What are we all playing this weekend?

An illustration from 'The Ingoldsby Legends'

June is bustin’ out all over, wrote Rodgers and Hammerstein, and bustin’ makes me feel good. If summer could hold out just a little longer and last the weekend, ooh that’d be grand. And if it doesn’t, hey, we can shelter indoors playing video games.

What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on.

Adam: Darkest Dungeon’s Crimson Court has its claws deep into me. My blood is burning, my adventurers are rotting from the inside, and I’m on the verge of screaming about some of the nastier new features. It all seems a tad unfair at the moment, and Red Hook are balancing certain aspects, which suggests they might agree that it’s the bad kind of unfair rather than the devilishly fun kind.

It’s tasty stuff though, even if I’m finding managing my blood-thirsty bunch a little too fiddly.

Alec: I’m going to Center Parcs, for my sins, so I will only be playing “wiping tears away after the water slide was too scary, wiping tears away after she fell off a tree trunk, wiping tears away because we had soggy sandwiches instead of going to one of the horrifyingly expensive restaurants and wiping tears away because we have to go home now even though she just spent three days complaining about everything.” But I might take a laptop with Realm Grinder on it to use in snatched moments, because I am entirely lost to its dark pointlessness.
Alice: I’m on holiday! Well, from Sunday. I’m taking a week off basically to sleep. Dear god, please let me sleep. I might splash out and take a trip but a whole lot of sleep and peace is all I really need. So of course I’ll be playing Plunkbat and my Isaac daily runs. Might check out Secret World Legends to see how the free-to-play relaunch is going, as it’s in a headstart sort of phase now.
Brendan: I’ll be finally finishing the Witcher 3. Yesterday I got thrown into a lake because I was rude to a sorceress, played here by Miranda From Mass Effect 2. To make myself feel better I went back to my castle and got drunk with the lads. I don’t know why the game has waited this long to give its principal characters some personality, but I’m glad it did.
Graham: I think I’m finally free of the grasp of Caveblazers, and I’d really like to play something short and finite this weekend. The choices right now are many: Little Nightmares? Old Man’s Journey? Edith Finch? The trick will be trying to avoid just returning to Dead Cells to play more of that for the next month.
John: John has been ‘on holiday’ and will return on Monday to prove he hasn’t been fired. Don’t believe him. He somehow keeps making new staff accounts as fast as we can delete them.
Philippa: This weekend I will be playing Gardenscapes. I might also visit the seaside. If there’s time I will try to fit in a spot of shovelling some episodes of Holby City.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. Avioto says:

    I finally got Prey, in the Summer Sale. And I’ll probably check out the remake of Machinarium. And PES 2017, like always.

    • DarkBinary says:

      PES2017 ftw! Also still playing it. What are your thoughts on the 2018 gameplay so far? Looks promising to me and I’m really pleased that PC is finally getting the love it deserves.

      • Avioto says:

        It all looks pretty great so far. But honestly, I think the gameplay has been crazy good the last couple of years. I just wanted that gameplay with better graphics and PES 2018 seems to be just that, so hopefully I can play it in proper 4K this time. There’s actually some 4K PC footage up on PCGamer’s Youtube channel, if you’re interested.

  2. Ghostwise says:

    I’ve been puttering about with The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians, a small retro thing, for breaks.

    It’s fun, though it may only work if you have grid-based dungeon-delving nostalgia.

  3. Ejia says:

    LISA. It’s essentially misery porn. So maybe I’ll start over again with Machinarium, since A. my saves are gone and B. I never actually finished it anyway.

    I’m also playing “how much cake can I possibly consume today”, because it just so happens to be my birthday! Alas, since it is the feast day of St. John the Baptist, the heavens saw fit to weep, and I am caught in a rather bad thunderstorm.

    • DEspresso says:

      Happy Birthday!

      Eat the ENTIRE Cake =)

    • Turkey says:

      Yay. I love LISA. It’s like the equivalent of listening to a music playlists that shuffles between Herb Alpert and Death Grips.

      Happy Birthday, btw.

