Hidden Folks uncovers new factory areas in free update

The wonderful Where’s Wally ’em up Hidden Folks [official site] has added three new areas in a free update today. The centrepiece is a sprawling factory with moving production lines and some big numbers: “19,475 sprites, 3400 interactive objects, 921 characters, 540 sounds, and 28 targets,” I’m told. This is a lovely game and now there is more of it and that is great. Huzzah!

A good factory.

The three new areas are a small one introducing the theme, the huge Factory itself, and one puzzle area. The patch notes also promise “massive” performance optimisations, better sound mixing, improved ambient sounds, eight new langauges (Arabic, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Czech, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese), more character animations, and other such welcome changes.

The developers have posted a three-part diary (1, 2, 3) detailing how new areas go from drawings on paper to actual levels. If you enjoy looking at nice things — and you probably do if you’re reading about Hidden Folks — then it’s well worth a look.

Please continue.

For those who have not yet played Hidden Folks, here’s a chunk of Wot John Thinks:

“This is charming and silly and gentle and fun, ridiculously intricate and lovingly crafted. It’s not hardcore, it’s not going to outfox you, but it doesn’t want to be doing that. This is one of those instances where you wish ‘casual’ hadn’t become a meaningless nonsense term in gaming, because it would nicely capture the feeling of a puzzle book that’s magically come alive, a Where’s Wally where you get to poke and prod the characters. It’s a calm, calming and pleasingly silly game.”

Hidden Folks is £5.99/7,99€/$7.99 on Steam.


  1. phanatic62 says:

    Awesome news! Despite buying the game when it came out I just recently finished finding all of the objects, so this is perfect timing to dive back in for more.

    At first glance for each “large” scene it always seems like it’s going to be impossible to find any of the objects and I feel a bit anxious and want to quit. But having gone through enough boards I’m now confident that the devs have made each scene detailed but also possible to complete. Let’s hope that these new ones maintain that same balance.

  2. Kefren says:

    I liked the look of this game but prefer to buy on GOG. I think the devs said they didn’t have plans to release it there, which is a shame as it seems like a good fit for people who that site, and it’s usually a good idea to make your product available to as wide an audience as possible. Maybe it will appear there in the future. Either way it seems like a nice little game and I hope they do well.