Destiny 2: Swish 4k 60FPS nonsense and screenshots

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Destiny 2

YOU, a reader, may be interested to see this PC Destiny 2 [official site] footage running in 4K at 60fps. It’s a marketing push by NVIDIA because graphics cards and numbers and tech etc etc BUT it did mean I could pass watching a minute and a half of Destiny looking pretty off as work.

It will not look like that on my PC. Also, just as an FYI, I play Destiny and you can turn a LOT faster than that with a controller. I assume this is in the service of having a syrupy smooth viewing experience, but it’s like watching someone explore a flood in a treacle factory. And of course Destiny 2 supports keyboard and mouse too.

I also have a wodge of screenshots in my inbox because of E3 promo-stravaganza so this feels like a good opportunity to share them!

I’ve popped them into a gallery format so you can either choose to click through or not. I’d actually recommend using the arrow keys on your keyboard though as it means you aren’t chasing buttons across the screen if they flip about.

P.S. In case you missed it the PC version now has a release date. It’ll be out on 24 October so seven weeks after the console release.


  1. PseudoKnight says:

    Why would they specifically show off their PC version of an FPS using a gamepad when they’re trying to make an effort to show that they actually care about PC gaming after ignoring the platform the first time around?

    • poliovaccine says:

      This is purely guessing, but I think PC vs. console users used to be more distinctly divided. Now it seems common for PC gamers to own one, two, even three different consoles besides their PC, and frankly from that position it makes more sense to just go over to gamepads completely, rather than cling to m&kb for, like, 25% of their games.

      You’re not alone – I still think it’s strange too, but I feel like the majority of people dont anymore. I also dont own a console and never have – not for any ideological reason, but just cus I started on PC and I’m used to it (and equally unused-to consoles/gamepads). If there were more console-exclusive games that tempt me I might have made the switch at some point, but so far the siren calls of Red Dead Redemption and Bloodborne on their own arent enough to sway me.

      Still, I think as consoles have caught up to PCs in terms of tech, they’ve managed to draw some previously PC-only gamers to their side. It used to be that consoles were generally preferred by more casual gamers, whereas anyone serious about gaming saw the obvious choice in PC – in terms of both options and hardware. Now that choice is less obvious – I mean at this point consoles even have mods, which was kind of the biggest defining difference people used to cite… still gotta make em on the PC though, and I cant much see using a gamepad for that (tho I may just be lacking in imagination…)!

      • Unclepauly says:

        All whooey, all of it. Pure whoootown whooey. /slams shutters

      • Jstn says:

        I have both a high-end gaming PC and multiple consoles, so I’m not a PC-only person, but… this is a FPS! THE mouse+kb genre (well, maybe second only to strategy games–Starcraft with a controller? *shudder*). I’ve actually started to wonder if the problem isn’t that some developers are young enough now that they grew up playing FPSes on consoles instead of on PCs, so they just don’t understand the difference. I’ve actually had arguments with people who grew up with consoles only and insist that all games are better played with controllers because “they were designed for playing games, while mice and keyboards were not.”

        I hope I’m wrong about that.

        • monstermagnet says:

          “they were designed for playing games, while mice and keyboards were not.”

          That’s like saying , “Billiard tables were not designed to be fucked on, and are therefore inferior to beds for the purpose.”

          Which is simply untrue. Ask any adult film star.

      • Kasjer says:

        Some people insist that gamepads are utterly rubbish for fps games and I suspect they have never learned how to use/adjusted to pad because they have not spent​ time with it. Yes, gamepads are inferior to mouse in precision. Yes, I wouldn’t jump in to a competitive online shooter with one. But at the same time, once you get used to gamepad, it’s quite okay tool for the job. It also does have few minor advantages over m+k. Movement using analogue stick feels much more natural than on WASD. You have smooth transition from sneaking to walking to running. Pulling the trigger on my X360 pad (best value controller now) when shooting feels much more “natural” and immersive than clicking a mouse button. If you have weak PC which cannot reach solid 60fps in games, drops are less noticeably disrupting control input and input lag at 30fps is also not as noticeable as with mouse. I’ve beat DOOM playing at 30fps back when I had 750Ti, with vsync on, using a pad, without any issues. Attempt at playing on m+k was horrible experience. Now when I’ve switched to 1050Ti I’ve found myself still using a pad. I honestly do not see anything wrong with playing PvE shooter like Destiny with one – you don’t need to out-edge human opponents with m+k. So if you like playing with a pad, you are not at disadvantage.