    • April March says:

      Happy birthday! I ate as much cake as I could on my last birtday. Now I’m on a diet! My point is, always eat as much cake as you can.

  4. mgardner says:

    I was playing Darkest Dungeon Crimson Court, but think I’ll put that aside until the balance is worked on a bit more. I picked up Galactic Civilizations 3 Gold in the Steam sale, after reading how much Crusader has changed the game for the better, but am frankly quite disappointed by how little documentation is available for anything but the core release 2 years ago (which is now hopelessly out of date).

  5. Killy_V says:

    A second run of the Witcher 3 as main course, Brigador as appetizer, and some desert with Tekken 7 …

  6. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    I know the water slide is scary Alec, but you’re a big boy now, you can cope. I believe in you.

    Anyway, Doom for me this weekend.

  7. Pich says:

    Just bought Hollow Knight so i’ll be playing that, beat a couple of bosses already.

  8. Lars Westergren says:

    Pain of my last complete party wipe has faded enough for me to restart Darkest Dungeon. I’m doing Radiant mode this time, life too short for eternal grind.

    Progressing in Pillars, about to restart the Forge. Also I nominate the mercenary company in Cragholt to save the world instead, since just 2 of their sentries can teamwipe me.

    When Secret World launched, me like everyone else thought “The world is great, the writing seems strong, if only it wasn’t an MMO”. Now that they are relaunching it with a more single player/coop focus, I’m downloading the Legend relaunch to give it a try. Just, its 20 gb or something for the minimal download, so it may be finished around when the weekend is over (crappy 4G. Fiber is coming sometime 2018). Also I hope I don’t hit my cap, or it’s going to be modem speeds until the start of next month.

    • malkav11 says:

      If you didn’t like Secret World because it was an MMO, Legends isn’t going to suit any better. It’s still an MMO, they’ve just eliminated some of its more innovative design elements (like the ability wheel and nonlinear/classless character development) and made a few tweaks to reduce the number of players you’ll run into in the world.

      I really don’t know where people are getting this idea they’ve turned it into a small scale coop/solo game. They simply haven’t.

      • brucethemoose says:

        That was my impression too.

        Maybe when people hear “remake”, or “relaunch”, they instantly think “oh good, they stripped out the MMO head-bashing parts”.

        Because that would make sense, right? Seems like everyone who talks about it wants that.

        I get that they were chafing on the fence (like SWTOR is still doing) and had to pick a side, but I’m sad that they went for the opposite demographic :(.

        • April March says:

          I will still give it a try. I mean, it’s free.

          The worst part is that I bought it when it was subscription free, but never came around to playing it. I added my key to my account, but it’s likely I won’t be able to gain any thingamabobs one might have from having bought the game because I wasn’t able to log in. Literally wasted money :C

          • brucethemoose says:

            Something similar happened to me in SWTOR. Shelled out a TON of money for it at launch, and didn’t end up playing it much until KOTFE came out anyway, well after it went F2P.

      • malkav11 says:

        Looks like they massively amped the grind level and festooned it with gross freemium stuff, too (though I still haven’t been able to check it out, so this is second-hand). Woo.

  9. Mister eX says:

    Finally finished Prey last weekend. I even liked the ending. So this weekend I’m hell-bent on finishing DOOM. :) 2 levels left. I’ll probably do a few races in GRID Autosport, which I’ve recently returned to. Some random bursts of other stuff I got installed. Aaaand I’ll also need to find time between those to catch up on my tv shows. :)

    • Mouse_of_Dunwall says:

      I also finished Prey this week. I think the ending is great.

      • Mister eX says:

        I thought so too. I’ve just seen some reviews (like John’s here :D) and people bashing it, I was reflecting on that.

  10. Chorltonwheelie says:

    Center Parcs Alec? Middle class Colditz.
    Anyhoo, picked up Edith Finch and fancy losing myself in that for a bit. A nice counterpoint to (this stays here yeah? Don’t tell everyone) Infinite Warfare which I’m having a right old blast with.

