Drilling platformer Pepper Grinder looks fab


The delights of grappling hooks and huge drills combine in Pepper Grinder, an upcoming platformer which looks jolly nice. Drill through ground, swing around grappling points, and bust up enemies with your drill. Splendid. I’ve enjoyed watching the dribs, drabs, and GIFs of Pepper Grinder flowing out of creator Riv Hester for months, and now it has a trailer coo let’s have a good look. Observe:

See? Drill, swing, coingrab, and drillmurder. It is cheery drillmurder, isn’t it?

I watched Driller Killer back in the days when it was banned for being a ‘video nasty’ and did enjoy the few gory deaths but, mostly, was super bored. Nasties are never nasty enough for teenagers, are they? When you’re told a movie is so obscene it boils the mind of anyone who sees so much as a single frame, drama over paying bills just isn’t what you want.

No, what is truly depraved is what’s happening to this scarecrow:

No firm word from developer Riv Hester on when Pepper Grinder will launch.

Speaking of drills, I’ve just had a look and it seems the fun drillkilling fight-o-platformer Joylancer is due a mega-huge update in July. Its last early access update was yonks ago but apparently the game has been massively rebuilt. Neat-o. Drills!


  1. LXM says:

    Very intrigued by the game but the real reason I’ve watched this trailer so many times is that soundtrack. I know it’s very different stylistically from Dust Force but it reminded me of that.

  2. allthingslive says:

    Looks really cool, little shit like the Prometheus scarecrow is the kind of stuff that really turns me onto games. But I was personally hoping for some kind of different gameplay though, platforming just isn’t my thing at all

  3. racccoon says:

    I thought a pepper grinder was several cogs with tiny holes, not a borer, I like the initial idea, not the title. The borer could of been an added thing to do and not repetitive thing to continuously do & only having certain points restricts its use as a borer, definitely not a pepper grinder. I watched the video that’s about it.

    • Phasma Felis says:

      Dollars to doughnuts the blue-haired girl’s name is Pepper.

    • syndrome says:

      Great. Now goes the English lesson.
      Could of been. Could’ve been. See?
      Could HAVE been.

      ‘Could of Been’ is like having this ancient race of Neanderthals.
      Been is their land. Could is their bestest tribe. There is even a shaman. A shaman of Could. Big bald guy, knows much. This is how Couldron got its name, ofc later it got changed to cauldron, for whatever reason.

      Anyway, this Could of Been tribe was badass. But then the modern humans came about, somewhere around 100,000 BC, and as they say, the rest is history.