Cross-platform play might come to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

With PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds [official site] heading to Xbox One later this year, developer Bluehole has been thinking about how it can bring players from both platforms together. Cross-platform play definitely looks like it’s on the cards, but there are still obstacles when it comes to competitive play.

“Cross network play between the PC and the console is definitely something we want to do down the road, and we don’t anticipate we’ll have any technical issues with that,” executive producer Chang Han Kim told VG247. But there’s one notable hurdle.

“[W]hen you consider the competitive side of the game, I do feel that there’s a balance issue between controllers and keyboard and mouse,” he continued. “That’s what’s making it difficult for us to do right away. If we’re going to allow players to use controllers we need to have the aim assist added in and things like that. We’re not going to be supporting it right away, but it’s something we’d like to look into later.”

Crossplay always sounds great on paper — after all, who doesn’t want more people to play with? But even at the best of times there’s often an underlying tension between console and PC gamers, frequently devolving into petty arguments over platform superiority. It’s not hard to imagine some PC players getting annoyed by the fact that their Xbox One cousins use aim assist. Still, maybe we’ll all be able to get along! That’s the dream.

Along with the possibility of cross-platform play, Bluehole’s plans include frequent updates, not just during this Early Access phase.

“Although our business model is that of a paid, premium package game, essentially this is just an online game,” said Kim. “Online games consistently update new content and provide it as a service, not just a one-time thing. Regardless of us being early access or 1.0 consistent content updates will definitely be made to it as an online game. Us getting out of early access and getting into 1.0 won’t mean we’ve wrapped up content. We’ll have more content coming in at all times.”

Battlegrounds also received its ‘Month 3’ update earlier this week, introducing a new weapon and loot drop changes. In the update post on Steam, Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene took a moment to detail the team’s efforts when it comes to dealing with cheating.

“This is an ongoing battle, but one we are committed to fighting,” he said. “We have banned 25,000+ users in the last 3 months, and work daily with BattlEye to add new protections and detections for cheats appearing on the market.”

That’s a lot of people no longer able to hunt the most dangerous game. There’s loads more info through at the VG247 interview, so have a read.


  1. ColonelFlanders says:

    i think making it so it runs should be a higher priority.

    • TheRevanent says:

      While I have never personally run into a problem with just running Battlegrounds I have experienced some lower frame rates here and there. That said I would suggest you give it a try with this latest patch as I, as well as many other players, have experienced MUCH higher frame rates with it. Personally I have gone from 40-50FPS with occasional dips into the 20s previously to 60-70FPS with a 40 drop hitting every once in awhile.

  2. Bull0 says:

    I know keyboard and mouse vs controller is a bit cringey but seriously, in a game like this, I would NOT want to be the one guy using a controller.

    • robby5566 says:

      I dunno man, if they’re going to give console players Aimbot Lite, sorry, Aim Assist, then they might actually be better off

    • panfriedmarmot says:

      If there is aim assist for XBox players, as long as you can choose to only play against PC players I’ll be fine. If not, the day they integrate Xbox with aim assist with the PC servers is the day I quit playing Plunkbat.

    • Stinkfinger75 says:

      I’ve been using a controller for PUBG since I downloaded it. It works just fine. Chicken dinners probably aren’t in my future, but they wouldn’t be if I were using a keyboard and mouse either.

      Top 10 and 20 finishes are pretty regular and I always manage to rack up a handful of kills.

      • SenorQ says:

        Are you using a steam controller to play the game? If not how do you handle the inventory via gamepad?

  3. Jack says:

    Well gta 5 has some sort of example on how controller aim assist and mouse accuracy work together.
    I found it a broken aim assist that almost made controllers better just because the aim sticks to the other player.

    Imagine playing Plunkbat and you are hiding in a bush and some guy just locks on to you by spamming LT a bunch of times ruining your game.

    It would render the game nearly unplayable if aim assist became a mechanic.

    Yet on the other hand it would be impossible for any owner of an xbox one to win a game if they are being set up against a pc user.

    So overall the game would be less fun on both sides and I think the cross platform compatibility should just stay in racing games and rocket leage.

