Crytek’s monsterhunt FPS Hunt: Showdown looks neat

The first gameplay video of Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown has arrived and makes the monster-hunting multiplayer FPS look a lot more interesting than expected. I was disappointed when Crytek revealed that they’d turned the cooperative Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age into the competitive Hunt: Showdown [official site] and teased the change with a video of some cowboys shooting some other cowboys. Turns out, it’s not nearly as rubbo as suggested. Showdown will see five two-person teams roaming around big monster-filled levels, trying to find and kill a boss monster with a bounty on its head – while making sure they live to claim it. Watch:

That’s the pre-alpha preview Crytek showed to tired journos during E3.

For those who can’t or won’t watch right now, I’ll recap. This ten-minute pre-alpha video is the edited highlights of one round, where players are hunting a monster in a pleasingly dark and ugly swamp. The swamp is filled with loads of monsters — zombies, giant leeches, and whatnot — which might be in the way but aren’t super-aggressive and players can sneak past them. It seems rounds come in several phases. First, players are creeping around to key points which have portals offering glimpses of what the bounty target is and where it might be. After peering into three hellholes, the squad in this video realise that a giant spider is lurking in the barn. (Reading around, it seems players can figure out a monster’s location just by being attentive but after three portals the game straight-up tells you.) While creeping, looting, and killing monsters with guns and gadgets, this squad try to entirely avoid other players.

When they do reach the barn, they find OH GOD the spider is hideous. It is truly awful. It darts with great speed. It walks across ceilings. It hisses. It skitters away and hides. It is everything you wish spiders weren’t. But they kill it, and they set about ‘Banishing’ it. Starting the ritual (pressing F) sets off a beacon making clear to all other players where they are. And so they come, trying to off our heroes and (I assume?) grab the spiderguts or whatever it is they need to deliver. Gunning down other players, they peg it to an evacuation point.

Going on my understanding of what I see, it seems pretty interesting. Creeping around a swamp and picking the right times to engage monsters and other players sounds a right lark. I’d trace a line from it back to DayZ but Showdown is sufficiently removed and meshed with other things to look, yeah, an interesting objective-driven competitive FPS. I’m cautiously hopeful.

No firm word yet on when Hunt will launch.


  1. PseudoKnight says:

    … and the award for creepiest spider goes to…

  2. Dudeist says:

    FPS is horrible even on Crytek computers. Graphic is nice, but nothing above today standards.

  3. frozbite says:

    It looks nice, let’s hope for great optimization ;)
    One thing I’m worried about “boss” monsters movements. What I saw – this Spider was moving fine, not just ordinary boss that walks around flat room – this spider was running on ceiling and on walls but still, it was a bit awkward, lets hope for better animation in release

  4. Bostec says:

    Game sounds like other We all know how that turned out. Then again Evolve did shoot itself in the foot with that DLC nonsense so who knows.

    • Solidstate89 says:

      None of these games are up my alley, but it’s not really anything like Evolve based on the description. The monsters you hunt aren’t controlled by any players. And unlike Evolve, you don’t all work together – you only work with your partner. The other 4 groups of 2 are all working for their own goals and not cooperating with you.

  5. Kefren says:

    If it was some kind of single-player offline game I’d maybe be interested. It had an atmosphere of RE4 crossed with STALKER. But I don’t play multiplayer or online games. I’ll keep an eye out just in case they add that mode.

  6. Generico says:

    Could be interesting. At least it’s not your typical FPS gameplay. Can we be done with the zombie thing though? We’re beating an undead horse at this point.

  7. saillc says:

    There is a LOT of stuttering in that video

  8. April March says:

    So… Cooperative competitive Weird West STALKER? I’m… surprisingly down with that.

  9. anon459 says:

    I like the atmosphere. I wish all the the maps were night maps.

  10. FordTruck says:

    is this a battleroyal/Horror/survival game? take all my money if they successfully pull this out they will make millions.