Stronghold 2: Steam Edition restores multiplayer

A new edition of Stronghold 2 [official site] is coming to Steam with some fresh textures, a nicer interface and, most importantly, fully restored multiplayer – a feature that has been missing since GameSpy Arcade collapsed and died in 2013, rendering matchmaking impossible. The new edition will also be free for anyone who already owns the Stronghold Collection, say developers Firefly Studios in a video explaining all the small licks-of-paint and changes to the game. A video which you, my friend, can find ↯ dowwwwwn theerrrrrrre

I’m not sure how rapturous Stronghold fans will be at the news of a refreshed version of the second game. Will people flock to the Steam multiplayer, or will they just sort of amble? I missed out on the series but have heard that the Crusader spin-offs are the route to take if you want the best battles and besieging. Our Alec certainly wasn’t that impressed by Stronghold 3 when he reviewed it all the way back in 2011.

But if an old-fashioned medieval RTS is what you’re after, it looks like an inexpensive punt (the Collection is currently seven quid in the summer sale). The standalone version will release some time this summer, says Firefly. It’s a bit of trend this sprucing up of castle-bashing strategy games, as Age of Empires is also set to get a Definitive Edition, while its sequel Age of Empires II is still getting expansions. What!?


  1. Someoldguy says:

    The screenshots seem to have disappeared from that 2011 piece.

    I’m still waiting for a really good castle builder where the siege and assault works more like it should, not some RTS joke where a bunch of mace wielding soldiers tap the base of the wall and it falls down after a few seconds. Mind you I do recognise that it may be an impossible dream. King Edward I employed the resources of an entire country for decades building his castles. When well constructed and garrisoned you’d be looking at weeks or months of tedious siege activity rather than a thrilling assault to capture one. Hard to actually fit the reality into a game and make it fun without throwing away much of the realism, but I need someone to set the bar higher than the Stronghold games achieved.

    • dvrabel says:

      Stronghold 2 did require siege weapons to destroy walls if I recall correctly.

    • Aetylus says:

      Your closest simulacrum of that is probably found in DF-likes nowadays… perhaps Gnomoria?

    • Archybald says:

      Try “Knights of Honor”, good old game. it’s pity that ai is rather stupid, but anyway it’s a great game.

      It’s if Stronghold and Europa Universalis (Crusader Kigns) had a child and that’s what they had as result.

  2. FredSaberhagen says:


  3. Collieuk says:

    If I recall you spent as much time having to clear your peasants poo as you did building a castle. Wasted opportunity.