  11. Vandelay says:

    Picked up Dishono(u)red 2 in the Steam sale, so will be playing some more of that. Liking it, but I feel it is lacking the wow factor I got from Prey. Ultimately, I expect it will be a better overall product, but not as unique. Will also continue with The Last Guardian on PS4, which I got as a Christmas gift, but didn’t really play much until recently. Lovely game though, albeit often feeling quite dated.

    I am also likely to be staring at the current deal for the HTC Vive (£709, with free shipping, a copy of Star Trek Bridge Crew and £50 Steam store credit.) It is still a lot of money though and I fear that I may not get the use out of it that the amount of money would deserve, particularly as the room scaling feature would require me shifting my computer to another room whenever I wanted to use and likely need to disrupt other people.

    Very tempting though. I do have a big birthday coming up in a little over a month and it could be a nice early present to myself…

  12. Horg says:

    TW:W Wood Elves grand campaign. This is the faction that’s mixed things up the most so far. Your starting location has no obvious expansion path, your early economy is weak, your units are powerful but fragile and to cap it all off you can’t tech up without expanding to secure Amber. All that being said, Wood Elf armies can turn an overwhelming 95% auto-battle loss into a comfortable victory if carefully micro-managed, without needing to rely on walls. I’m very impressed by how CA keep inventing new mechanics for what’s now a 17 year old format.

  13. Caiman says:

    Nex Machina because it’s properly brilliant. Oh, and Crosscells, my brain is slowly grinding through the last set of levels. The last few levels of the dev’s previous games were bittersweet because I knew the game was nearly over. Crosscells feels like a relief, which isn’t anything like as good.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Oooo, you’re right about that bittersweetness of the last levels. Interesting for that to be coming from puzzle games. I haven’t started on Crosscells yet, but it’s in the “currently installed games” part of my queue. I’ll probably be working through it slowly, by the sounds of it.

  14. Ibed says:

    Well, mostly listening to this: link to youtube.com

    Thanks, Alice.

    Also, trying to progress in Rain World. It’s beautiful and mysterious, but also cruel and unfair. What is most frustrating is how fiddly the controls can be (probably because of the procedural animation, which is gorgeous) combined with the harsh punishment for failure. That makes me a lot less inclined to accept the parts of the game that are just very hard.

    After a lot of banging my head against various walls, I looked at some community guides on Steam, and that has helped a lot, and I’m actually looking forward to playing the game again, instead of playing it out of some sense of wanting to have finished the game and be done with it.

    By the way, I can’t imagine playing the game before its update, when the controls were apparently even more fiddly and you lost all map-progress when you died.

  15. Minglefingler says:

    After a delightful sojurn in a picturesque fishing hamlet I’m having repeated audiences with an angry orphan. It’s the scourge of Bloodborne. This is my second playthrough, first time doing the dlc and I’ve gone from loving the game to it being one of my favourites ever. I haven’t much left to do in the main game; Ebrietas and the Midwife are left before it’s decision time. I’m pretty sure I’m going to go for one more fight after the Midwife as I had two in my first run and would prefer the Midwife to be the last boss if I go for new game plus. I’ll probably do some Chalice Dungeons first though, I have a hankering for the platinum trophy which says something in itself as I usually don’t care about such things.

  16. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Only Devil Daggers so far – the universal constant. I’d like to try finishing a more neglected game in between bouts of preparing for guests, but everything that comes to mind takes too much time (Xenoblade) or is otherwise too involving (Life is Strange).

    Ah! Hmm, I think some To The Top is probably in order since today’s not too hot to strap a box to my face and pretend I’m climbing up construction cranes. I saw there’s surfing and flying to look forward to in the late game, too…

  17. Ben King says:

    More Witcher 3. I was away housesitting for a week after REALLY getting into it and picked up “Sword of Destiny” to read like a big nerd while I waited to get home to my video games again. I’m really enjoying it so far, but I don’t know if it’s because the stories are that entertaining or if it’s because I’m just happy to see all the characters. It feels even more macho than the game somehow… possibly the whole chapter devoted to two manly men fighting over Yennifer was a bit much for me. The most recent update for Subnautica has me motivated to finally give it a go as well, but it’s hard to be motivated to do much else when there’s so much Witcher to be had. Also Sense8 season 2.

