Warframe welcomes dark priest Harrow this week

Chains of Harrow

This week sees the release of the new Warframe [official site] update – Chains of Harrow – plus the dark priest-themed Harrow Warframe. Warframes are the exo-armour suits you can swap out in the game. They each have unique powers and thus let you switch to different playstyles and so on. They’re somewhere between a loadout and a character.

Harrow’s kit sounds supporty in that it revolves around shields. There’s a root ability which reinforce’s Harrow’s shields. There’s a reload and rate-of-fire boost which costs shield but uses the damage dealt to replenish ally health in an area around Harrow. There’s a spell which converts kills to energy buffs. Oh, and there’s a kind of bubble shield thing called the Covenant which soaks up damage and converts it into a crit chance for those inside it.

So yeah, Harrow revolves around shielding, team bufffing and health sustain.

On the quest front there’s a teaser for the Chains of Harrow which reads as follows:

A disturbing transmission from Red Veil’s spiritual medium leads to an abandoned Steel Meridian vessel adrift on the outskirts of Earth. Inside, strange whispers echo throughout the lifeless vessel. Emergency lights strobe to reveal the horrors of what happened inside. What force unleashed this evil and how can it be stopped?

When the quest gets released it’ll pop up in your Codex which is the in-game database. You need to have completed The War Within quest and unlocked Mot which is a node in the Void. I think it’s a wave survival thing, but you don’t have to play it, just unlock it for the purposes of Chains of Harrow.

As per an official post on the forums there is also a plan to reward players who purchase Harrow but still play through his quest, in place of the Harrow blueprint they’d normally get at the end:

“Chains of Harrow” will take Warframe’s narrative in a bold, dark, new direction: this quest stands in stark contrast to the themes presented by “Octavia’s Anthem.” We hope to continue to provide an incentive for players who purchase Harrow to play through his quest through the inclusion of a bonus Veiled Riven Mod. This quest and the Mod are a cut above!

What else? Ah. Earth has been prettified, there’s a poison-shooting new enemy and a terrifying-sounding scoped pistol called Knell.

Here’s Earth if you fancy a peek:

Chains of Harrow

Chains of Harrow

No exact time on when the update will drop but it’s set for “this week” so I’m assuming it’ll be before 3 July.


  1. Puddingbrummsel says:

    You had me at Harrow.

  2. Sunjammer says:

    If his first name isn’t Den I’ll have none of it

    • An Idle Cacophony says:

      What a wonderful video! I was hanging on the edge of seat waiting to know why Future Brain will never know how to find love.

      Turns out it is a new form of sentient life, irreparably damaged by being first awoken during the recording of an 80s music video.

  3. Arglebargle says:

    In their desire to continue their expansion, they’ve jumped the shark for my playing crew. Sad, it was sure fun while it lasted.

  4. Flopdong says:

    I played Warframe for awhile when it first came out in 2013 or so. At the time I liked it but it was too repetitive and grind-y to hold my interest. I recently tried it out again and it is so much better. Much more content and variety of enemies/environments. It doesn’t take nearly as long to level up or get the inredients necessary for crafting. I’m really impressed with the amount of polish and new content it has received.

    • eLBlaise says:

      More repetitive and grindy in 2013 than now is a terrifying thought. I quit Warframe a little under a year ago due to the mind numbing repetition and grind.