Wargroove is a build-your-own-battlefield Advance Wars

It seems we missed Wargroove [official site] when it was announced a few months ago. It’s a pixelly strategy game that looks closely inspired by Nintendo’s Advance Wars. It’s set in a mythical medieval world with skeletons and lances0 though, as opposed to a fictional near-future one with artillery shells and spanners. It also has the added appeal of being able to design and share your own battlefield maps, as you can see in this small slice of the PC Gaming Show at E3.

As you can see, the editing tools don’t just let you make new maps, say developers Chucklefish, you can make whole campaigns, cutscenes with dialogue and branching paths. But there are also 12 normal campaigns included, for all you people who can’t be bothered with #content #creation.

Advance Wars style battling seems perfect for the modern age, with online and local multiplayer for up to 4 players adding yet more lifespan to it all, no doubt. Frankly, it’s a little odd that those green fields and turn-based battling took this long to replicate in such a close way (outside of the handful of phone-based homages). But now it’s coming, expected some time this year, so be happy.


  1. Landiss says:

    There are already mobile games like that. And I think this level of complexity fits quite well on mobile.

    Of course it could also be nice on PC. One thing I don’t understand though is why the hell they wasted so much effort on the detailed animations of troops attacking each other. This is something any sane person is going to turn off after maximum 30 minutes of playing the game, otherwise each turn will take forever.

    • MD says:

      There are already mobile games like that. And I think this level of complexity fits quite well on mobile.

      Do you know of any good ones that run on Android? I remember enjoying Advance Wars on the GBA, and (unlike most gameboy games) I think this genre could work well on a touchscreen.

      • SaintAn says:

        He was lying, there really aren’t any. Get an emulator and play the Advance Wars games and Fire Emblem games.

        • Landiss says:

          It’s ok to disagree. It’s not ok to insult other people. Think about it, please.

          • evilgenius says:

            since when is saying that someone is lying an insult. It just stating that your comment on there being any good advanced war or Fire emblem like games is untrue. Wich in my opinion is correct, there aren’t any worth your time. Because the ones that you state: acient empires and age of strategy, are really really bad games, if you compare them to advanced wars or fire emblem.

            So in my eyes stating that mobile advanced war like games are a good alternative is a blatant lie

          • Landiss says:

            There is a difference between stating something is not true and that someone lies. Lying means intentionally making untruthful statement.

            Moreover, as I bet you realize, I didn’t write that there are “any good advanced war or Fire emblem like games”. Moreover, it is a subjective opinion if a game is good or not. The games I wrote about all have high scores in play store and UniWar, which you conveniently skipped in the last comment, is definitely a very good game.

          • syndrome says:

            One thing I don’t understand though is why the hell they wasted so much effort on the detailed animations of troops attacking each other.

            If you’ve blatantly shown us that you’re cynical, why wouldn’t anyone’s guess be that you’re lying as well? That’s a common phenomenon on the internet, I’m not sure why are you even playing that card of being offended, because you’ve already offended some of us in the original post.

            ‘So much effort on the detailed animations’ is what Advance Wars IS. It clearly shows that you have no cognizance for what made that game interesting in the first place.

            It is THE EFFORT, in particular, in making this pixel-art-heavy game as much strategic-puzzle as it is simplistic to play, with lively-looking characters and animations, while retaining the Japanese-handcrafting touch.

            If you can’t properly identify what are the staples of a franchise, why do you even bother at commenting on that level.

            You have never met me, nor you have any right to question my taste in games. What you ignorantly deem as something that could’ve been omitted, deeply offends my own profound reasons why it stands out in the midst of crap. If you don’t like it, TURN IT OFF.

            Because SOMEBODY INVESTED THEIR TIME AND LOVE into appropriately addressing what is important TO ME. That’s why. Even if it’s not that much inventive, it’s done innovatively, and it’s admirable.

            Whatever you find enjoyable in the games of your liking is your own business.

          • Williz says:

            Stop getting your knickers in a twist.

      • Landiss says:

        What I recall right now is Ancient Empires series, at least the second one was quite good. Another one is Age of Strategy, although it wasn’t the best.

        Slightly different genre, with more RPG elements and quite original mechanics – Tactics Maiden (and other games by the same author), it’s really good.

        Those were fantasy. You might have heard about UniWar, that’s definitely one of the best strategy games on Android. It’s Sci-Fi. It was the best in multiplayer (though it also has single player campaign(s)). I have no idea if it still has active multiplayer community though, it’s been years since I played it.

    • Doctor K says:

      I vaguely recall hearing about this a couple of months ago somehow. I’m not sure it was even named yet. I believe that they mentioned Fire Emblem back then, not just Advanced Wars, which is probably the entire reason I read about it wherever it was. If that’s true, then it would probably go a way towards explaining the extra effort put into the combat animations.

  2. Koozer says:

    Advance Wars was bloody perfect on a handheld, not sure I would bother with it on a bigger device. On the other hand I would kill for something like its big brother on PC, Battalion Wars.

  3. racccoon says:

    Muddling (placing to many options campaigns, editing, multi, etc, etc) does not work, it confuses the player with far to much to do, and the game itself gets lost through its own overkill diversity of other stuff abound.
    leave out all your own crap you use and get on with the making the game.
    A game made for game playing, is greater than a pile of muddling. lol

  4. Shaun239 says:

    It worked for Advance Wars and its sequels