20,000 Atmospheres is full of buttons to press

I do like games where I control machinery through a (virtual) physical interface, yanking on levers and tapping buttons on a control panel. The upcoming 20,000 Atmospheres [Itch page] adores fiddling too, putting players in the cockpit of a legged submarine-sort-of-thing walking across the surface of a planet with a crushing atmosphere (so a supermarine?). Pull levers, press buttons, and try not to die terribly as your doodad stomps, clanks, and hisses across the planet. Here, watch this trailer:

Oh dear oh dear. A+B Games call the roguelikelike “a Jules Verne meets Frank Herbert story set in a dystopian reality,” where everyone lives underground and only a chosen few will get to visit the surface in a nauti-crawl unit. You are not one of the chosen. You should not be on this clanking beast. You do not know how to pilot it. You will probably die. Well done, you.

Creator Andrea Interguglielmi has been posting snippets and GIFs on his Twitter too.

Splendid stuff! No firm word yet on when 20,000 Atmospheres will launch but I am digging what I’m seeing.

If you like tugging on levers and pressing buttons and have played all the obvious games, I have a lesser-known pair to recommend. Pol Clarissou’s Offline is a nice ghost train, and Trawl by Nate Gallardo (a pal o’ mine) and Danny Gallagher has pleasing repetitive actions to haul in spooky booty from the depths of the sea. Pressing buttons and pulling levers is great.


  1. Vilos Cohaagen says:

    Oooooooh. Consider me intrigued! Shame I don’t do Twitter or other social media anymore. hopefully I’ll hear about it when released :)

  2. Burges says:

    Looks like my kind of thing. Also, just in case I missed some: Which “obvious games” are similar?

    • Sunjammer says:

      Adam Saltman’s Capsule is great, and Devine Lu Linvega’s Verreciel are both pretty neat

      • jontaro says:

        There is also Deadnaut, UI is similar, though you don’t pilot anything apart from squad of sociopaths with authority issues (who are going to die sooner or later, probably sooner), also Fear Equation (from same devs as Deadnaut) which is a train simulator with scary things outside the train.

  3. fragmonkey says:

    This looks like it would be fantastic in VR

    • Ghostwise says:

      Yes, it has a lot of atmosphere.

    • naam says:

      Yas! Dreaming of a game that uses VR like this – confining you to a small space and let your imagination draw in the world at large, I’m convinced it’d make that imagined world scarily real.

  4. Sleazy Ninja says:

    This looks very nice indeed. Gotta press all the buttons, otherwise they’re just textures. Plain old textures…

  5. ZiP212 says:

    Guys, the link to “Offline” is broken, please remove the trailing double quote.

  6. WladTapas says:

    Heh, I wonder if the creator has played the introductory adventure for the 2nd edition of the Paranoia RPG, in which the player characters are given a submersible whose controls are entirely unfamiliar to them. They only have a handout showing the control panel, and have to try random things to get anywhere. Since it was Paranoia, the risk of finding the Emergency Hatch Open button or something was very real…