Amazon Prime Day: The best PC game & hardware deals

You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry, you’d better not pout, I’m telling you why – Bezos is coming to town. It is Amazon Prime day, the online retailer’s annual old stock clear-out/attempt to steal Black Friday’s thunder, and that means a whole lotta deep discounts on PC hardware and games. Much of it is total sewage, but as RPS’s resident carer-about-things-with-flashing-lights-on, I’m fairly well-placed to cherry-pick a few highlights for you. I’m pretty picky – this is all stuff I’m very tempted to buy for myself (or would be if I didn’t already own something similar/fancier).

This piece will be updated throughout the day as more deals go live. At the time of first posting, we only have UK deals, but US ones will be added shortly too.

[Brendan: Hello! I’m here to overhaul the article a little, since much of what Alec originally posted has now expired. I famously don’t know anything about computers or computer equipment though. See if you can guess which deals are written by Alec and which entries are mine]

UK PC gaming and hardware deals

Logitech G502 wired gaming mouse, £37.99

Now that the deal on the cheaper, better G402 is gone (see expired deals below), this is a decent bet for a gaming mouse. I am told it’s got 11 programmable buttons and five DPI settings and, yeah, a fancy scroll wheel. It’s almost half price, which is good for you if you enjoy the globalised process of endless consumption.

128GB Micro SD card, £27.49

Not a gaming doohickey per se, but it’s a cheap way to likely double the storage of a laptop with a weeny SSD. Stick all yer photos and documents onto this, leaving the main drive free for games and whatnot.

Rainbow-backed wired keyboard and mouse combo, £18.39

A keyboard with all the colours of the rainbow shining through the letters, for those of you who enjoy trading cash money for the thrill of evoking an optical illusion as bright and formless as capitalism itself.

Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo, £29.99

A keyboard for people who rightly eschew all colour from their lives in their perpetual search for significance in a world where the only true virtue lies in possession, property and position.

Digital 2.1 speaker set with subwoofer, £64.80

Large and possibly very high volume speakers for people who believe being loud is a virtue and not an unfortunate character flaw that should be subtly and uniformly punished by society.

Trust USB microphone for PC and Laptop, £10.99

A means of transferring the human voice into a machine and trapping it there for the purposes of manipulation.

Corsair “All-in-one” Liquid CPU cooler, £83.99

This gently blows air into the machine that wants you dead, so that it may calm the machine’s notorious temper and make it forget that you are a vulnerable master. It is all that stands between you and the void.

Titanfall 2 Origin code, £16.99

One of the best first-person shooters of the last year – especially in singleplayer, surprisingly, but it got rather lost in the noise. £17 for an Origin code is yer actual bargain.

Halo Wars 2 (Windows Store code), £25

Got a bit overlooked on PC, due to its suicidal assignment as a Windows Store exclusive. That also means it hasn’t seen the deep discounts most everything on Steam does, so £25 is a rare price-slashing for it.

Rainbow 6 siege Uplay code, £17.49

A good price for an online team shooter that’s now on something like its fourth wind. Ubigames have long lifespans these days, and Siege particularly has done a fine job of finding its feet over time.

Total War: Warhammer Steam code, £11.99

The second one’s due out soon, but if you want Empire, Greenskins, Dwarfs and Chaos, this is as low as the price gets.

US PC gaming and hardware deals

LG ultrawide HD monitor 29″, $200

I’ve had an ultrawide monitor for a year or so now, and I wouldn’t go back. Though not supported by all games, those that do (a comfortable majority) look spectacular on it – that little bit more wraparound, cinematic and immersive. Trad. widescreen feels so claustrophobic by comparison. This is a relatively affordable way to get on board that train – though it’s lacking the 3440×1440 res of pricier models, it’s much easier to drive with a mid-range GPU. Critically, it’s an IPS screen, which means excellent viewing angles and colour reproduction, plus it supports FreeSync if you’ve got an AMD graphics card.

SADES stereo headset with microphone, $18

Device which allows for listening to voices trapped inside large machines.

Cherry Green switch mechanical keyboard, $70

An eminently affordable and well-reviewed no-name mechanical gaming keyboard, discounted by some $150. Cherry greens are medium-stiff and quite clicky, if that’s your cup of tappity-tea.

Acer 24″ 1080p monitor, $90

Though I Do Not Approve of TN panels in monitors (less vibrant colours and poorer viewing angles compared to IPS), they can be faster to respond, which is better for games, and more importantly are usually cheaper. At 90 bucks, this is a very affordable way to step up to Full HD and/or 24″ if you’re not there already. Ain’t fancy, but gets the job done.

