PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gets loot drop changes

Loot drop changes are coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds [official site], the incredibly popular battle royale romp, in response to a bug that spawned items either more or less than was intended.

The changes are a first pass, explains the eponymous PlayerUnknown, and more of them should be expected during the Early Access phase. Beyond fixing the bug, the update also aims to improve the loot system generally, based on player feedback.

A new gun, the Groza, has also been thrown into the mix. Not knowing much about Russian firearms, I donned my deerstalker and did a bit of internet sleuthing. On Wikipedia. So what’s this new bullet-spewer all about then?

It’s a Russian bullpup assault rifle first produced in the ‘90s and is used by the Spetsnaz and Serbian special operation forces. It shoots bullets and is probably quite dangerous. You’ll be able to find it in care packages.

On the subject of care packages, expect to now find AR and SR silencers in them, along with 4x scopes. For the full changelog, take a gander below.

Care Package
New weapon, the Groza, was added. This weapon may only be acquired in Care Packages.
VSS will no longer be found in Care Packages. It will remain to be spawned in the map.
At a low probability, you will be able to acquire AR Silencers and SR Silencers in Care Packages.
At a low probability, you will be able to acquire 4x Scopes in Care Packages.

World Spawn
New weapon, a 9mm pistol with full auto mode, the P18C, was added.
Spawn rate of SCAR-L was decreased to better fit the weapon’s tier.
Spawn rate of UMP was slightly decreased.
Spawn rate of UZI was slightly increased.
Level 1 Helmet was being spawned at a much higher rate than the Level 1 Vest, and the spawn rate was adjusted so that both items will be spawned at a similar rate.

Patch notes for the rest of the monthly update are expected later today.


  1. vahnn says:

    Inb4 all the “I don’t care, so who could POSSIBLY care about this game?!” posts.

  2. Pizzzahut says:

    I feel the VSS is severely underrated.

    • Michael Anson says:

      Eh, the ten round capacity, high fire rate, and general inability to be upgraded makes it ineffective in any kind of firefight, and it’s not particularly accurate for long-distance fighting. A very niche weapon.

      • Harlander says:

        Is the VSS the one that’s designed for sneakily carrying around so you can assassinate people with it?

      • BooleanBob says:

        Mostly I like it because the stock is pretty.

      • frightlever says:

        The lack of accuracy is because it’s subsonic with a heavy round so it drops off quite quickly. One of the reasons I never liked it in Stalker (well the Vintar equivalent anyway).

        • Flopper says:

          Yeah it does shoot a 500lb 9mm round. I was shooting house to house at medium range. Maybe 100m. It had almost an inch of bullet drop from point of aim to point of impact.

          Not a fan.

    • vahnn says:

      It’s great if you find one early, before everyone has level 2 or 3 armor.

  3. BooleanBob says:

    “It shoots bullets and is probably quite dangerous.”

    Steady on, Fraser. Such wild speculation is sure to come back and bite you in the arse.

    • int says:

      The worst part about guns is definitely the bullets. If there were no bullets we’d all just have tons upon tons of curiously shaped clubs.

    • April March says:

      Your gun is, of course, your best friend
      On which you can always depend
      If you get into fights
      You can look down the sights
      And bullets’ll come out of the end

  4. Slazia says:

    First discovered this gun in Brigade E5 – link to

    The sequel, 7.62 (link to, looks a little better, but it’s still buggy and has tons of problems. Worth checking out if you like gun games.