Total War: Warhammer 2 launching September 28th

September 28th is when Total War: Warhammer II [official site] will continue the fantasy battling in new lands. Publishers Sega announced the release date today, also announcing a couple of fancy special editions for folks who have a few extra pennies spare, and an extra Twarhammer 1 race coming free to people who buy the sequel early. Twarhammer 2 will continue bringing Games Workshop’s fantasy world into the Total War formula, this time visiting new lands, adding four new races, and working towards interesting new victory conditions.

Twarhammer 2 is off to Lustria, Ulthuan, Naggaroth, and the Southlands, where the High Elves, Dark Elves, Lizardmen, and a yet-unrevealed race (who seem to be the Skaven) all have their own plans for the magical Great Vortex. This adds an interesting twist to the usual Total War ways, as you can lose if another faction completes their scheme for the Vortex first.

People who buy Twarhammer 2 by the end of the first week after it launches will get a free ‘Race Pack’ DLC for the first Twarhammer. It’ll add a mysterious extra race, which Sega say “will be a completely reworked faction for the Old World complete with new units including some unique new monsters, 2 new Legendary Lords each with unique skills trees, quest chains and unique starting positions.” This will be released before Twarhammer 2 comes out, so it’s being used as a pre-order incentive, but player who buy 2 within the first week after launch will get this DLC too.

Why is DLC for the first game a bonus for the second? The Creative Assembly are planning to release a campaign map combining both games for players who own the pair, which will make this mysterious faction playable in 2 too. That’s due “shortly” after Twarhammer 2 launches.

Total Warhammer 2 will cost £39.99/59,99€/$59.99 when it hits Steam on September 28th. Sega have also announced a Limited Edition with some stickers for your geography text book and a £99.99 Serpent God Edition with a load of feelies.

Sega say they’ll show some actual Twarhammer 2 gameplay during the PC Gaming Show, the livestreamed event from our admirers at cheery RPS fanzine which starts at 6pm today.

A third Total Warhamer: War Total The Sum Of War And Hammers will follow this one.


  1. Bomarty says:

    Really looking forward to TW:wtswh

  2. mechavolt says:

    I always read it in my head as Total WarWar Hammer.

  3. Freud says:

    Still waiting for the GOTY edition of the first one.

  4. Bullfrog says:

    ‘Southlands’ must have been late to the Twathammer region naming party.

  5. Captain Narol says:

    Still waiting the ultimate definitive edition with the 3 games and all the DLCs, at a bargain price.

    I’m patient ! (and I currently don’t have enough free space for it on my Hard Drive, anyway)

    • fuggles says:

      Likewise! By then the kids will be bigger and I will have finished modding soulstorm.

    • Blastaz says:

      Given that they haven’t done one of those since Shogun 2 you may have to keep waiting…

  6. Vedharta says:

    my Crystal ball bet is that the secret preorder faction are the Vampire Counts under Luthor Harkon.

    • Blastaz says:

      I assume it will be a Skaven OW start so you can play them without buying 2.

  7. BobbyDylan says:

    Great. Sooner they get finished with this War-hammer Gumph then we can get back to the historical games.