Absolver shows off drunken boxing style

The beautiful art of drunken boxing is the fourth fighting style confirmed for Absolver [official site], the fine-looking online combat game from Sloclap and Devolver Digital. Drunken boxing is one of my favourite styles to see in kung fu movies, punchmen rolling and staggering as their momentum swings into unexpected hits, and I’m certainly excited to build my own drunken boxing combos within Absolver’s custom fighting styles. Look at this cool fighting:

Absolver is a fighting game in an online world, where players build their own fighting style. Everyone picks from one of four basic styles, which each have a foundation defensive move, then build custom attack sequences out of moves learned by fighting. I’m big into deck-building in games and even more into the idea of building a right solid kicking, optimising the flow between stances and creating combos. If you’re interested, check out this video from May, which demonstrates how it all works. In short: coolly.

Heck yes I want to build my own drunken boxing style. In a game where reading and figuring out your opponent’s moves is crucial, the feint of a stagger sounds a right lark.

And it’s such a pretty game.

Our Adam really enjoyed playing Absolver at E3 2016 and I bet he’ll play it this year too, the lucky dog.

For the rest of us, Absolver is due out on August 29th. That’s too far away.


  1. Psychomorph says:

    Saving pennies has begun.

  2. steves says:

    It is a beautiful art. Had never heard of this game, but keeping an eye on it now.

    This is what they are going for I hope:

    link to youtube.com

    Despite its terrible ’70s cheesiness, I still adore this movie – Yuen Woo-Ping directing a young Jackie Chan…it is spectacular.

    • SaintAn says:

      Think there’s an actual fighting style that that movie is based on.

      • steves says:

        ‘Drunken style’ is a Chinese Wuxia thing for sure, and pre-dates old school kung fu movies (probably by centuries), but I don’t think anyone got in a real scrap acting like that!

        It would be incredibly effective in any martial art to disguise your intent by swaying ‘randomly’ all over the place…it’s just that maintaining balance and position advantage at the same time would be impossibly difficult.

        I’d *love* to be proved wrong, and see some sort of non-choreographed drunken style in a proper fight. I’m nowhere near good enough at any sober style to imagine doing it, but it can’t not be cool.

        • ToozdaysChild says:

          According to Wikipedia, it relies on a method of movement called “Hollow Body, Wine Belly”, where you imagine your body as a hollow vessel with wine sloshing around inside it. It focuses on unpredictable movements and transferring the momentum of the whole body into strikes. It’s also one of the most acrobatic styles of Kung Fu, and is never practiced while actually drunk.

          And since we’re trading Jackie Chan clips, my personal favorite depiction of the Drunken Fist is this one: link to youtube.com

        • Chairman_Meow says:

          It is a legitimate style, closely aligned with the Hsing I-Pa Kua-Tai Chi line of Chinese martial arts. It is not quite as “soft” as these internal styles, but somewhere in between those and the external forms (Wing Chun, Tiger, Crane et al)

          • Banks says:

            It is generally practiced as an internal art because it requires a lot of control to be effective and healthy. You also need a few years of experience on Tai Chi (or similar) to be able to understand it well.

            Also, it is extremely dangerous to practice it in direct combat because it’s very unpredictable and some of the blows can be potentially lethal.

            Basically, you use your whole body as a whip, creating polarity and using momentum to suddenly reverse it and projecting the full impact on an extreme.

    • KastaRules says:

      Thank you for that little gem steves! I had heard of it but never seen any scene.

      Made my day!

  3. Dewal says:

    I’ve been playing on the beta, the combat system is very well made.

    There’s place for both strategic planning in the choice of what kind of attacks you will need to have access to and in which order (some have special bonus, like break guard or interrupt), and skill in the mastery of making these attacks at the right time. You need to manage the timing, the reach (a short punch may never hit the target if the previous attack is a long kick pushing back the adversary)…
    During each fight you try to learn what kind of ability your adversary have and in which order and they quickly becomes mind games.

    And for now it’s played in some small zones/hubs in which you have lots of PNJ and maybe 3 or 4 players in your zone. You can attack anyone on sight but they added a wonderful feature that allows you to “resurrect” anyone. So there’s no real penalty in losing (except you don’t get the XP nor the moves you learned during the fight) if your adversary is honorable enough (for now, people are mostly nice, bowing before fights & all).

    It’s beta and there’s still no story and only three small zones available, but in the combat at least they did really really good. (And as a plus it’s beautiful to watch a good fight)

    About the news, I’m a bit disappointed. The three styles we already have are inspired by kung-fu, karate & thai boxing. Drunk boxing being a branch of kung-fu, I would have loved to see something a bit different (like capoeira for exemple). But I don’t know how much styles they plan to implement, so maybe I’ll still get what I want =)

    • Don Reba says:

      I’m jealous. I’ve been accepted into the beta program, but I’m still waiting for that key.

  4. racccoon says:

    Absolver, they should of named it dissolver, as the faces have no meaning held behind a fixed mask.
    The idea, style, form of game play action & abilities is there.
    I think the devs forgot they need to work on the fact that in a FISt fight or any fight that mask will get knocked off!!
    Why in that video didn’t one mask fall off?
    The devs laziness is quiet apparent to not create a modeled face, or even think of buying few.

    • Don Reba says:

      That’s rich, coming from a raccoon! You guys sure aren’t called “masked bandits” for your modelled faces (or exemplary citizenship).

      • Farnbeak says:

        Oh how racist of you! Maybe he got his brow job done or maybe he’s a masked vigilante, how’d you know?

        Also those masks are chitinous parasites, thats why. Or daily shaved faceshroom. Not some lazy skinfold farm stuff like in every other game or *yawn* real life.
        I bet bourgeois racccoon already owns a few, hence his suggestion!

  5. BaronKreight says:

    Been watching this game since it’s first appearance in the news. Can’t wait to try it!

  6. ironman Tetsuo says:

    I really like the way your character learns attack moves by blocking/parrying them! Instead of just earning random xp that you spend on unrelated skills this has your avatar learning as a fighter would in real life, slowly understanding and then mastering the moves your opponent uses against you. Great stuff!