The Foxer

Roman was in confessional mood yesterday evening at the Green Man. His tongue loosened by several pints of Old Cloudy, my chief foxer setter finally explained why he and Helen, the defoxing annexe librarian, were no longer together. It turns out there was no fling with Maxine… no ultimatum related to Roman’s house-filling collection of historically significant barbed wire. During a day trip to Stonehenge, the pair rowed irrevocably about the origins of the bluestones. Roman’s ardent belief in Welsh quarries collided head-on with Helen’s unshakeable faith in erratic glaciers.

This cryptic collage has a hidden theme.

*       *       *


Last week’s collage theme: woodpeckers (defoxed by Gothnak)

a Gabbett-Fairfax Mars pistol (phuzz)
b Imperial crest, Star Wars (Lazzars)
c Stamp commemorating transpolar flight by ANT-25 (Shiloh, mrpier)
d Marche region, Italy (phuzz, Gothnak)
e Woody Harrelson, Natural Born Killers (Little_Crow)
f Poster art from the movie Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride (phlebas, phuzz, DanMunchie)
g Picchio DP2 (phuzz)
h Drum stick (mrpier)
i Cinnamon stick (mrpier)
j Book about the US Army’s ‘Golden Acorn‘ Division (phuzz, AbyssUK, Rorschach617)
k Peckerwood Hill (unsolved)
l Gila MRAP (AbyssUK)


  1. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    Good news everyone! I’m pretty sure that car is a Dacia Sandero!
    (I’m not sure though, going to keep looking)

    • Gothnak says:

      I don’t think it is. It also has the styling of the early 2000’s…

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      It’s not a Dacia Sandero :(
      In fact, it’s got me stumped. It looks like a ‘supermini’ (like the Polo, Punto, Fiesta etc), but I don’t think it’s from any of the big brands (although it might be based on one). The styling puts it somewhere between 1995 and 2005 I think.

      • Premium User Badge

        phuzz says:

        I know it’s not a Sandero, but I swear it looks like the Dacia’s long lost parent. I’m currently searching though the prodigious output of Chinese automakers, and I keep thinking “hey, that’s almost it”, and it turns out to be a picture of the Sandero that’s snuck in.
        Next closest so far is a Geely MK, which is basically a knockoff of the Dacia Sandero. Yes that is really what it is.

  2. mrpier says:

    Is the man with glasses Edward Snowden?

  3. Little_Crow says:

    The coin looks a lot like the 1953 and 1960 Crowns, but with a lot more swirly bits (I believe that is the technical term)

  4. phlebas says:

    The game UI elements belong to Into the Breach, coming “when it’s ready” from the makers of FTL:
    link to

  5. Gothnak says:

    Dammit, missed the start again… What’s left this week?

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      Err, basically everything, except maybe the coin, and the bloke in glasses.

      • Gothnak says:

        Where’s the usual people that can ID a tank from a 1cm2 plan of it’s muzzle?

      • JB says:

        The bloke in glasses is RPS’ very own Brendan Caldwell.

  6. Rorschach617 says:

    Where ever I look in this foxer, I find nothing.

    There is a cigarette card just to the left of the lighthouse, maybe Wills’s, but cannot find a match. (Match-Cigarette pun not intended)
    And I am getting a Vietnam War-era pilot vibe from the man at bottom right.

  7. mrpier says:

    I think the seawall in the middle is the Holyhead breakwater.

  8. phlebas says:

    The photo on the left is the cover of “Lonely Vigil: Coastwatchers of the Solomons” by Walter Lord, who also wrote “A Night to Remember”.

  9. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    Middle right there’s the corner of a box of Whip-It! brand nitrous canisters, which are for making whipped cream and definitely nothing else no sir.

    • phlebas says:

      Aha! I’ll stop trying to work out what comic she’s from then :)

  10. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    Bottom left (not the combat mech) is the back end of a M2 Bradley IFV. (here’s the pic). The picture is of the A1 version.
    Can’t believe I looked at pretty much every other IFV/AFV in the world before noticing this one.

    • Rorschach617 says:

      Well done!

      I’ve been racking my brains looking for tanks that could fit the picture, only realised 5 mins ago that the lack of air intakes at the back meant the engine was at the front and therefore I should have been looking for an APC.

  11. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    I’ve just noticed top right (on top of the two photos), there’s what looks like a cap(?) badge. I think the first letter there is a W, does anyone have any better ideas?

  12. Gothnak says:

    Only got crap links so far…

    The 1953 North Sea Flood:

    1953, Breakwater, Breach.

    Otherwise a Bomber came down near Holyhead and one of the Airmen was called Caldwell, and another Bomber came down in North Wales in 1953 :s.

    So, no idea…

    • Gothnak says:

      I have another one, which is rocketry…

      Holyhead Lighthouse uses rockets.
      M2 Bradley uses Rockets.
      Whip-It/Nitrous is used to power rockets.
      I guess they used Rockets in a night to remember.

      Still rubbish…

  13. phlebas says:

    The bearded chap top right is Labour party founder Keir Hardie.

  14. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    So we still need:
    The car in the centre.
    The (cap?) badge, top right.
    The theme.

    What we have:
    Top left: a picture of Martin Clemens and his Solomon scouts (phlebas and Lazzars)
    Top middle: RPS’s own Brenden Caldwell (not totally confirmed?)
    Top right: Badge(?) UNKNOWN
    Top right: Labour party founder Keir Hardie (phlebas)
    Middle right: 1953 pattern coronation crown. (Lazzars)
    Also middle right: a box of Whip-It! brand nitrous canisters.
    Bottom Right: Lafayette G. Pool. (phlebas)
    Bottom middle: Holyhead breakwater and lighthouse. (mrpier [appropriate name!])
    Bottom left: M2A1 Bradly IFV
    Hiding at the back bottom and left: Will’s cigarette card, “How the Communication Cord Works”. (Gothnak)
    Middle: Car UNKNOWN
    Overlay top and bottom left: UI from Into the Breach. (phlebas)

    • phlebas says:

      Good grief, I should have got this one sooner given we’re expecting next month.

      Labour, crown(ing), nitrous oxide, (birthing) pool, waters breaking, the cord, breach…

      Childbirth. It’s childbirth.

    • phlebas says:

      Might the Brendy connection be to his PREMATURE evaluations?

  15. Stugle says:

    When one Googles “Caldwell coronation”, the top result refers to Minnie Caldwell, a long-standing character on Coronation Street. In lieu of any constructive feedback, I’m going to wildly suggest that the theme is Coronation Street. As long as that show’s been running, it should prove possible to connect each clue to some character or salient event, no matter how teneously…