    • Mungrul says:

      Sense8 season 2 is fab, but somehow not fab enough for Netflix. They done cancelled it :(

      • malkav11 says:

        They were very complimentary to the show in their cancellation announcement (and followup to say sorry, petitions won’t get it uncancelled). Not sure they’ve specified the reason but it was reportedly extremely expensive (I heard $9 million an episode for season 2) and probably did not draw commensurate viewer numbers.

  18. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    I will be playing some of the Man wot Hits things. So far I’ve just played around a bit with different approaches to the tutorial yacht mission. It’s a good game.

    Also probably some more Shadow of Murder. I get what people were saying with the second late-game area being a bit too much – maybe if the core structure didn’t encourage you to exhaust the first area so much – but they do add some nice new mechanics, escalating the complexity. Story and world still same though.

    • April March says:

      It took me some thinking to realize what you meant by Man Wot Hit Things. Zeno Clash? Streets of Rage? If you hadn’t said your thoughts I mightn’t have figured it out.

      • Premium User Badge

        Ninja Dodo says:

        :D Still going through the prologue. Trying to play it as if it’s still episodic, taking several stabs at a level before moving on.

        Finished Mordor. I like how they bring back your “Nemesis” one last time at the end – that was neat – though maybe how that selection is made could be tuned more because for me it was an orc I had already defeated several times. If it had been that ONE lvl 20 Warchief that I still hadn’t beaten after like five attempts but *this time* I managed to get the upper hand it would have had more narrative punch…

        The scripted story remains distinctly “eh” all the way to the end, with the final “It’s time to make another ring,” line a confirmation that no one involved (in the writing or design) understood the themes of the Lord of the Rings. Apparently it’s about hyper violence, the accumulation of power and cool battles, you guys. That said, it has made me more interested in the sequel which seems to be expanding on the mechanics while adding more personality. I’ll just pretend it’s a fantasy game unrelated to Tolkien.

  19. gabrielonuris says:

    Still feeling nostalgic here, so it will be Alone in The Dark The New Nightmare for me.

    And at night before sleep, some ghost hunting with The Lost Crown.

    • poliovaccine says:

      Is that any good, actually? The Alone in the Dark remake(?), I mean? I nearly picked that up just the other day, cus I was no doubt feeling a similar nostalgia, but I wound up going for the Resident Evil HD Remake instead (which is also my answer to the query of this article).

      But yeah, is it any good? Is there any value *besides* nostalgia?

      • gabrielonuris says:

        If you played the old trilogy, you’ll see that it isn’t much a remake, but more of a reboot. It plays exactly like the old Resident Evils, with puzzles here and there (it doesn’t seem to have limited inventory though), tank controls (with auto aim) and monsters instead of zombies. Some of them reacts to your flashlight (like in Alan Wake). Oh, and limited saves too.

        I was making an Alone in The Dark marathon this week, playing all of them in order of release. I must say that tank controls really sucks and I’m glad it isn’t done anymore, but the auto aim in The New Nightmare really helps.

        If you like the Resident Evil games (and their claustrophobic mansions and all) I really recommend AiTD The New Nightmare.

    • floogles says:

      I hope you have fun with the lost crown. I found parts of it janky and the backtracking sucked but oh god the atmosphere! If you’re at all interested in Anglo-Saxon or Celtic history make sure to read everything. Unique game. Still waiting to play the followups.

      • gabrielonuris says:

        Yeah, I’ve watched a review of this game on YT (Grim Beard channel) recently, and decided to give it a try just because of the atmosphere. It is indeed janky and the animations are sloooooowww, but my god, the atmosphere… That’s everything I expect from a point and click horror game!

        Totally looking forward to the followups too!

  20. Mi-24 says:

    Finally gave in to pressure to play wolfenstein new order, had previously played the old blood because I prefer the ww2 setting but finding it enjoyable so far, even if it is pretty much entirely set in grey concrete buildings. Also once again dived into a new rimworld game: our miner has already died of infection and we’ve just been alerted to a similtaeneous raid and alphabeaver attack so not sure how ling this colony will last

    • laiwm says:

      I’d love to be playing Wolfenstein, but ended up refunding it last weekend after an hour or so trying to get it to startup. Seems some combination of the latest Windows 10 and my RX 480 have rendered it unplayable.

