OpenIV devs drop bringing GTA IV’s Liberty City to GTA V

The modding project creating a tool to import Liberty City from Grand Theft Auto IV into GTA V has, sadly, shut down. It was the work of the team behind unofficial modding tool OpenIV [official site] but, after the fuss which saw the owners of GTA briefly shut down OpenIV with legal threats before making peace, they now say they can’t make it. Such a tool would be against the new Rockstar modding policy, see. But hey, at least OpenIV is back and its development will continue.

The OpenIV team went quiet for a bit after last month’s troubles but broke their silence last night to thank people for their support and to answer some questions. “Unfortunately, we were unable to answer those questions earlier due to real life (yeah we have some),” they said in yesterday’s statement. Ooh, hark at you!

“The development of OpenIV will be continued as before. OpenIV never supported GTA Online modding and will not support it in the future. Our work will be continued within the Rockstar modding policy.”

After Take-Two shut down OpenIV, Rockstar said that it was because the tool enabled several “malicious mods” in Grand Theft Auto Online. This was puzzling because OpenIV has never supported meddling with GTA Online, but lead Yuriy ‘Good-NDS’ Krivoruchko did concede that naughty people might have found a way to do it.

Sadly, the new GTA modding landscape means OpenIV’s Liberty City project is dead.

While some modders have already brought Liberty City to GTA V by ripping and repackaging it from GTA IV, it’s scrappy and leaves a city devoid of life. OpenIV’s approach seemed most polished – and dodging the potential legal troubles of distributing Rockstar’s work. The plan was to let people download a program which would import Liberty City from their own copy of GTA IV and spit it out for GTA V. Alas, it falls foul of the modding policy that Rockstar created in June.

Rockstar’s modding policy states that their corporate overlords have agreed they “generally will not take legal action” against mods which are singleplayer, non-commercial, and respectful of intellectual property rights. But the policy makes an exception for “use or importation of other IP (including other Rockstar IP) in the project”, which apparently blocks the Liberty City Conversion. OpenIV say:

“Unfortunately, our highly anticipated mod ‘Liberty City in GTA V’ will not be released because it clearly contradicts with Rockstar modding policy. Liberty City mod is a big loss for us, since it was a huge part of our motivation to push OpenIV functionality.”

They conclude, “If you are wondering what is next, well, we are currently revising our plans for the future.”


  1. ColonelFlanders says:

    Take-Two could easily have come to a compromise here. As much as I get their policy of not infringing on their IPs (though their methods were heavy handed and bullish) I don’t see why they couldn’t stipulate that modders bringing liberty city over to V had to own both IV and V in order to do so. That encourages nodding and protects all their zillion dollar properties.

    • Ich Will says:

      That was already the case, but the real issue is that if you are giving players new free content in single player, they aren’t buying cards to get new content in multiplayer. At least, the evidence suggests that’s Take-Two’s almost certainly flawed thinking.

      • Premium User Badge

        phuzz says:

        If they’d tried to sell singleplayer DLC and it had made no money then I could understand it. All they know for sure is that there’s a massive market for multiplayer, but they’ve never explored the singleplayer market.

        • Ich Will says:

          The single player DLC market won’t support a £30 car, that is crippled unless you get other DLC for it, yet it seems the multiplayer market does – not that Take-Two believe that this is expensive or exploitative, they recently made a statement saying that they believe they are under monitising players, but do so deliberately to be the good guys. They genuinely believe they could charge more if they desired, and truth be told, they probably could.

          I still think that they do see mods as competitors to their online content though, as non-sensical as that is, it makes a great deal more sense than any other explanation for their recent actions.

      • Augh_lord says:

        That’s not only it. You can use mods to play multiplayer in private servers and have all the content without forking doe to RS. There’s even more content available than in the official multiplayer, and all for free $_$.

  2. Jane Doe says:

    So remake it from scratch, neighborhood by neighborhood.

    I mean, it worked for Skyrim Bruma, right? Which had the same legal issues.

    • GenialityOfEvil says:

      That’s already been done. The issue is that you just end up with a shell instead of a city. Bruma is a fairly small area, so it’s not hard to fill that with detail.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    So Take Two got to pretend like they weren’t ruining everything, while continuing to ruin everything.

    Good move, big company. Everyone’s real happy now.

  4. SaintAn says:

    Should be porting over GTA V to IV, not IV to V. IV was superior in every way. V feels terrible to play.

    • fish99 says:

      The shooting is definitely better in GTA5, the guns have a bit of kick and feel to them, whereas in GTA4 they were just point and click.

      The car physics, I personally prefer the more realistic cars in GTA4, the way they slide and the longer braking distances, but to say that GTA5 feels terrible is a large exaggeration. Also GTA5 looks and runs better.

      Story-wise and characters, I much preferred GTA4.

    • Poor People says:

      Why? I’m one for trying new things in the series, but IV is so constraint by its realism that it’s just not worth going back to.

      The IV engine has fewer supported features, boat-like driving mechanics that makes traveling a chore and spits in the face at the tried and tested driving physics of its predecessors, a ridiculously unbalanced shooting system, and a severe downgrade of sidequest support. Also, the PC optimization of IV is monumentally piss poor; it’s absurd to consider porting V’s world into IV without dealing with atrocious performance issues.

      The only thing IV truly has going for is the worldbuilding that made it great for exploring. It’s a shame it’s overlaid by poor design choices and dumpster-grade programming.

  5. 4004 says:

    such a shame. just hope somebody does it in secret and then releases to the public, T2 be damned. Can’t imagine them remastering IV (their arguably best GTA), but gotta spoil it for everyone

  6. Chains is in a pickle says:

    it’s easy to solve this, just add steam workshop and a custom editor that rockstar provides while compressing the game heavily and then CHEAT mods are impossible to use =