PS2 action-RPG trilogy .hack//G.U. coming to PC

The PlayStation 2 action-RPG trilogy .hack//G.U. is coming remastered to PC, Bandai Namco have announced. Normally I strip goofy punctuation and capitalisation out of game names but the goofiness of .hack//G.U. is fitting. The story is centered on a fictional MMORPG, see, which players can actually log off from to poke around their in-game computer’s desktop. I do like a good in-world desktop. Coming later this year, .hack//G.U. Last Recode [official site] will contain all three volumes: Rebirth, Reminisce, and Redemption.

I’ve not touched the transmedia world of .hack myself, so here’s over to Bamco for the official word:

“[. . .] the world of .hack focuses on the mysterious events surrounding a wildly popular in-universe massively multiplayer role-playing game called The World. .hack//G.U. begins after the events of the original .hack series with players assuming the role of Haseo as he tracks down a powerful Player Killer named Tri-Edge who killed his friend’s in-game avatar Shino, and put her in a coma in real life.

I’m a big fan of ‘if you die in the game, you die in real life’ premises but I suppose I could settle for comas.

Bandai Namco say that Last Recode’s remasters boast “updated 1080p, 16:9 widescreen picture, and 60 fps frame rate, gameplay balance changes and additional features to be announced in the upcoming months.” Expanding a little, they say Last Recode will have “enhanced battle balance and game pacing to provide an optimal experience as well as a new Cheat Mode allowing players who want to just enjoy the story to start the game with full stats.”


  1. Talahar says:

    Enjoyed the animes, and I have part 1 of the game on ps2. It was good fun, they kinda managed to achieve the whole this is the feelng of an MMORPG but it’s a single player game thing. And the story of the game felt complementary to the anime, so yeah, enriching for both game and anime.

  2. Jokerme says:

    I’m really interested in this. Does it have a good story that can keep players engaged through all the assumed grinding? It has grinding right?

    • Hexedian says:

      The game is very heavy on grinding. I hope they at least streamlined the interface for PC to remove the amount of time wasted in menus.

  3. vexis58 says:

    So I guess this means it’s releasing outside of Japan after all, then? Last I heard, a Western release hadn’t been confirmed yet. Really looking forward to this, I spent many hours on these games when I was in college.

  4. kalirion says:

    “.hack//G.U. begins after the events of the original .hack series”. Any reason the original isn’t being brought over?

    • Zordan says:

      The short version is: The original series is 4 very grindy, very story anemic games that barely have enough content for a single game. Before that is an OVA and I think even a manga before that (or inbetween?)

      GU is mostly self contained (in a pretty big pre-existing universe) with references to the original series (oh the main character is now a infamous NPC) has MUCH better gameplay, pacing, story and everything. Their decision is correct, anybody hardcore enough to slug through the grindfest of the original series will easily be dedicated enough to get those on PS2.

      • malkav11 says:

        Yeah, I was sold on the premise and picked up the first one, but quickly concluded that if The World (the fictional MMO in the game) were an actual MMO it would have shut down inside six months it’s so boring and grindy and repetitive. And the subsequent three did not improve matters much. To add insult to injury, they were each MSRP $50 at release (back when that was standard full price).

        I’ve heard that the GU games were a big improvement but frankly I’ve never been willing to risk it.

        • Darloth says:

          You say that but it’s full of secret techniques and odd hidden areas and you can raise and race grunties and all sorts of other bits and pieces.

          While I completely agree that it looks boring and grindy and I personally would not like to play The World as an MMO, I think it would probably have done REALLY WELL in several places (Asia especially) if it were real and had all the things the shows, games and such ascribe to it, since they match or expand on dozens of other popular MMOs from those regions.

          See: Tera, Lineage, Silk Road, Aion… others.

  5. Harlander says:

    I’ll hold out for .hack//G.U.E, the Zork crossover. If you’re eaten by a grue in game…

  6. icemann says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of the playing the /Sign and /GU series’s. GU is BY FAR the better of the two as it has some much to do on the side. Plus come on, all the forum reads (and side quests you get from those), the news reports you can watch, card battles, the anime which accompanies this and so much more. This series is epic. By far the pinnacle of the JRPG genre. I’ve not played anything better JRPG wise before or since (and I’ve been playing JRPGs since Phantasy Star on the SMS).