        And having one just makes sense. It’s superior for many genres. Playing games like Rayman (beat latest two playing on controllers in coop with my gf), Hell Yeah, Redout, Witcher 3, Tomb Raider among many others was much better experience on a pad than on m+k.

        I’m left handed and I’ve adjusted to standard controller mapping (left stick for movement, right for looking) because on consoles rarely there is an option to switch sticks functionality. So you can say, I’ve been at even greater disadvantage at the start. But I’ve adapted to playing on a pad, because all it requires is practice.

    • neems says:

      For what it’s worth, in my 18 years or so of pc gaming I have nearly always had a controller for use in ‘appropriate’ games (e.g. football, fighters). I always used to use m&k for shooters et al, but in recent times a bout of RSI combined with a non-standard keybind have meant that it is simply easier for me to use a controller.

      It helps that most modern shooters are actually pretty easy, as I still suck at aiming with an analogue stick.

    • reiniat says:

      It is strange but largely irrelevant, the PCgamer interview made it very clear that they know what theyre doing, they plan to balance and adjust both versions independently:
      link to

    • monstermagnet says:

      Just a guess, but maybe the gamepad is for presentation…I mean, when I play with m&kb, my looking gestures tend to be a bit twitchy, and maybe would be difficult for others to watch. I dunno…

      • plaYer2k says:

        This was exactly my thought when i read the question.

        Gameplay on a controller looks much smoother due to the vastly limited input rates. You don’t just turn 90° or 180° with a controller within the fraction of a second but rather do it “very slowly”, relative to a mouse.

        Another reason within live presentations seems to be that the person playing and presenting the game can be in front of a camera, either standing or sitting, without having to have a keyboard and mouse limiting their physical movability or blocking the straight sight to the person itself. This can easily lead to a comfy couch with two people sitting and talking to each other while you have an unobscured sight to both of them.

        Now don’t get me wrong, I greatly dislike controller for how awkward they feel and play for me. I feel like having to cripple my finger over having easy access to all controller buttons at any given time (i.e. press 3 or 4 buttons different on the right side at once). I love the direct position-based input-mapping of a mouse, the resulting speed / response time as well as the precision. However i can see the reason why people use a “limited input” to generate “a smoother presentation”.

  2. Stevostin says:

    I have to say I wonder how they adapt gameplay for PC user. ATM the shooting / AI / gameplay is utterly terrible. I understand the main bit of FPS gameplay on console is to manage to do what you’d do IRL ten times better in a whim with a controler that’s totally ill fitted for the job, but that will be out of the way on PC. If we really just have to point and shoot at average speed to be the god of the game this will be pretty boring.

    Borderlands didn’t have a fantastic gun play on PC but they still had something reasonably challenging. I hope they manage to reach that level here too.

    • Stevostin says:

      Also while not a console player I always was pretty impressed by the look & art of Destiny the first. But this new episode is way more bland to me. Where has the cool gone ?

      • SaltTitan says:

        I think part of it is that they’re just showing so much from the opening level, at night, during a rainstorm, against one type of enemy. So far I don’t think I’ve seen any Destiny 2 footage showing the Vex or Fallen (I think the Hive might be gone now that Oryx is dead? Not sure) or any footage not on Earth. I hope we’ll see more soon.

        I also noticed that the game starts with you at “max level” with super fancy gear that’s supposed to contrast with where you end up. I’ve always thought Destiny’s high-level weapon designs were less interesting than the low-level stuff. That might be part of it too.

        • internisus says:

          There is a lot of PS4-captured footage from last month’s reveal event of Vex enemies on a bright and interesting world. Do a search for “The Inverted Spire.”

          • SaltTitan says:

            Oooo, I’ll have to check that out. And I thought I’d been so diligent :'(

  3. Killerspinach says:

    Looks like a cheap DOOM. Why do the enemies light up when you shoot them? And why do they look so stupid? And why is this developer so overrated? All they’ve done is make cheap DOOM clones for two decades.

    • eeguest says:

      I third and fourth this.

    • Ghostwise says:

      IIRC the enemies light up because they have a body energy shield thing going.