      Probs just a lot of PUBG for me this weekend then.

      • Horg says:

        Update your 480 drivers, Wolfenstein wont launch on 17.4.4 but works with the optional 17.6.2.

  21. GameCat says:

    Metal Gear Rising: Revengenanomachinessonance.

    It’s nice but I have a feeling that it’s nowhere near as bonkers as average MGS game (except of jumping on incoming missiles to reach your enemy) and you can just spam parry to win, at least on normal difficulty.

    The ninja cut mechanic is great though.

    • Cyrus says:

      Sadly I was awful at this game, the bottom line is that I never got the hang of parry. Almost got through the entire game without it, but barely defeated the boss prior to the final one and then I was done for.
      The genre is not really my forte.

  22. H. Vetinari says:

    Was planing to plac through the whole Sorcery! collection after grabbing it on Summer Sale. yesterday evening, however, I noticed that the whole *Cells bundle from M. Brown was also on sale (€ 5-ish)….and before I knew it was Saturday.

  23. dangermouse76 says:

    Gonna try to play Crysis on windows 10 but it just crashed on load up and the gamespy comrade thing doesn’t work any more.

    If not that Satellite Reign which I got in the sale and looks like fun.

  24. aircool says:

    Avoid the ‘hot tub whirlpool’ things in the swimming pool as they’re a breeding ground for norovirus. I used to just sit in the spa all day reading and taking the odd swim/steaming.

    As for the weekend, same as last; painting small plastic men blue with red hands.

  25. caff says:

    Picked up some bits on the Steam sale. Gone for:
    Else Heart.Break()
    Dishonoured 2
    Pit People
    Streets of Rogue
    Card Quest

    Last weekend I spent a lot of time with Immortal Redneck, a proper rogue-like FPS that is a lot of fun. Might spend more time with that too.

  26. Javier says:

    If Brendan’s where I think he’s at it could still be a while before he actually finishes the main quest. Unless it’s one of the DLCs, which I’m still going through.

    • Brendan Caldwell says:

      Yes. I have just discovered that what feels like The End is not, in fact, The End.

  27. DeadCanDance says:

    Traveling to see the family but left a fresh prey copy home. Aaaaaagggghhhhh!

  28. Moonracer says:

    I picked up Ace of Seafood during the sale, so I’ll be shooting lasers out of fish.

  29. thischarmingman says:

    Half Life 2 was 90% off, so that.

  30. malkav11 says:

    Trying madly to get my Secret World classic install back after Funcom’s entirely insane decision to have the patcher (which must be run to start the game) automatically install Legends in its place. Even if you download the classic installer they’ve in theory provided to let you have a separate classic install, as was the promise. I really just want to run it long enough to claim all my cosmetics and spend my bonus points on nonsense before I do the one time account-content transfer to Legends so I can try that out properly. I’m not really expecting to like the changes, which eliminate some of the cooler things about TSW’s mechanics and I already liked the combat, thankyouverymuch, but if it keeps the game alive and eventually leads to new story content I can probably survive. Assuming I’m ever allowed to round out my account for that transfer!

    I expect there will be a fair amount of Hex and Marvel Heroes for their respective events, also, and dives into DOOM (2016), ME: Andromeda, and/or one of the couple dozen new things I picked up in the Steam sale.

    • April March says:

      I randomly decided to try getting into TSW earlier this month without even knowing it’d be its last, but haven’t been able to login through the Steam launcher all month.

      • malkav11 says:

        Turned out that as long as you install LocalConfig.XML off the account site to the Secret World directory over the existing one, you’ll be fine. What I thought was the start of it patching into Legends again wasn’t. TSW proper should be continuing indefinitely, just no more updates.

  31. brucethemoose says:

    Picked up Hitman, Dishonored 2 and ROTR, but unfortunately Valve does not sell GPUs, and my ancient 7950 will not do them justice.

