Sea of Thieves’ storms, skeletons and treasure hunting

Pirates, the most untrustworthy of the Cowboy-Pirate-Zombie triumvirate in charge of the videogame industry, are getting their fill of the E3 booty this year. While Ubisoft revealed Skull and Bones, Microsoft have shown off more of the type of thing you’ll be doing in their online co-op plunder-em-up Sea of Thieves [official site]. You can see a Scottishly narrated (and highly scripted) example of a treasure hunt reaching its stormy conclusion in this trailer below deck.

Despite the heavily orchestrated nature of all that, it’s a good showcase of the different features. Sharks, underwater wrecks, loot chests, firing yourself from the ship’s cannon. I really like that you can hold up maps and riddle pages for other people to look at them – such a small but fun touch that we’ve seen before. I am cautiously optimistic that this will be a much better take on co-op piracy than the ship-to-ship combat of Blackwake, which I found more of a clunky novelty than a true swashbuckling adventure.

There are still things it doesn’t show – exactly what do you do with all the treasure you’re looting, for instance? We’re told you trade it in at an outpost – but for what? I would be happy with being able to buy loads of clothes and tattoos from some rum-sodden party port. But you will also be able to customise your pirate ship, say the devs. Giant tattoos for the ship as well? We can live in hope.

It’s coming out “early 2018” and sadly it is for Windows 10 only (and Xbox, obv), leaving us ultra-stubborn non-upgraders out in the cold.


  1. Catweasel says:

    Windows 10 only wouldn’t be the worst thing if it didn’t mean it inevitably has to be in the Windows Store exclusively. God the windows store has been awful for me. Even the search function there doesn’t work right, let alone trying to buy/play games.

    • ChrisT1981 says:

      It is just as bad as any mobile app store really. Starting with the terribad forced autotranslation into my chosen OS language and ending with games showing up in EVERY SINGLE genre category. People complain without end about how you can’t find stuff on Steam but they at least let you choose the storefront language and get genre categorization right.

      My elitist assessment: Casual Gamers are too casual to even care about such stuff. They will play whatever to pass time, and even chuck out Money. Otherwise it is unexplainable why mobile stores don’t have to put any effort at all into being actually usable and user friendly.

  2. LexW1 says:

    Looks pretty fun, and I’m glad it works with four players (it sounded like it was aiming for bigger crews previously), but Windows Store only?

    Yeah, that’s a skip. And I’m no Steam fan.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    Win 10 only? Welp, in the bin it goes.

    I wish there was a way to communicate to Microsoft that I don’t want to install their spyware OS in order to play a videogame.

    • drinniol says:

      You just did. Microsoft is secretly the NSA and have logged your communication in your PERMANENT RECORD!

    • MajorLag says:

      Honestly, what makes you think Microsoft cares? Have they done anything at all to suggest they give one flying crap what their users think?

      We told them we hated metro, so they put it the server OSs too and redesigned all the perfectly good administration tools to be significantly less useful Metro apps. We told them the constant nagging and restarting for updates was annoying, so they made updates more frequent and more prone to breakage than ever before. Ads in the start menu, telemetry that has active countermeasures to prevent you from disabling it, search functionality somehow even worse than the search they had before (what’s that cortana? you don’t know what “control panel” is and want to search the internet for me? How helpful!).

      There are only two reasons people continue to use Windows at this point: compatibility with games and apps, and Linux still not having its shit together on the desktop after 25 years. And Microsoft knows it and exploits the hell out of it.

      • AYZON says:

        “search functionality somehow even worse than the search they had before (what’s that cortana? you don’t know what “control panel” is and want to search the internet for me? How helpful!).”

        I cant comment on the other stuff, but thats just wrong.
        Im not running Windows in english and even I can type control panel in the search and find it.
        Also you can type stuff into the start menu and it will find it. Some stuff that isnt indexed wont be found, but it never bothered me enough to look it up.

  4. April March says:

    This narration would be cringeworthy if it wasn’t up against the one in Anthem’s trailer.

    But yeah, a skeleton firing a gun always warms me heart, it does.

  5. Killerspinach says:

    Sad I really look forward to this but will probably skip. Being that it will be on the WinStore means a total of 5 people will buy it and it being co op that really hurts it.