Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne announced

Blizzard’s Hearthstone [official site] is off to the icy land of Northrend to duff up zombies in the free-to-play card game’s next expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne. It’ll add Death Knight variants of the Hearthstone heroes, giving players powerful new abilities like stitching corpses together to make megamonsters. Neat! Eight new singleplayer missions are coming too. The expansion is due to launch in “early August.”

Knights of the Frozen Throne will add 135 new cards to Hearthstone. These include a new card type, Hero Cards, which here will be nine cards transforming the regular Hearthstone heroes into Death Knight variants. Blizzard explain:

“Hero cards are an entirely new card type that are neither spell, minion, nor weapon. When played, each Death Knight hero card replaces your hero, casts a Battlecry, dons some armor, AND provides a new Hero Power. While each Death Knight hero is different, they all offer possibilities that can transform the way you play Hearthstone.”

The first Hero Card revealed is Deathstalker Rexxar, who does 2 damage to enemy minions as his Battlecry, gives five armour, and changes a player’s hero power to Build-a-Beast. Blizzard say:

“Build-a-Beast allows Deathstalker Rexxar to stitch together a horrifying new Zombeast by ‘Discovering’ pieces of two former animal friends. The new creation combines all the stats of both creatures he’s sewn together; mana cost, attack, health, AND card text. Then the beastly abomination is added to Deathstalker Rexxar’s hand to later be unleashed on a hapless foe.”

That’s pretty neat, that. I hope the other eight Death Knights are as exciting.

As for the new singleplayer bits, the eight missions will send players into Icecrown Citadel, leading up to a battle with the Lich King himself. They’ll be free to play and completing ’em will give expansion card packs too.

Knights of the Frozen Throne will also formalise an ability seen on some Hearthstone cards before: dealing damage while healing your hero for the same. That’s now named ‘Lifesteal’, and will pop up on more cards.

Early August it is. For now, this video has some Blizzmen gabbing about the expansion:


  1. Captain Narol says:

    I started Hearthstone this week and I’m enjoying it so far.

    It’s fun to play, even if it seems less deep tactically than Magic and HEX.

    Is the solo campaign currently available (Karazhan, right ?) worth it ot not ?

    • riadsala says:

      If you’re enjoying the game, go for it. The cards are pretty good and will increase your deck list options a lot.

      Some people think they’re too expensive, but given that the cards really enhance the rest of the free-to-play game, I think the cost is fine.

      • Captain Narol says:

        Well, I got to rank 20 in just 2 days and now I get stomped fast by people with lots of great cards that I don’t have.

        I guess now I have to grind my way with daily quests and be patient until I collect a few, but I am not sure I love the game enough yet to invest real money in it…

        • ActionFlash says:

          Ranked is just a huge grind, I’ve been playing for over 2 years now and I only play ranked to get the card back every month. I have have plenty of fun with the game just playing Casual and completing Quests.

    • Michael Anson says:

      The Karazhan solo campaign is pretty silly while also offering a bit of a challenge to your deck building skills. However, it’s also not going to be around for much longer, as the quests do get phased out over time.

      • Captain Narol says:

        Will the new cards from Karazhan still be usable in ranked mode after that quest phase out, please ?

        • Michael Anson says:

          They won’t be available in standard ranked, but they will in wild ranked. But then, that’s really not where the fun is anymore. Like most constructed games, the competitive multiplayer quickly crystalizes around a select number of decks. If you want to have fun, get a couple of friends to play with and explore the options for creating unusual and funny decks. Since the beginning of June, you can complete quests and do Tavern Brawls with friends for full rewards, so there’s no reason to play ranked unless you are really, really invested in the meta.

          It’s also worth mentioning that, when a “raid” gets phased out, all the cards become available for crafting, so you’d mostly be paying for the single player experience.

    • 1SDAN says:

      Made an account to tell you this. I’ve been playing for Hearthstone for one or two years now, it’s really fun, but I am only just approaching semi-pro decks.

      I would have gotten to the point I’m at in half the time if I didn’t make stupid mistakes.

      1) Don’t disenchant Legendary cards EVER. Not until you get good at the game that is, because Legendaries are SUPER rare.
      2) Same with epics to a lesser degree
      3) Save your dust for Legendary and Epic cards, common and rare cards are super common and you’ll get all of the commons and rares in a set before you even get a fourth of the legendary and epics
      4) Tavern brawl is usually easier to complete quests in than ladder or casual. Use it when available. Also each week is a different TB, the first win always gets you a classic pack. Classic cards never rotate out, so you’ll always have them.
      5) Only open cards from the latest pack, every year the old cards become unavailable in Standard play, so the latest pack will always give you 2 years of value.
      6) Don’t play Arena if you’re not an expert strategist. If you’re not smart enough like me, it’ll rarely be worth the 50 extra gold.
      7) If you play Arena, use the HearthArena app, very good suggestions though it does make questionable suggestions at times.
      8) If you can’t play every day, at least log in once a day. It takes 20 seconds and if you have an open quest slot there’s zero penalty.
      9) Hearthpwn is a good place to see how pros make their decks
      10) Until you’re a pro, Hearthpwn won’t be gospel, use it to get a grasp on what makes a deck good, but make your decks according to what works for you. Until you get to Legend rank, their decks will be made on an entirely different standard than anyone you’ll face.

  2. Lord of Beer says:

    Getting rid of Adventures completely killed my interest in this game. Blizzard know it has peaked, and are just trying to suck as much money out of players as possible. Look at all the streamers that have left the game, and declining viewership.

    • Captain Narol says:

      What is the next big thing in Digital CGGs then ?

      Is there an Hearthstone-killer taking over the market that I haven’t heard about yet, please ?

      • ActionFlash says:

        Not sure if it’s the “next big thing” but I’ll be moving onto Gwent once it’s out of Beta. Looks different enough to Hearthstone to offer a challenge and it appears there is no where near the same amount of RNG that there is in Hearthstone.

    • mwoody says:

      I wholeheartedly agree. This is a ridiculous money grab; they’ve doubled the amount of money you have to spend to remain competitive while taking out the part of the game that made it unique and fun.