Walking Dead creator’s Thief of Thieves gets heist game

Another comic from Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead, is getting the video game treatment. Thief of Thieves, his comic about a Thief, will next year spawn an episodic heist game. Named simply Thief of Thieves [official site], it’ll let us rob all sorts of colourful places as Celia, the apprentice of the comic’s protagonist. It’s leaning on those comic book stylings for its art, as you can see in this here announcement trailer I’ve whipped out a PR person’s pocket:

Developers Rival Games describe Thief of Thieves as “a character-driven game of heists and the people who perform them,” which “combines a strong, branching narrative with diverse gameplay, such as stealth, social engineering and lockpicking.” And quick-time events aplenty, going by that trailer.

“While the comic book series introduces Celia in a flashback, the game will detail how Celia became an accomplished thief of her own,” the blurb says. Learning how to heist sounds peachy to me.

Thief of Thieves Season One is due on Steam in early 2018, by the end of March, and will come in four episodes. It’s the second game from Rival Games, following Telltale-inspired episodic noir ’em up The Detail.

Gang, what’s the Thief of Thieves comic like? I trust most of you have spurned the medium of funny pages ever since Kieron abandoned us to write words for naughty robots (he doesn’t even draw and colour-in the pictures! he makes other people do that!) but surely someone is disloyal enough to know something.


  1. April March says:

    I’m interested in what RPS readers have to say about Thief of Thieves as well. I’ve always seen it displayed in comix stores with great proeminence, but always struck me as rather boring.

  2. poliovaccine says:

    I havent read it, but nonetheless I think it’s rather dim of them to take a thief character and make a narrative-centric game out of em, instead of actually making it, yknow, a thief game. They say it’ll have “stealth, social engineering and lockpicking,” but between the trailer and the way they rattle those off all together makes me worry the methods of actually interacting with or engaging those mechanics will be a.) similar to each other, and b.) point-and-click related. Or QTE.

    I mean I have no idea how it will play beyond the trailer, but in any event, it sure looks and sounds like story is much more the focus than anything else, and that seems like such a waste when you’re bringing the story, which existed and was well-loved already, into a medium which is uniquely suited to actually immerse you in the *actions* of the characters (or at least protagonist), and then just using it like a fancy graphic-novel reader instead, with a few whizbang clicker events to wake you up when you start nodding, the whole of which you could have made in Flash. I have zero investment in the graphic novel, I just think it’s a hugely missed opportunity, their design decisions.

    • Unclepauly says:

      Or they are making the game for current fans of the comic for the most part. Then, story would be the focus. As the comic fans I’m sure wouldn’t want to get bogged down in real thieving mechanics which can be daunting to beginners. I can see why they went the way they did.

    • Skandranon says:

      I actually disagree, largely because we’re not talking about JUST thieving, or not just the physical act in this case.

      A big part of your heist movies and shows and things of that nature is the con, the grifter. A lot of fast talk and befriending of targets, trickery, subterfuge etc. Shows like White Collar or Leverage, or recently Sneaky Pete captured that very well, but so far, there hasn’t been any games that did that kind of thing, while there have been plenty of games concerned about the purely physical aspect of thievery.

      And in addition, without the story, what do you have? The uniqueness of the IP, as opposed to any other stealth/heist game out there IS the story. There’s not really much else to differentiate it; no superpowers or anything. Without the narrative, it would just be a stealth game that happens to be called “Thief of Thieves”.