Vampyr bleeds 10 minutes of gameplay footage


Last time I wrote about Dontnod’s undead RPG bloodsucky doctor adventure, Vampyr [official site], it was because they’d released 14 whole minutes of gameplay footage. WELL, there’s now a further ten minutes of the stuff which brings us to roughly a US sitcom episode’s worth of vampiric comings and goings:

More and more, Vampyr feels like it’s a grab bag of other games. The pier bit had some echoes of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines in terms of the aesthetic, but mostly I’m getting a bunch of kinda generic RPGs with some elements of Dishonored’s combat thrown in. That’s not to say there isn’t a place for a game like that, just that it fades quickly from memory and doesn’t provoke any strong interest or emotion. Stolid gaming.

I think the other thing for me is that the core tension of the main character is just so videogamey – paragon or renegade. Will you slake your undead thirst or serve the Hippocratic oath? Again, that’s not a bad thing per se, but I don’t find it interesting in the way that I might have if I’d not played that kind of game before. It’s also accompanied by story beats like a charitable chap who gets vampired and ends up staging a literal version of holy communion as he snacks on human flesh.

I do find myself wanting to play it, but the impulse is because I want to assess whether it’s good as one of those sturdy weekend games. You know the sort I mean. I think the shorthand is that they’re 7/10 games – Enslaved: Odyssey to the West was one of those for me, and the story campaigns of Call of Duty games fit that bracket too.

Anyway, Vampyr will be rising from the dead in November 2017.


  1. Pilgore says:

    Why does this look far less impressive than the 2016 Gamescom demo? The lighting looks off and the game seems a lot more combat focused. The UI also looks dreadful. What a shame. Yes I know it’s an Alpha, so was the 2016 demo, that looked better than this.

    • Chaz says:

      The animation on the lead character looks really stiff too.

      • Turkey says:

        The part where the doctor just sat there, staring at your crotch while the voice actor was trying to emote looked pretty awkward.

    • poliovaccine says:

      I agree about the lighting actually, but what makes you say it seems all that combat-focused? In this ten minutes there was like two minutes of combat, the rest was all story.

      That being said, it is already seeming more generic than I’d like, in a more general way. It reminds me of Mafia 3 in some way I cant put my finger on, but that makes me decidedly less excited for this all the same.

      • Pilgore says:

        The way enemies patrolled the streets and how combat was happening between factions with health bars popping up everywhere just seemed very video game-y and standard RPG fair-like. The 2016 demo gave me the impression of a much darker and more story driven world that featured combat, occasionally, maybe.

        This just looks a lot less interesting somehow.

  2. haldolium says:

    Looks rather unimpressive indeed.

    Hopefully they’ll fix that messy interface at the very least, this is even more disgusting as the usual clusterfuck of tutorial-outsourcing that are modern VG HUDs.

  3. Sandro says:

    Ugh. The camera of the dialogue is awful. It reminds me so much of that turd that is Dragon Age Inquisition… I hope they fix it, since I really want this game to be good. For the rest, I think it looks pretty well.

    • montorsi says:

      Nice bait, mate. The camera looks nothing like Inquisition’s, however, unless you were viewing both games while blindfolded. Which would explain quite a lot, I suppose.

      • Sandro says:

        Mmmmm… what?

        What I am saying is that instead of doing a shot and a reverse shot in conversations that looks cinematographic (like, for example, The Witcher 3), they just stuck the camera in the air like if it were a dron, so we can’t see the facial animations of the characters. Look the conversation with the barman or with the hospital director to see what I am referring to.

        • April March says:

          The camera in the conversation with the director was pretty egregious. It looked like a security camera’s footage.

  4. MartyJ says:

    those dudes eyes are going ME: Andromeda on me.

  5. Emeraude says:

    The more I see of this the less hope.

    Oh well, I finished DARK. Can’t be worse than that, can it?

  6. yankee101 says:

    Remember Me had pretty interesting battle animations, why does all animations here look so delayed? Was it all capcom magic?

  7. monstermagnet says:

    For the record: 24 minutes is a good 4 minutes more than a half hour US sitcom. A third of the show is adverts. Thank the maker for Netflix. Without it I’d have never been able to watch two seasons of Parks and Rec in one sitting. And they said it couldn’t be done! My life is sad.

  8. second_hand_virgin says:

    10 minuts of ugly & boring. Let’s hope for looooong delay.