  4. anon459 says:

    Why, though? Nobody on console would want to have to play against a mouse and keyboard, and PC players don’t want to perceive their opponents as having an unfair advantage with aim assist, so who does this benefit? It’s not like the game is in dire need of more players.

    • ironman Tetsuo says:

      I left console gaming behind after the 360/PS3 generation, would be nice to get the odd game with all my old gaming buddies though, as I do on Rocket League and Forza Horizons currently.

      • fish99 says:

        Sure, but your situation is pretty rare, and it’s not worth potentially ruining the game for.

  5. Pizzzahut says:

    Not sure if there’s any point. With a controller they’d be spending about two minutes shuffling the inventory around. Not to mention, if the final circle closes in on Polyana, it’ll be a 20fps affair.

  6. MajorLag says:

    I think everyone has covered the basics of why this is a bad idea, so I’ll add a little history: Quake 3: Arena for the DreamCast, released in late 2000, was one of (if not the) first games to try PC vs Console multiplayer. The results are the same as they were for every subsequent attempt by anyone else: even mediocre PC players curb-stomped console players.

    Maybe they have some novel idea about how to make it work, and good luck to them if that’s the case because it will surely be an achievement worthy of some kind of award.

    • Stinkfinger75 says:

      PUBG isn’t exactly Quake 3. One is a twitch shooter played at the speed of thought. The other is deliberate and relies heavily on situational awareness.

      • MajorLag says:

        Maybe that will be enough, but my money is on the problems being more than similar enough to make no difference.

      • Premium User Badge

        DuncUK says:

        PUBG is still a twitch shooter at heart, even with all the tactical stuff taken into account. If you’re unlucky enough to land near other players at the start, it’s still a mad scramble to find a gun and sruvive what can be very twitchy (and glitchy) combat. Also, late game as the circle closes you’re increasingly likely to get into CQC with other players. Again, this can end up very twitchy, especially as any gunfire between players will draw the attention of others. I’ve survived surprise attacks at close quarters by turning quickly and returning fire on full auto to get a fortuitous kill on more than one occasion, subsequently healing myself with their dropped medkits. In those situations I would not want to be the guy playing with a controller.

    • Pizzzahut says:

      I know, I was one of the DC users. Absolutely no chance, may as well have not even had the controller connected.

  7. Tayh says:

    I’d much rather see them ditch the steam-only requirement.

  8. PiiSmith says:

    I think we have been there already: A cross platform (3rd person) shooter. If they mix the console users with us mouse users, the consoleros will not like what is happening. I see an abandoned game on consoles, not that it really disturbs me.

  9. Aspirant_Fool says:

    My only experience with cross platform shootybangs was 2007’s Hot Garbage Simulator Shadowrun, and while it was silly fun for a while to just stomp all over the poor 360 players with their controllers, it wasn’t more than a week or two before people on console would just look at the scoreboard, see a PC player on the other team, and immediately drop out of the game. I’m not a PunBagger, so I don’t have a horse in this race, but I don’t see them implementing this without a way to opt-out and matchmake only with others who share your handicap.

  10. Subzerus says:

    I see multiple things that could happen here.

    1st one they give you an option to be on PC servers, one to be on XBOX servers and one to go cross platforms and then everyone can be happy. Except instead of getting more players for games, you’re dividing your playerbase. Also they can have options for any of the things below dividing the playerbase even more.

    2nd one is there’s no aim assists and console players are in a complete dissadvantadge.

    3rd one there’s aim assist and PC players are in a dissadvantadge.

    4th one there’s aim assist but only in certain distances or situations. Everyone is unhappy because everyone will see himself in a disadvantadge and 50% of the fights will be unfair for him/her.

  11. fish99 says:

    A lot of the game is long range combat, so does the auto-aim also lead for you? If it does, that’s the hardest skill to learn in the game, and having the game do that for you would be ridiculous IMO, especially against PC players struggling to learn that skill themselves. If it doesn’t (and auto-aim locks on directly) you will literally never hit anything that’s moving past 50 yards.

    As someone else said there’s also the issue of the auto-aim giving away the position of someone prone in grass or crouched in a bush.

    Lots of reasons why cross platform play should never happen in this game, and almost no good reasons why it should.

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say PU will have the sense to make sure it never happens.