Machinarium rebuilds robo-buddy in new engine


John is our usual Amanita correspondent but he’s off on hollybobs so I get to poke about in the gorgeous world of Machinarium [official site] this time! The reason the eight-year-old game is back in our newsbox is because it’s swapping Adobe Flash for a custom engine. So far so technical. What does it actually mean?


“It’s using DirectX and the game feels much smoother, but most importantly, Machinarium now plays in full screen, even on modern Full HD and 4K displays.”

This sounds DELICIOUS.

Skimming through a full changelog there’s the engine change itself and the full screen support, but the log also flags up support for official Xbox pads, Steam cloud saves, leaderboards if you fancy speedrunning or comparing distances travelled while playing and language localisation.

In as far as I’ve played Machinarium I remember it being very much a point and click about pointing and clicking rather than using conversation trees or even verb boxes so the language localisation must be more about making the interface accessible for loading and saving and accessing settings. Even the walkthrough pages and hints are pictorial rather than verbal.

This revamp is perfectly timed for me. Machinarium is a game I’ve had recommended to me so many times because of how lovely it is but I stalled out when I first played it – probably frustrated with some puzzle – and haven’t gone back. Well. I did go back a few years ago but the lack of full screen made the experience feel cramped and I couldn’t sink into it. I’m hoping this revamp (plus the fact there are hints and walkthrough bits I don’t remember it having before?) opens the game up to me. I’ll play it over a cuppa this weekend!

The Windows update should be live from now (6pm BST, 10am PDT) on Steam so as to coincide with the Summer Sale where Machinarium has a 75% discount. A Mac version is expected to follow in a few weeks. Oh! And the email notes “there will be a new digital art book available for purchase with the soundtrack.” I’ve been leafing/scrolling through that PDF already and I can confirm it’s as charming as you’d expect!



  1. Jay Load says:

    I don’t remember struggling much playing the game before but the changes do sound great. I’d gotten a fair way into it too, before the curse of having too many shiny games struck and I was lured away.

    And in the game.

  2. Kollega says:

    I’m wondering if the Humble Botanicula Debut download link from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back will be updated. I would be really happy to have this version DRM-free, but I think I can do with an updated Steam version too (and, awesomely enough, I even have a Russian boxed version with a bonus musical disc – the first one I played).

  3. Someoldguy says:

    Good game. I did give into temptation and google the answers to a couple of the stickier puzzles.

  4. Jekadu says:

    I look forward to being able to right-click without bringing up the Flash menu.

  5. frogulox says:

    I dialed out at this exact scene.
    Why do i have to chwxk the same thing three times to find the part i need? What is this, real life?
    Pixel-hunty obscure combination solutions can be enough to challenge without having to triple check each thing just in case i wansnt holding my tongue right the first time.

  6. racccoon says:

    Nicely made, great imagination.

  7. malkav11 says:

    Flash is terrible, especially for desktop games, so this will be a welcome update.