THQ Nordic help Wreckfest cross the finish line this year

After three years (and counting) in early access, smashbash racing game Wreckfest should finally launch in full this year. Publishers THQ Nordic today announced their “cooperation” with developers Bugbear Entertainment, joining forces to help give the game a shove across the finish line later this year. Wreckfest, to refresh your memory, is the new smash-o-racer from the creators of Flatout, who Kickstarted it in 2013 under the codename ‘Next Car Game’. How’s it looking now? Check out this new trailer:

Wreckfest’s development has dragged but THQ Nordic (who aren’t THQ but rather Nordic Games, who bought the name) are now on the scene to encourage it with supportive maxims and chants.

“Come on, video game!” they’ll say. “You can do it, video game!”

THQ Nordic say a string of updates are due in the coming months, with features including:

  • The career mode: By achieving victories, players can get access to more and better cars and upgrade them with various parts
  • Car customization: A complex system, allowing the players to fully customize their cars for their individual needs, like more armor to withstand the competitors or more powerful engines
  • More cars, more tracks: THQ Nordic and Bugbear Entertainment will make sure a constant flow of additional content will be added on a regular basis for the remaining months of the Early Access program
  • New multiplayer server: To guarantee an outstanding racing and wrecking experience, an Official Wreckfest Server will be opened

I do enjoy smashing but not crashing so I’ve not touched Wreckfest in its early access days. If you’re a Wrecker, what do you make of it?


  1. SenorRoboto says:

    I’d be delighted if this actually materializes and gets some momentum for a release, their slow-ass dev cycle has killed most of the player base.

  2. Neurotic says:

    It’s absolutely brilliant, and has been for a very, very long time now anyway. As a dedicated Flatout fan since the first preview of it in PC Gamer 14 years ago, it absolutely feels like a proper next-gen 3-quel to the series. Yes, they’ve taken their time developing it, but they’ve used that time to get it RIGHT.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Nauallis says:

    The developers have at least one thing right: all of those cars seem to be based on real-world models that entirely deserve to be wrecked, by dint of being implausibly ugly, one and all. Amen.

  4. NihlusGreen says:

    Great physics, great driving, great destruction, just need to finish it.

  5. racccoon says:

    Lets smash ’em!! :)

  6. Premium User Badge

    Uzername says:

    That’s really great to hear, was worried the game never leaves the limbo.

    While it has already been fun for a long time, it felt a bit bland due to not having a proper career mode.

    Also: official servers aren’t enough if you don’t have admins on it. There are always people trying to ruin the experience (drive the opposite direction). I had the best time on servers were deliberate bumping into others wasn’t allowed :)

    Btw: I’ve a RX480 and never seens so smooth framerates as shown in this video when so many cara bump into each other at the same time ^^

  7. The First Door says:

    Is this actually any good these days? I loved it when the Early Access first launched, and then they toned down the damage, changed the handling model, and made it all serious and I found it terminally dull to play all of a sudden.

    I guess if there is a big update at some point I’ll have to try it again and see if I enjoy it again!

    • Da5e says:

      It plays more like one of the Flatout games with ponderous, heavy steering, than Destruction Derby 2 (which is what I had hoped for.)

      If you like that sort of thing you’ll like this, I guess. 73%.

  8. melerski says:

    Cool, but I personaly like BeamNG a bit more.

  9. KastaRules says:

    I personally love it.

    With a little more effort and polish it could “almost” be on par with the greatest demolition masterpiece of all time “Test Drive: Eve of Destruction” aka “Driven to Destruction”.

  10. JustAchaP says:

    Feels like its been way longer than 3 years.

  11. 4004 says:

    It’s better than the current FlatOut, I’ll give it that, but beamng will get better at gameplay faster than this gets better at physics

  12. Ham Solo says:

    I think they bit off more than they could chew, and I’m glad it’s finally nearing completion, it’s a good game.

  13. Crocobutt says:

    I’m currently playing through Flatout 1, and it’s so much fun..
    If this one’s similar in driving mechanics (almost realistic) then I’m all in. It’s great fun.