Have You Played… VIDEOBALL?

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VIDEOBALL is no Rocket League, but it is a pretty neat take on multiplayer ball-wrangling, breaking down various rulesets to make a game that is just sort of Sport rather than any particular sport.

There’s a goal, some players and a ball. Oh, and a field that varies from round to round, with obstacles, shape and goal sizes all liable to change. Rather than dribbling the ball, you shoot it, sort of juggling it from afar, and you can charge up a shot to really blast the ball across the pitch/court/oblong. Hold the button that charges the shot for too long (or just long enough, depending on your plan) and you’ll make a barrier instead of firing a shot.

Basically, you’re dropping down barriers, blasting the ball around the place and trying to score goals. Tactics emerge as you realise you can use your abstract little avatar to block, to nudge and to stun, and if you can get four people together for teamplay, you’ll almost certainly have a good time.

That said, I played for three days and then dropped the VIDEOBALL and haven’t been back. It’s one of those games that had a quiet buzz around it before release, and I’m not sure if that came from critics who had played it at events, or from developers who had played it during its production. Either way, the conversation around it seemed louder before release and died down a little after release, which isn’t ideal for a multiplayer game. it’s best played as a local party game though, I feel.

Essentially, I’m wondering if anyone here is or has been playing VIDEOBALL?


  1. someoneelse84 says:

    It did pique my interest when I first read about it on RPS but the thing is I HAVE NO FRIENDS :’>

  2. spacetown says:

    it’s pretty hard to get a game just by randomly searching, but there IS a videoball discord where we coordinate times and days to play!

    link to discordapp.com

    it’s pretty much the best place to go if you’d like to play videoball, and the community is very nice and helpful :)

  3. DantronLesotho says:

    I had played it at a mini-gamedev expo in Boston and had a great time, but I am not a multiplayer gamer usually. It is really well made though; it’s the kind of thing I would play the shit out of if I lived in a dorm or had siblings or something.

  4. Chairman_Meow says:

    I have it on PlayStation4 and was excited to try it out on release. I like the dev (Tim Rogers, who is also a Video-game-words creator) and the concept has quite a bit of potential. HOWEVER: It was difficult to find a match even on release and the games i have played more recently I have gotten beaten so soundly I don’t much want to play again. Apparently some people have gotten very, very, good at it over the last year or so. I don’t have the desire to spend the requisite time for my skill to get to “competitive” levels, too many other games calling for my attention. But as a party game, I think it’d be brilliant.

  5. ActionFlash says:

    It also has an AMAZING soundtrack by coda link to soundcloud.com