Paradox giving games to customers affected by regional price rises

Paradox have started handing out games as compensation to those affected by their recent surprise regional price hikes. Prices went up by only a few percent for some people but almost doubled for others. Paradox have reverted the prices now. They had thought they might be able to give partial refunds but that’s proved unworkable.

Instead, anyone who bought Paradox products at the higher prices — which were between May 17th and July 6th — is eligible to claim a game from a list including Stellaris and Crusader Kings II, or alternatively two bits of select DLC.

The price rises in certain regions were “to make our prices match the purchasing power of those areas”, Paradox said – evening out prices across the world. The problem was that the changes come out of nowhere and without explanation. Suddenly, prices of Paradox’s games near-doubled in some regions.

Company CEO Fredrik Wester later apologised, saying “You deserve more transparency and better communication from Paradox when it comes to changing of our prices and pricing policy.”

Paradox didn’t revert the prices immediately after making the decision because, they say, the Steam Summer Sale was in full fling and they’d be required to remove the games from the sale. Now that’s over, they’re putting the prices back to pre-adjustment figures. They say they’ll be frozen at this level for three months.

After that, I wouldn’t be surprised if Paradox do raise them in places — it’s fairly standard business for publishers — but they’ll surely be a lot clearer next time.

Anyway! Paradox had considered partial refunds but now say that “after exploring options with our sales partners, we’ve come to the conclusion that partial refunds (as in, refunding the price difference) aren’t practically possible.” Instead, compensatory games!

They explain, “we will gift everyone who purchased any Paradox product between May 17 and today (including pre-orders of Steel Division: Normandy 44 made before May 17), in any currency except USD (where prices were not changed), a free copy of a full PC game or two DLC, as a gesture of goodwill.”

Eligible players can pick one of these games:

  • Crusader Kings 2
  • Europa Universalis IV
  • Hearts of Iron IV
  • Magicka 2
  • Stellaris
  • Tyranny

Or, alternatively, any two of these DLCs:

  • CK II: Monks and Mystics
  • EU IV: Third Rome
  • HoI IV: Death or Dishonor
  • Stellaris: Utopia
  • Tyranny: Tales from the Tiers

Those are some solid games and and the newest DLCs.

To get ’em, fill in this Price Reversal Request form. Check out Paradox’s forum post for full details on who’s eligible and how it works with different stores.


  1. causticnl says:

    wow, they really get desperate now.

    • Alastor says:

      What are you talking about? It’s called learning from their mistake and apologize. Kudos for them for doing that. Other compagny which I shall not name haven done nothing in similar situation.

      • Aetylus says:

        Exactly. Post release regional price hiking was a dick move. Their community called them out on it (and review bombed them in the process). Paradox fixed it and then some. Good on them.

  2. Ghostwise says:

    Hence the ancient Sumerian wisdom: “Man who shoots himself in foot, should not use flamethrower.”

    • klink-mit-panzerslip says:

      Funny thing is they probably started from the idea that depending on where you leave, statistically, your life is probably quite different.

      The result is we feel we are all living in Democratic Republic of Congo. And not as Kabila.

      I was already disappointed by recent releases (Stellaris) and overall lazyness (not fixing problems in EUIV but fooling around) of Paradox.

      This really gives me the impression that in modern CPU word, nothing is forever. Happy with google? Not forever. Happy with Telltale? Not forever. Happy with Paradox? …?

      • Solidstate89 says:

        What are you even talking about?

      • mitthrawnuruodo says:

        Have to agree. I have been baffled by the design direction of their new releases. All the new games seem like a random collection of arbitrary game mechanics, as opposed to anything resembling realism as they once used to be.

        • Replikant says:

          As far as I can see, the DLC model only worked really well with CK2. In Eu4 it was more like 1 step forward and 0.95 steps back with each DLC (apart from cosmetic which were ridiculously expensive but harmless). Cool and/or needed features came bundled with controversial rebalances and/or added a lot of micromanagement tedium. Stellaris was simply an unexcusable barebone mess on release .

  3. teije says:

    Good on them and certainly not something they had to do by any means. Enjoying their recent games – flawed but absorbing, and getting better rapidly.

  4. Premium User Badge

    Martell says:

    Cool of them to do this, didn’t even notice the price difference until just now. Of course now I’m going to have to buy DLCs for my new game, so perhaps this is a good marketing move after all.

  5. Kaben says:

    Any idea if this counts if you bought during steam sales?

    • Spher says:

      Yes, it counts. I bought a DLC that was not even affected by the new price policy, and they said I could claim my game.