Logitech backlit wireless keyboard, $54

This is also in our UK section above, so I shall use the same words here: It’s more accurate and reliable than many other wireless boards, which can be a touch temperamental, and it’s also got backlighting – rare for cord-free ones. I’m very tempted myself, as though I like my Corsair mechanical board, the thick braided cable is an eyesore and I’m not married to mechanical keys. It’s the lack of dedicated media keys that stops me short on the Logitech, though.

We’ll be adding more as we spot ’em throughout the day. Please do shout your own suggestions for decent deals below, too.

Expired deals

Many of these deals are over, but some are listed as close to their deal price, so it’s still worth checking them if you enjoy exchanging abstract digits in a remote computer for physical items of little to no importance.


LG 29″ IPS ultrawide 2560×1080 monitor, £210

See above for proper description.

Logitech G402 wired gaming mouse, £22

I’ve got the next model up, the G502, myself, but other than its fancier scroll wheel I wish I had this one instead (a chum owns it, and I like it more than mine). It looks so much more sane, eschewing some of the extra buttons no-one really needs and most of the garish ‘gamerzzzzzz’ design too, while retaining the super-responsive speed. £22’s a great price for this for a fast gaming pointer-atter.

Logitech K800 wireless backlit keyboard, £57

On the other side of the keyboard coin is this high-end wireless model. It’s more accurate and reliable than many other wireless boards, which can be a touch temperamental, and it’s also got backlighting – rare for cord-free ones. I’m very tempted myself, as though I like my Corsair mechanical board, the thick braided cable is an eyesore and I’m not married to mechanical keys. It’s the lack of dedicated media keys that stops me short on the Logitech, though.

Speedlink Black Widow flight stick, £22.64

Very much low-end when it comes to flight sticks, but if you’ve been wanting to give, say, Elite Dangerous a spin with more spaceshippy controls without having to resign yourself to spending hundreds up-front, £22 will give you a taste of the throttle’n’flight stick action. I’ve used one of these before, and it was quite literally ‘alright’. What it may well do is inspire you into wanting something far fancier; I was quite glad I got to try out the concept on an entry-level model before I committed.

Dual band AC600 USB wifi adaptor for desktops, £10

My desktop PC’s wired and in the same room as the router, but once in a while I hoist the thing downstairs to try and connect it to the telly, at which point all hell breaks loose as I have to loop massive ethernet cables down the stairs and hope that my child doesn’t strangle herself with them. What I need is something like this, a USB wifi adaptor with much better range than your average teeny dongle, due to the addition of a big ol’ antenna. It’s not the fastest, but that’s a decent enough speed, with crucial 5GHz as well as 2.4GHz support. Also handy for making the laptop connect to my home wifi signal when I’m in the garden.

Logitech 1080p webcam, £49

Not dirt-cheap, but a good price for a 1080p model with a decentish built-in mic from a usually solid brand. Which means a decent image quality for basic picture-in-picture streaming or chatting to the family – either as an upgrade from the junk built-in to your laptop, or to add imaging to your desktop.

1080p Freesync 75Hz monitor 1ms, £79

It’s TN rather than IPS, but it’s a solid and well-received panel that boasts 75Hz refresh, 1ms response, three inputs and Freesync for significantly less than £100, which is not to be sniffed at.

1000 Mbps Gigabit Powerline networking kit, £35

Though powerline networking can’t yet match the max speeds of the best wifi, what it can do is guarantee a stable connection even a couple of floors away. I wouldn’t put too much stock in the claimed ‘1000 Mbps’ speed, but it’ll be better than the entry level models and good enough for most streaming and downloading. £35’s a good price for a pair; might be sensible to grab a couple of packs if you’re interested, so that you don’t risk compatibility woes if you want to add another device to the network later on.

SanDisk 500GB SATA III SSD, £119

Neither the fastest or necessarily the absolute cheapest (if you want to put the legwork into browsing everywhere), but 500GB is the SSD cost/usability sweet spot and this is not a bad price for a solid if unexceptional model. I say that, but the truth is that even the absolute fastest SSD (or M.2, the successor tech) drive makes much truly perceivable different in day-to-day computing or gaming, so this’ll do all but the most unblinking clock-watcher just fine.

AC1350 dual band router

Chances are that the router your ISP sent you is a bag of dicks. It’s got lousy range or slow max speeds, or both. An upgrade can make a serious difference from everything from Netflix to garden browsing to Steam downloads, while crucial 5GHz support means you don’t need to share the same radio frequency with everyone else on your street. At £40, this isn’t the fastest router, but it’s a big step up from most ISPs’ norm. I’ve got another model of Archer router myself, which I’m perfectly happy with, so have some faith that they’re not a trash brand.