    • poliovaccine says:

      I’ve never understood the appeal of Destiny from afar, but being perfectly fair, from what folks say it sounds like the real appeal is in the incommunicable *feeling* of playing it. I have to say, too, at first I didnt get why Halo was such a phenomenon – it looked so samey – but playing with friends I realized it really did just feel damn good to play.

      Playing different games is a little like driving different cars in that respect. The sense of kinetics is hard to describe or define or narrow down to singular mechanics, and that may even mean it’s talked about less than it could be, but it’s nonetheless a huge element of what makes a game “good” or not. So when people tell me the moving and shooting “just feels really good,” I think I get it from that angle.

      It’s one of those things where in a lot of cases, as it’s done better and better, you notice it less and less, which I think is very often a big part of the appeal to certain games that people have a hard time pinning down or defining – often that ineffable *something* comes down to being a real bitchin sense of kinetics. Ref: the new Zelda game, for one example – seems like everyone’s favorite thing about it is just the act of moving around the map.

      Just a theory, since I’m not a Destiny player, though I have asked people to explain the appeal, which I could only wonder at from afar. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but given that nothing else is hugely exceptional about the game, it would seem to me like “that ineffable *feel* to it, man” is a reasonable explanation for the rabid fanaticism surrounding it.

      Sorry, you got the brunt of my morning caffeine intake. I really shoulda spent that energy elsewhere…

      • SaltTitan says:

        This is fairly accurate really. At the end of the day Bungie is just really really good at making their shooter combat feel right. Chunky is the word I always end up using, like the actions on-screen have a real impact. Titanfall 2 is also pretty good at this; something about the way the recoil, bullet impact, and reloading feels just clicks really well for me. Compare that to something like Overwatch which is fun but feels like everyone is shooting BB guns.

        That’s part of it, and then the flow of combat is obviously part of it. It’s hard to really explain, it just feels good to move and interact within the combat space. Bungie’s level design is solid and they’re good at building that connection in your head between enemy silhouette and behavior. That means that your fights end up being about a lot of moving and reacting; “That guy is gonna try to get close, that group is going to scatter and try to surround me, this one will need to be focused down.” They certainly aren’t the only games to do it, DOOM 2016 did it really well too. But they’ve been consistently good at it since the first Halo.

        The PC open beta is going to happen sometime in August from what I’ve heard, I would highly recommend at least giving it a try before you cast it aside. To this day I still go back and play Destiny and the Bungie Halo games for the simple fact that the shooting feels really, really good. I expect D2 will continue that tradition.

        • Premium User Badge

          Nauallis says:

          All true, but I’d add that they’ve been consistently good at making fun gunplay and “chunky” weapons since 1994, with Marathon and its sequels.

          People are welcome to think that DOOM and FPS games like it are the better game, but they’re wrong, not to mention unrefined idiots. Doom gameplay is akin to driving a shitty car too fast on a crowded highway: you know it’s going to fall apart at any moment and the thing that makes it actually fun instead of just stupid is your own adrenaline. In fact, with the very notable exception of Doom 2016, once the player adrenaline is removed, all of them are copy-paste corridor shooters with boring enemies and samey-samey weapons. Bungie shooters make you feel like you’re handling something purpose-built, and the feeling of “too fast, too stupid” can certainly be there, but the engine won’t fall out and the game won’t break just because you’re trying to do something ridiculous and crazy. Warthog jumping is certainly a good example, but there’s more recent skybox exploration with Halo Reach, and the titan-dodge armor in Destiny really lets you break out.

    • Chromatose says:

      Saying that Halo and Destiny are cheap Doom clones is like saying Warcraft and Starcraft are cheap Command and Conquer clones. Or that The Witcher series is a cheap Baldur’s Gate clone. What next? Are fruit smoothies just ropey copies of juice? Are automobiles merely hollow facsimiles of horses with carriages?

  4. Don Reba says:

    I wish all trailers were in 4k60.

  5. internisus says:

    This is the best footage I’ve found yet. Over 20 minutes of experimentation with movement, abilities, and weapons. You can see not only what Destiny 2 will look like on PC but also what it will play like.

  6. MrLoque says:

    FPS played on PC at 4K… with a freaking pad? It looks like a slow-mo game with dumb enemies. Jsut NO.

    • SaltTitan says:

      I’m pretty sure they’re just moving slowly to show off the graphics, someone posted a video of someone actually playing and its faster paced.