Golf things into existence with Fallout 4’s ‘creation club’

Hurr hurr. Inspired by the name of Bethesda’s upcoming method for selling bespoke mods, the ‘Creation Club’ is a weapon mod for Fallout 4 in the form of a golf club that spawns random items, enemies and NPCs when you swing it. It’s a silly jape taken to its logical conclusion – one that the golf club’s creator says isn’t intended as a criticism of Bethesda’s plan. “This mod is based on a pun,” he says, “A wordplay… It’s just a simple joke.”

You can find it on NexusMods, that hotbed of dastardly modders, where creator cdante has also posted a video demonstrating the driver’s magical abilities (sadly done at a time of day where it’s nearly impossible to make anything out).

It’s also worth noting the same creator is also behind the Get Out Of My Face mod, which let’s you push your companions out of your way when they STAND THERE DOING NOTHING making it possibly the most satisfying mod in videogame history.

The real Creation Club, meanwhile, is Bethesda’s latest attempt to get some dollar-dollar bills from the modding community while consolidating a kind of official “storefront” for all the things they don’t have the time or power to make themselves. It’s pitched as a DLC-style system in which modders can apply to create something and are subsequently hired based on Beth’s own decisions. These mods – whether they be weapons, armour, or changes to the game itself – are then bought with in-game credits that player’s can buy through Steam.

This golf club isn’t meant as criticism, according to cdante, which is probably a relief for Bethesda, who previously received a hefty backlash for previous doomed attempts to unify and “monetise” (ugh) the disparate modder clans. This time they are staying far away from free mods, however, leaving the free folk to do their thing.

“Mods will remain a free and open system where anyone can create and share what they’d like,” said Beth. “Also, we won’t allow any existing mods to be retrofitted into Creation Club, it must all be original content.”

Which means the Creation Club won’t be part of the Creation Club. Oh well.

(Thanks, PC Gamer)


  1. Scandalon says:

    The author should make the Creation Club Creation Club (to be in the Creation Club.) The mod allows you to spawn a Creation Club.

  2. Artiforg says:

    I’m a little disappointed. I was hoping it was going to be like the car gun mod from GTA V. When you swing the club a load of random stuff shoots out of the end in the direction of swing. It would be amusing to see the faces of NPC’s as they hurtle through the air after being conjured into existence.

    • Nakoichi says:

      Your comment brought to mind the whale from Hitchhikers Guide.

  3. brucethemoose says:

    Ugh. Earlier this week, I was beating Fallout 4 with a stick trying to get it to not crash or hang. ATM it wont boot ANY of my saves.

    So I decided to ignore it today. Like a cocaine addict who hit rock bottom and went cold turkey.

    Then you had to go and remind me… thanks alot.

    And on the subject of the Creation Club, my opinion is still “it could be ALOT worse”. It won’t destroy the Nexus with a wrecking ball, so I got no reason to complain.

  4. Sleazy Ninja says:

    Bethesda is going to get a creation club to face I think

  5. April March says:

    Sometimes a cigar pun is just a cigar pun.

  6. Catchcart says:

    It seems I read all sentences in gratuitous all-caps on RPS in Pip’s exasperated-shouty-voice. I had to go check the author.

  7. jeremyalexander says:

    Creation Club isn’t paid mods. Bethesda are hiring modders to create DLC. All anyone ever says on Nexus posts is that these modders are so talented that Bethesda should hire them, so Bethesda hires them and those same people turn around and say “F Bethesda”. These are not paid mods where the modders get a cut. Bethesda is hiring them to create DLC and paying them the same salaries that any other employee gets. These are not mods, they are official DLC like Nuka World. Creation Club does not affect modding in any way and many of the great modders like Elianora, who are now Bethesda employees, said they will still make free content for nexus in their spare time, just like they did before. There is no logical argument to be made that Creation Club is paid mods, just a bunch of whing from entitled children that think people should do thousands of hours of work for them for free.

    • poliovaccine says:

      Exactly, it only seems positive to me. I mean yeah, some DLC-sized mod ideas will become paid instead of free, but in exchange they meet a certain standard and there will be a whole lot more incentive for people to undertake such huge projects and create all this awesome new content – not to mention these things might get released faster.
      (Besides, if you really feel like you deserve these peoples’ blood sweat and tears for free, I’m sure it will all be piratable just like any other DLC.) And in the meantime, the mod authors get a new line of work that’s very possibly their dream job. Seems cool as hell to me.

      • montorsi says:

        Nope, we only support the ‘mod community’ so long as the ‘mod community’ continues churning out content for free. That’s how this works, don’tcha know.