    However, it will run AI War, Empyrion, Sanctum 2, and (barely) Shadow of Mordor. All of which were insanely cheap. Probably gonna pick up some similar early access stuff too, but I gotta watch some gameplay first.

    Speaking of which, anyone got recommendations for space sandboxes (Empyrion, Starmade etc) or complex builders (Factorio, modded MC, fortresscraft etc)? Or some very special RTSs, perhaps.

    • Sleepery says:

      Grey Goo is only a few quid in the Steam Sale, one of the last great traditional RTSs.

      • brucethemoose says:

        That’s exactly what I’m burnt out on though :(

        I meant out-of-the-box kind of RTSes, like Executive Assault or Natural Selection with their hybrid components, or AI War.

        • pepperfez says:

          If you didn’t play it back in the day, Uprising is an interesting RTS-tank-shooty hybrid. I don’t know if it’s good, exactly, but I enjoyed replaying the demo a while back.
          There’s Myth, too, but that requires some dodgy dealings to get a hold of and I’ve yet to get it running right, so I can’t officially recommend it. It’s so good and so weird, though, it’s too bad AAA shooters devoured Bungie.

    • fish99 says:

      Have you played Supreme Commander and the follow-up Forged Alliance? The latter in particular is the best RTS I’ve played, but mainly for multiplayer and AI skirmishes, not necessarily the campaigns.

      Age of Empires 2 is also superb if you can deal with the lack of sufficient animation frames (not improved in the new HD version).

      You probably can’t go wrong with the original Command and Conquer/Red Alert games too, assuming they still work.

    • Premium User Badge

      Alpha1Dash1 says:

      For the space sandbox you could try “Avorion” – I picked it up in the sale & cant put it down yet! On the RTS front “Companies of Heroes 2” is good, but its ww2 so that may not suit you…

  32. poliovaccine says:

    Resident Evil HD Remake. I remember being envious of my friend whose console I first saw this on, back in the day, cus I couldnt get with console controls nearly enough to enjoy playing it – more enjoyable for us both if I just watched. But damn did it look cool.

    I since went on to play and love other RE games on PC (RE3, RE4, RE6, RE7), but finally getting to play the original on PC, in HD remake form no less, is just suh-weet. And once I beat it I’ll feel like I can come out of the closet as a series fan without risk of being called a heathen. “Never played the first Resident Evil” – just one more dirty secret I can scratch off my list!

    My long



  33. Seyda Neen says:

    Mass Effect 3 for the second time, but with a save going back to ME1 this time, plus the DLC. Some current real life situations and stress are somehow seeping into this, making this playthrough a bit less escapist than last time. Not as pleasant to play.

    • Ghostwise says:

      Rock on !

      I’ve got a full trilogy playthrough planned once I have my GeForce 1170. Since for screenshot reasons I need to play it at a grotesque resolution with absurd anti-aliasing and an arsenal of modified textures, light maps, etc.

      • brucethemoose says:

        And Reshade! Yes, ME already has alot of post-processing, but at the very least you can throw in AdaptiveSharpen.

  34. jssebastian says:

    @brendan after Yennefer tossed the bed out of the window you might have known to tread carefully! I guess Geralt can be deliberately dense some times… With your drunk pals, did you also dress up in Yenn’s clothes to drunk dial on her megascope? I actually chickened out of that, only saw it on youtube…

    I’m also still on witcher 3, slowly working my way through blood and wine and will be very sad to see it end. There are a bunch of “go to 5 places and kill things” quests in this expansion that I’m ignoring for now, I guess they’re for people who really don’t want to leave the witcher’s world yet…

    • Premium User Badge

      Ninja Dodo says:

      If you’re talking about the wine orchard infestations there’s a nice narrative pay-off for that if you complete your investigation before jumping to conclusions, but it’s true the action on that one is a bit repetitive.

      • jssebastian says:

        Yeah there’s the wine wars which is 2 times 5 tasks, plus the lebioda statue which is another 5… Not terrible but noticably grindy in a game that otherwise is happily mostly free of such filler…

  35. floogles says:

    Ooooh just restarted Arcarnum (if almost 2 decades break count as a restart). I normally play everything vanilla but decided to use the rebalance mod because of the combat.

