Dota 2’s underwater terrain has some gorgeous wildlife!

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Remember how Dota 2’s current seasonal Battle Pass/money pit has an under the sea theme? WELL, my Battle Pass is now sufficiently levelled up that I can swap the usual map with its trees and woodland wildlife for an underwater variant called Reef’s Edge! After booting up a game replay I swapped to the free camera mode, ditched the HUD elements that were getting in the way of my watery tourism and went exploring. Seahorses, eels and clams were just some of the things I found! Come see!

To navigate the gallery use the left and right button or stick with the arrow keys on your keyboard. Clicking the image itself should give you the larger version.

If you’re interested in the creatures which normally wander the map I did a little nature tour as part of the Dote Night column. I should also add that here I was focusing on the more mobile or obvious lifeforms. There are also shells, anemones, kelp, multiple types of coral, starfish and other bits and pieces which I could have included but it would have made the feature balloon because I could take pictures of underwater game stuff for HOURS.


  1. mabeo says:

    I am not interested in Mobas at all, but this was very interesting. What an unusual place RPS is.

    • Ghostwise says:

      Between Pip’s sealife safaris and Jeremy’s CPU and GPU news, you could say it has fish and chips.

  2. sagredo1632 says:

    I know nothing about MOBAs other than it’s some sort of game. But if you’re interested in aquatic life, then I can’t recommend the Monterey Bay Aquarium enough… that is if you happen to be in the neighborhood of San Francisco on your various jaunts. Pretty expensive admittance fee, but the most impressive jellyfish collection (and aquarium) that I’ve ever seen, by far.

  3. robotslave says:

    That is not a Cichlid. It can not be and I will prove it.

    You are in Reef’s Edge. Reefs are only found in the sea, where there’s enough calcium carbonate in the water for coral polyps to build houses out of. Mind you there are also corals (and some very pretty ones too) that don’t build houses, but we have already established that we are at Reef’s Edge and reefs are mostly unoccupied coral polyp Housing Projects (or “Bobby Chips Bonnets,” as you call them in the UK).

    Cichlids, on the other hand, are freshwater fish.


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      Philippa Warr says:

      I did factor that in when I was thinking about it but I’m starting with the assumption that Valve might be taking inspiration from sources based on how they look in order to introduce a variety of shapes and colours rather than to develop an ecosystem. With that in mind, cichlids would just have a body shape for reference rather that being invoked as part of a believable ecosystem.

  4. poliovaccine says:

    I always know I’m reading an article by Pip when there’s a fully-capitalized WELL..!

    • poliovaccine says:

      Also, as one who grew up in the US Virgin Islands, I very much appreciate the detail on the sea life here. Have stepped in far too many beached moon jellies to ever forget their look haha. I dont know how rare pearls actually are, though – I know my folks had a downstairs tenant who kept a tank full of clams he would “farm” for pearls by introducing a little grain of sand into their faces, which would then cause them to mumble and tongue it in consternation til it had sufficiently accreted whatever their magical congealing moneyspit is made of and formed a pearl around the little bit of sand theyd been made to eat. No idea if such pearls “count” or not, but they sure worked reliably well in tourist baubles.