Tyranny: Bastard’s Wound due later this year

Tee hee hee. They said a rude word in their videogame title. Isometric RPG of evil-doers Tyranny [official site] will be getting an expansion “later this year”, say developers Obsidian. Tyranny: Bastard’s Wound (tee hee) will take players to a new settlement and offer new companion quests and other storylines. Meanwhile, a free update is separately bringing some more stuff to the game’s third act and an “all new path to an unseen ending”. Anyway, you can find the trailer for the expansion below.

That’s it!? A lamp and an old head? Oh well. I haven’t played Tyranny, but some sleuthing (ie. scrolling through comments and consulting wiki) suggests that the head might be the helmet of Barik, a character who is trapped inside his own armour, meaning he has somehow freed himself from it. And that may or may not be backed up by Obsidian’s own description of the upcoming expansion:

During this quest, the player will encounter Bastard’s Wound, a settlement and refuge from the dark, war-torn world, established in secret as a haven for those fleeing the wrath of Kyros the Overlord. The player must decide what is to become of the inhabitants as they mete out Kyros’ justice.

Featuring new characters and storylines, Bastard’s Wound takes a closer look at the race of the Beastmen, the fate of the refugee settlements, and all-new companion quests featuring three of Tyranny’s most memorable party members: Verse, Barik, and Lantry.

On top of this, Obsidian have today released a new event pack called Tales from the Tiers, which has new quests, featuring “the untold stories of the many inhabitants of the hazardous, war-torn Tiers, including rebels, merchants, servants of Kyros, and even dangerous creatures”. It’ll take £4.49/$6.99 from your hard-earned moneypot.

Like I say, I haven’t played the base game, mostly because I lack the patience for getting carpet bombed with words in these old-fashioned isometric misadventures. But John said the tale was mostly enjoyable in his Tyranny review, even while finding the combat tedious and describing it as massive yet shallow. He also murdered a baby in it, though, so I don’t know if you can trust him.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Tkrens says:

    HOT DIGGITY. I only very recently played through Tyranny and absolutely loved it, perhaps more so than Pillars of Eternity. Can’t wait! I loved the dialogue, I loved the world building. I’ll say it, I even loved the in-dialogue wikipedia system with highlighted words providing more background. There can never be enough text.

    • TheDandyGiraffe says:

      When I finished Tyranny I had a KOTOR2 deja vu; for about 3/4 I thought it was absolutely brilliant, even better than PoE (which I liked quite a lot) and then… the last act… oh my.

      Judging by the promo materials, they might have addressed the elephant in the room (the hastily written, ridiculously disappointing ending), but I’m afraid all of this is still not enough when your game suffers from the typical case of Deadline Goblin having eaten the last 25% of the script. So, I’ll have to pass.

      • Premium User Badge

        Tkrens says:

        The lackluster ending is exactly why this announcement excites me. It felt like the developers ran out of money/time because the entire game was amazing until you got to the final bits. It left me wanting more of Tyranny’s setting, lore, and world. It was like an exquisite tasting menu of which you were expecting to get several more courses but that you weren’t served.

  2. Someoldguy says:

    I’d be up for a second big chunk of Tyranny that really pushes the story arc on, preferably with an expanded enemy list so it has more variety. Can’t say I’m inspired by the idea of a bit more companion development, some vignettes and a little extra story line. Definitely waiting on reviews on these two.

  3. Lacero says:

    In news surprising nobody, least of all John, I a person on the Internet think he’s completely wrong on this game.

    It’s the exact opposite of massive and shallow. It’s dense and tight and small. There’s four main paths and all lead through the same few areas from different points of view.

    It’s a great game and I’m still very sad it didn’t sell well. Much better than poe, which is much easier to call vast and shallow I think.

    Totally right about the combat though.

  4. Creamice says:

    Tyranny was the most fun I had in all of 2016.

    It took a bit of determination to look beyond the art style in the beginning but it kind of grew on me after a while.

    For some reason, I believe having read the Black Company books in my teens increased my enjoyment of the game.

    What I like most about it, is that it is bold and novel regarding structure and mechanisms in a way that goes beyond the inital “what if evil won” moment.

    I do believe that if they had had 6 months or a year more on the game, it could have been the Planescape Torment of our generation (=It still wouldn’t have sold well but i would have enjoyed it even more unreservedly).

    In any case, I’ll buy whatever they release for the game. I really do feel that if I want to play big-budget games that are bold, original and novel, then I have to support those that try, even if they have some shortcomings.

  5. Antongranis says:

    Oh hell yeah. Buying this for sure.