover the secrets of Union and unravel Mobius’ plans from within STEM.

#dads, again. Dads who have a problem with STEM teaching methods. Also if you used my son’s mind as the core for a city, it’d be a city constructed of carrot puffs and with enormous tantalising television remotes placed beyond reach on the roofs of every building.

The Evil Within was created by Shinji Mikami, who previously created Resident Evil and then rejuvenated it with Resident Evil 4. Adam really loved it when it came out, and loved it even more on reflection sometime later. Heck, it’s on our list of the best horror games ever. My impression was that it had somewhat slipped under the radar however, so it’s a (very slight) surprise to see it get such a swift sequel. And I’m interested to see what it does now that it’s being released into a world in which Resident Evil has again been rejuvenated with its recent reboot.

We’ll find out more later this week when Adam invades Bethesda on the show floor. The game’s due for release on October 13th of this year.


  1. haldolium says:

    whats with all the yoghurt?

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      I think it’s meant to be wax or paint. There’s something along the lines of “Do you appreciate my art now?” written in blood on one of the walls.

  2. dethtoll says:

    As someone who greatly enjoyed the original I’m looking forward to this, though I can’t help but think they took some cues from RE7.

  3. Viral Frog says:

    I just started playing The Evil Within a couple days ago and was wondering if it would get a sequel, given that it did fly under the radar on release (because Alien: Isolation). It seems like one of those games that you either love or hate. I fall into the category of the former and have been thoroughly enjoying the game. It has made me realize that I am not very good at stealth games, though. Anywho, I’m excited to see how this sequel shapes up.

  4. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Seeing what Tango were up to was one of my hopes for this E3 and I see they delivered. Was kind of hoping they’d be going for a new IP as The Evil Within had a pretty tied up ending. It may be a little ‘The End… OR IS IT?’ but nothing that felt like it needed a sequel. Especially how the game seemed to be Mikami laying all of his survival horror cards out on the table for one last hurrah.

    Still going to play the shit out of this as I am in the minority of thinking this game was brilliant. #letterboxesorgohome

  5. racccoon says:

    It was creamy milk, if it were yogurt it would break up into pieces, When i saw your comment it kind of ruined my play on my comment, as i was going to say, they should of made it with yogurt. lol