    So far it’s Troika awesomeness, and my diplo-gunner is fun as hell.

    • Rainshine says:

      Which way does it go with combat? I always felt combat was either extremely easy (summoning, straight melee) or pretty difficult (pretty much everything else); my biggest combat issue overall though was the near total lockout on effective combat healing if you went tech, and that’s not something I can see balancing out.

      • floogles says:

        Combat seems ok to me, but i can’t remember how it used to be, so sadly can’t give you any useful info.

        The mod is ‘Arcanum Equilibrium Rebalance Mod’. There’s some comments here about it link to rpgcodex.net

    • funky_mollusk says:

      awesome. You really get to see alot more of the awesome writing with a diplomacy build (plus you get more allies including some not-so-obvious ones). I thought Arcanum really expanded on the idea, from the original Fallout games, of having most problems be soluble by diplomatic means.

      I had a diplomacy-mage that was absolutely devastating.

      I’m curious about the mod too. I always found the tech side to be underpowered.

      • floogles says:

        The writing is really great so far, reminds me of fallout alot, and I’m hoping there’s not too much trash mob filler – we’ll see.

        I can’t assess the mod as I’m still in the early part of the game and i haven’t played vanilla either, but it’s called ‘Arcanum Equilibrium Rebalance Mod’. There’s some comments here about it link to rpgcodex.net

  36. parsley says:

    I’ll be playing “stay out of the house,” since my apartment is all echo-y and the silence is driving me mad. So that means multiplayer party games. I’ll try Move or Die and Ultimate Chicken Horse, but I imagine my friends will shout me down in favor of Drawful 2 and Jackbox.

    If I do end up floating around my house again, I’ll probably try to fix the lag issues with Nier: Automata. I’ve downloaded the FAR patch and will be twiddling with that…it seems like just my sort of game, so I hope I can get it to work.

  37. welverin says:

    The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, still and for the foreseeable future for it is awesome and huge.

  38. teije says:

    Picked up about 10 games in the sale, and currently enjoying Battle Brothers. Hard though! And dipping back into Stardew Valley – very relaxing.

  39. Rainshine says:

    Don’t know. A little WoW to progress a couple more class mounts, probably a day or two in Stardew to hit summer 2 and finish the community center. Lots of reading. And probably browsing the Steam sale, trying to decide if anything is low enough that I feel its the best deal I’m going to see for the next year, and that I think I’ll want to play in six months.

  40. fish99 says:

    Hmmm…. dunno. Probably be doing some more chalice dungeons in Bloodborne and continuing with my NG+ Holy Moonlight Sword playthrough.

    I did pick up some new games this week on various platforms so I should probably check them – Ori and the Blind Forest, Redout, Wipeout Omega Collection and Sunset Overdrive. Still thinking about picking up Oxygen Not Included as well.

    • Minglefingler says:

      Those Chalices are rough as I discovered today, just killed Rom in Lower Pthumeru, he wasn’t too bad but the room with the Flowers/ Centipedes was a real trial to get through. I shudder to think what the lower depths are like, especially as I play solo.

      • fish99 says:

        Talk about coincidence but I also killed Rom in Lower Pthumeru a few days ago! This is all second time through for me though – I’ve already done everything before with another character (i.e beaten NG inc DLC, NG+ inc DLC, and all unique chalice dungeons bosses). I also never summon – only way to play IMO.

        There’s definitely some really tough areas and bosses in the chalice dungeons, especially the ones where you have half health. I think a lot of people don’t realize there’s a bunch of bosses in the game only to be found in chalice dungeons. It’s also where you get the best runes.

        • Minglefingler says:

          My only goal for my first playthrough was finshing the game so I didn’t even attempt a chalice , this time around I’m enjoying it so much that I thought I might as well go for the platinum. I’ll probably do some co-op with my cousin before I start a NG+ although the urge to do the chalices solo is strong. Bloodborne might be my favourite game ever at this point, quite a change from my first few hours when I thought it was so hard that I’d never get past the opening area and that I’d wasted my money!

