Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is free on Origin

Modern warfare is so passé. As video game trends turn again, the Call of Duty series is off back to World War 2, Battlefield is currently larking about in World War 1, and Electronic Arts have dug up an old game from the previous WW2 fad (whose dying embers lit the inferno of the modern warfare craze). 2004 first-person shooter Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is free right now through Origin, letting all and sundry romp around battles from the Pacific Theatre.

Pacific Assault is several games deep into the FPS series, and came six years before EA rebooted Medal of Honor for modern warfare in Afghanistan. Oh gosh, look at this trailer, it is so 2006:

Video game trends are weird.

If you want Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault free, head on over to Origin. Grab it now and it’s yours for keepsies. This is part of the ‘On the House’ promotion EA use to promote the Origin store and client so yup, you will need Origin and an account. Such are the conditions under which this video game is being given away.

EA gave MoH: PA away free in 2016 and more recently in some countries but hey, here it is again.

I didn’t pay attention to Pacific Assault back in the day because I was bored of WW2 FPSs by then. What’s it like, gang?


  1. heretic says:

    I played it at the time and actually really enjoyed it.

    I seem to recall that you could turn up the difficulty and turn off all hud and it was quite immersive.

    Highlights would be defending against waves of kamikaze charges where they would scream in unison before charging you in pitch black night.

    Will definitely pick this up and see if it holds up after all those years.

    It’s not a theatre that’s been that popular so it was quite novel at the time.

  2. peterako1989 says:

    It has been free on origin for quite some time now. Might as well release it as freeware.

  3. Michael Fogg says:

    It aged really badly, I’m afraid.

  4. WJonathan says:

    A fun Medal of Honor outing that tried, sloppily, to be a squad shooter with jungle stealth elements. When the four-man team AI responded logically it was really excellent. Unfortunately everything new they tried worked only intermittently, including using jungle foliage for cover (the enemy could see you when you couldn’t see them). Ultimately it was best played as a standard MOH run-and-gun affair. Still quite enjoyable.

  5. MetaSynapse says:

    It’s the only MoH game I’ve played, and I was quite young when I played it, so will probably pick it up for nostalgia.