Do some crimes in LawBreakers’ open beta today

From today, everyone gets to be a LawBreaker! That doesn’t mean you should break into my flat and steal my telly, but it does mean that, until 9AM PDT on July 5, you can play Boss Key Productions’ gravity defying multiplayer shooter, LawBreakers [official site]. The open beta has already kicked off, so consider fighting future criminals and cops this weekend.

Here’s everything that’s been added to the open beta:

New Map: Vertigo – located in a remote location in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Vertigo is a high-altitude reconnaissance outpost with near suborbital elevation;
New Mode: Uplink – capture the uplink in the centre of the map and deliver to your team base, continuing to protect it until points are earned;
Weapon Stickers – players can test a new customisation feature and earn a special Beta participant Weapon Sticker by completing five matches during the event. This reward transfers to the full release of the game at launch.

It seems to be pretty popular with streamers, because a day doesn’t go by without yet another video appearing in my Twitter feed. I’ve yet to play myself, though, but I’m considering taking it for a spin over the weekend. Unless Nex Machina calls to be again. Which it undoubtedly will.

Rob got rather into it when he previewed the game last year.

Fifteen minutes later, I was leaning forward so far in my seat that my forehead was nearly touching the monitor. My jaw hurt because I’d been clenching it for about ten minutes, hell-bent on turning this match around and increasingly furious at a couple teammates who were SCREWING AROUND and TAKING NOTES while the rest of us were trying to WIN A GAME OVER HERE. For a game I hadn’t cared about, winning this match had suddenly turned into the most important thing in my world. I’d lost all perspective and turned into the Mr. Hyde of the LAN. I felt great.

If this sounds like your thing, take a trip over here to get a key.


  1. Jalan says:

    I want to like this but find it increasingly difficult to do so (and will acknowledge that I’m likely to blame more than the game itself). Too many of the game’s modes are essentially the same thing (at least currently) and I find myself just wanting something a bit more simple, such as team deathmatch, and not “grab x from map center and cart it to base for point(s)” types of play. Hopefully they’ll vary that, even if the wait has to be after the full release. Until then, I doubt I go back to it.

    • KikYu0 says:

      I thought exactly the same thing! And Uninstalled the Game Already.

  2. Gurrah says:

    It seems to be pretty popular with streamers, because a day doesn’t go by without yet another video appearing in my Twitter feed.

    That’s because they’re obviously being paid to play the game. All the fake testimonials during E3 by streamers were sickening.

  3. Siimon says:

    > Open Beta

    > All keys have been claimed

  4. JustAchaP says:

    Everyone will think its an Overwatch clone but really it leans more towards Unreal Tournament or even Tribes Ascend. Its take a while to get used to the game and its also pretty fast as well. Only problems it seems at the moment is the obligatory OP assassin class that can ruin a match if played well and the usual beta Unreal Engine 4 stuttering.

    • killmachine says:

      game runs smooth as butter on my gtx780. still looks amazing in low quality settings. dunno exact framerate but it’s above 60 for sure. zero tearing either.

  5. reiniat says:

    Wraith is clearly OP right now, but it is still a great FPS, worth the $30 bucks, even for not so twitchy people like me, I enjoyed playing with the robot guy a lot and I’m glad he’s perfectly viable even when everyone else is twirling and bouncing all over the place.

  6. Banks says:

    It’s fun, it’s a good game. The gunplay doest not feel great and the combat is usually a mess but there is enough space here to enjoy as a pure skill shooter. The previous alphas, I did not enjoy. This feels a lot better now.

    I might pick it up depending on the post launch support and community.