          • fish99 says:

            I bounced off the game pretty hard the first time too, rage quitting at Father Gascoigne, despite being an experienced Souls player. Something about the combat didn’t click straight away. The last two times I’ve beaten him without dying.

            It’s definitely up there with the Thiefs, System Shocks and Stalkers of this world.

  41. ssjgarretjax says:

    L4d2 with the neighbor, Also going to try TSW:L as well as knock more out of Kingdomhearts (our public library lends video games and i never played it) perhaps a bit more D3. Then the kiddies go to camp for the week and me and the missus will be AFK for a few days :)

    • Spudnik says:

      That statement suggests you play computer games instead of bringing up your children. He he. Anyway – have fun with AFKing your obese wife. If you want some tips I have a spreadsheet detailing what she likes and dislikes. TIP: Run your tongue along the third fold down from her belly button. She seems to have a G-Spot there. It tasted a bit like a sausage roll.

      Ah, arse. I think it may have been a sausage roll. An old one at that.

      TIP2: Make her wash her folds out.

  42. geldonyetich says:

    I sent ARMS back to GameFly because it was boring, and Binding of Isaac:Afterbirth back because I might as well play Rebirth on the PC.

    I made the mistake of investigating the Welcome Amiibo update to Animal Crossing:New Leaf awhile back and now an hour of my day is spent each and every day pleasing the whims of RNGs dressed like chibi furries and collecting furniture.

    Elder Scrolls Online is being slowly whittled away in a slow three factional content consumption drift.

    Overall, I am less than entertained with the state of gaming right now. Frankly, I’ve been dabbling with making my own.

    • Spudnik says:

      Please send me your ‘dabblings’. I can’t wait to play a game based around premature hair loss, loneliness and questing to lose my virginity in the seasonal aisle of my local ASDAs.

  43. elvirais says:

    Everyone told me Assassin’s Creed Unity is a bad game, but did I listen? Nooooo. If it’s as bad as everyone says it is I’ll use it as a tourism simulator, which is why I bought it (on sale). I loved victorian London, looking forward to revolutionary Paris.

    • Premium User Badge

      Ninja Dodo says:

      Now that all those launch issues have been fixed it’s a decent Assassin game with an exceptional setting. It has some pretty interesting missions, though personally I found the stealth was sometimes tuned a bit unfairly, to the point of frustration. I recommended trying out the co-op with friend(s) and voice chat. Coordinating sassinations can be pretty great and some of the best interior locations are exclusive to multiplayer.

  44. funky_mollusk says:

    I tried out The Escapists finally this week. I like the aesthetic and had a couple fun hours playing, but I still can’t figure out how to escape the beginner prison in spite of amassing a huge stash of awesome contraband.

    oh well. I think I’ll probably try out Steamworld Heist and maybe that Raft demo. Also I have a strange craving for NetHack again. I thought I was way done with that game after seven ascensions.

    Ah… Nix that. I’ll probably just end up playing more OOTP Baseball. I’ve made it to 2022 and the prospects I’ve drafted and developed are finally coming into their own…

  45. Viral Frog says:

    So much Dead Cells. This game is absolutely brilliant. And for how early in EA it is, it’s pretty fucking incredible, isn’t it? There’s TONS of content already. And apparently this is only about 40-50% of what the devs have planned. On top of all the content, the game is incredibly polished. I’ve only encountered a couple tiny bugs thus far. Very well done.

    I’ve also been playing The Banner Saga 2. I was going to replay the first since I was a little lost on the story. Ended up doing some googling and remembered how I ended up where I did with the beginning of this game. So far so good! It’s nice that they’ve added variety to the combat, makes it much easier to get along with. Still has those same, “I want to choose the right option but there is no clear cut right option” dialogue bits that I loved about the first. The ones that you have to sit, think, and hope you’re making the right decision.

    I got Drox Operative as well, but… it’s just not for me. Now just waiting for the refund to come back.

  46. Spudnik says:

    I’m playing with myself. Unless my mum comes in to my room….She is a sexy lady.