Hitman’s prologue chapter goes free today

The good news keeps on rolling for murder’s favourite slaphead. After establishing themselves as an independent company and securing the rights to Hitman, developers IO Interactive have released the prologue chapter of the recent episodic Hitman [official site] for free. Consider it a demonstration. I did think it strange that Square Enix didn’t release a demo of the stealth ’em up back before they ditched IO but hey, one’s here now. Thanks, independent IO Interactive. Thaioi.

The prologue is a series of simulated murders in a training facility where people might seem to die in terrible ways but it’s just acting, okay.

IO explain that this free slice packs “absolutely everything that we’ve released for [the ICA Facility]; two story missions (including all cut-scenes), two Escalation Contracts, more than 40 challenges, 17 achievements and trophies, plus thousands of player-created missions in Contracts Mode.”

It’s out now to download on Steam.

If you dig the prologue slice and fancy buying the full game, progress will carry over. The game is due to be on sale this week too. The full season is a goodun, our Alec will tell you.

While the future of IO and Hitman is still unclear, the future is unclear for everyone and everything everywhere and everywhen. For now, they’re an independent entity again and keen to make this a hit, man.


  1. Mungrul says:

    These two scenarios are fantastic in themselves, and while being smaller than any of the “proper” levels, contain all of the core game mechanics. There’s a lot of fun to be had here, and I hope releasing them for free convinces many more people to buy the remaining chapters.

  2. FurryLippedSquid says:

    “murder’s favourite slaphead”


  3. Micky Nozawa says:

    “The good news keeps on rolling for murder’s favourite slaphead.”

    This made me laugh.

  4. KillahMate says:

    This is an excellent idea that Square Enix should have done to start with.

  5. Jay Load says:

    Hand on heart – I don’t think I’ve ever played a Hitman game beyond five idle minutes with another demo donkeys years ago.

    This might convince me to have another stab at it.

    • Unclepauly says:

      Good Lord Man . At least go play Blood Money. Flabbergastery

  6. Shinard says:

    Well worth checking out if you don’t have Hitman. The yacht level is basically a fancy tutorial, but it’s pretty decent for what it is. The double agent chessmaster Cold War mission, though, is a lot of fun and stands even with any of the levels proper. It’s a lot smaller – there’s only one target, not two or four like in the other levels. But still, there’s a great and imaginative range of opportunities, a cool environment, clever level design… it’s well worth playing, basically.

  7. Janichsan says:

    Just in time for the release of the Mac version of that game.

  8. draglikepull says:

    This is cool but I think they could have made a better sales pitch for the game by releasing the first full level (Paris) as well. Yeah, the main mechanics are available in the prologue, but if they want to show off the scale and what the game’s really capable of, I think it would benefit them to let potential players get a taste of what a full level is like.

    • RichUncleSkeleton says:

      Paris is one-sixth of the entire game, I wouldn’t expect them to give that away. Besides, the whole thing is on sale all the time.

  9. MuttleyGriffin says:

    I actually bought the complete set on Xbox One back when it was on sale during Christmas (the discount was deeper than Steam IIRC). I’ve still not gotten around to even trying it because I regret not having it on PC; so this will be a great chance to try it out…finally!

  10. grimdanfango says:

    I wonder if, having gone independent, they might consider addressing what I’d say was the single biggest glaring issue in the recent episodes – the fact that everyone in Paris, Italy, and Morocco were all *painfully* American. The voice work is of a fine quality, but I honestly had to pack in playing by the time I got to Morocco, as it was just too damn jarring hearing market stall vendors in a bustling bazaar endlessly tout their wares in chirpy new-york accents.

    I know it would take significant investment of time and cash to re-record all that stuff, but I still hope maybe they’ll address it at some point, now they’re off the leash.

    • Det. Bullock says:

      Sincerely, it’s better that way than filling the places with people who are meant to sound “local”, being Italian I often find attempts at using Italian phrases by english-speaking voice actors incredibly grating both because they clearly can’t pronounce them (and sometimes don’t even bother to learn that Italian and English spelling are NOT the same) and because they tend to either use incredibly bad grammar and vocabulary or are idioms used only by Italian-americans but essentially unheard of here. And Italian is a west-european language, I shudder to think how the situation might be for African and Asian languages.
      Oh, and yes, obviously even the “accents” are simply wrong, 99% of the times you can tell the voice actor is a native english speaker trying to sound “Italian”, the most famous example I can think of is the guy who dubs Mario.

      • kwaylood says:

        In the Anglosphere I hear that as well. Characters might be Australian, they might even have a reasonable accent. But they don’t speak Australian. They speak American with an Australian accent.

        So I’d agree with you here, it’s too much to expect Hitman to have Moroccan writers and voice actors. Slapping an accent on would make it even worse.

      • Catchcart says:

        I’m currently playing through Hitman Blood Money and I really like it’s approach. ‘Important’ dialogue (whether between NPCs or NPCs and player) is in English, _lightly_ accented, but barks and dialogue-where-you-can-sort-of-tell-the-meaning-from-context is in indigo-speak (i.e. French in Paris, Spanish in Chile, etc.) In the latter category is people telling you to shove off because you don’t have clearance, expressions of surprise at your behaviour etc. Seems like the perfect approach to me if you’re not going for subtitles. Certainly never felt jarring.

      • Premium User Badge

        Ninja Dodo says:

        They could just use the localization voices like Ubisoft. Assassin’s Creed’s atmosphere is infinitely improved by playing the appropriate dubbed versions with subtitles: Italian for AC2 & Bro, French for Unity.

      • Unclepauly says:

        Heh, we get this in america from other americans. Southern accents sound RETARTED when others try to say it. Same with New York Italian style talk and when clearly upper class white people try to talk ghetto. It’s painful so I kinda(kinda) get your point.

  11. Blake Casimir says:

    To IOI: Thank you for this gift. I held off purchasing Hitman because of Denuvo and online-only components that affect single player. You’ve removed the former, now please allow us to play offline with no detriments. Once this is possible I will buy the game.

    • Unclepauly says:

      Helloo possible Hitman purchaser,

      We’re right on it.

      ………………………………Thanks a bunch!


  12. Blumpkin Warrior says:

    I’m not sure that they should be congratulated for merely releasing a demo after more than a year on sale.

    • Unclepauly says:

      Demo’s are kinda rare in PC land so I think some grats are deserved.