Third-party wireless Xbox 360 controller, £16.79

Haven’t tried this myself, but the reviews are decent and, critically, it’s apparently recognised by Windows as if it were a true-blue Xbox 360 pad. You’ll need a Microsoft wireless USB receiver already, but if you’ve been looking to add a second (or more luridly-coloured) pad to your PC for shared-screen gaming, £16 solves the problem very cheaply.

Corsair windowed ATX case, £104

It’s not the bargain of bargains, but it’s a solid price for a solid and attractive case. Plenty of space and ventilation, and a window through which to eyeball your components, if that’s your bag. (It’s not mine: I just want them to work).

Compact mechanical keyboard with brown switches, £40

I’ve not tried this model or brand personally, but it has decent reviews and a low price, which strikes me as a good sign if you’re wanting to climb aboard the mechanical keyboard bandwagon without going in too deep or without having something massive on your desk. This uses the quieter but nonetheless tactical Brown type of switch.


13″ 1080p IPS i7 laptop, $640

Won’t cope well with recent 3D games, but it’s a nice machine for most anything else – slim, mobile i7 CPU decent-size SSD, IPS panel and touchscreen too. (Honestly, once you’ve used a touchscreen laptop, you can’t go back). As a portable work/Netflix/2D games/moba device, this is lovely thing for a fair price.

LG 34″ ultrawide monitor, $310

I rhapsodised about ultrawide for UK folk above, and here’s Amazon US’s own 21:9 pricecut. Personally, I worry I’d find 34″ (as opposed to 29″) a mite too big for 2560×1080 rather than 3440×1440 resolution, but if you want big without needing an almighty graphics card, this might be the answer. Has IPS (vital) and Freesync (useful if you have an AMD card) too.

Netgear AC1750 router, $49

A decent bet for a router upgrade – this should handily outdo whatever drek your ISP saddled with you, on both speed and range fronts.

Xbox controller wireless adaptor for Windows, $17.60

For better or worse, Xbox pads are pretty much the default Windows gaming controller, with the Xbox One model being a step up from the old 360 one, particularly on a design front. Alas, they don’t use bluetooth, so you need an adaptor to use the wireless model. This is a decent price cut for a near-essential.


  1. gbrading says:

    Ooh that monitor is a bit tempting. I’ve just got a standard 1080p TN one at the moment and the next one I wanted to move to would be an IPS one. Don’t know if this is the moment though.

    • doodler says:

      While tempting its historical low on camelcamelcamel was actually quite a bit less…

      • dontnormally says:


        Its timing immediately after the Steam Summer Sale, which is absolutely *both* a marketing event *and* a sale, is dubious.

  2. Simes says:

    Unfortunately the SSD deal was timed and has expired already.

    • Chaz says:

      Yeah, I was just gonna say, as that’s the one thing I really wanted and it’s back up to £150. Poo!

  3. General Ludd says:

    Logitech K800 is an excellent keyboard. Tempted to buy one for the office to supplement the one I have at home. (MX Anywhere 2 mouse also excellent for a multi-purpose mouse.)

    • bob22 says:

      Seems a bit pricey for what it is. You could pick up a cheap mechanical for half that price that would be much better. Maybe not for the office though :)

    • spacedyemeerkat says:

      I’ve had mine for six years now. It’s been used almost every day since then and yet it’s still in excellent condition with only the space bar showing signs of smoothing over. The battery also requires charging about every two weeks now but other than, no issues.

      Excellent keyboard, well worth the £75.99 I paid for it in 2011.

  4. bob22 says:

    How utterly underwhelming.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      For the most part yes, Google the part numbers and there will be someone matching nearly every sale price. The fact they show discount off list rather than yesterday’s price is very misleading.

  5. Daymare says:

    I got a Logitech G710+ keyboard and can vouch for those brown switches. They’re so smooth to type with. Though I have to say I love the ultra-tactile clickety-clack of the blue ones as well.

    Sorta OT:
    My new laptop got delivered 20min ago. This one: link to

    Bought it last week for 1030 € from a German shop, during a week-long deal. Seems like a great bargain, couldn’t find it cheaper than 1250 ’round where I live.

    • Daymare says:

      Great mostly because of the GTX 1060, of course. But a 256 GB SSD and its low weight (2.2 kg) make it a fantastic package overall at that price.

  6. Dodgy says:

    And what about the EU deals????

  7. fish99 says:

    That keyboard is Cherry equivalents btw, not Cherry. It also looks pretty nasty TBH.

  8. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    I picked up one of those LG ultrawides a few weeks ago and it’s pretty nice.
    The colours are way better than my old TN monitors, and so far, most of the game’s I’ve played have properly supported 21:9, although most of them change back to 1920×1080 for cutscenes.
    You quickly get used to most ‘fullscreen’ video just appearing in the middle though, I guess because the black bars down the sides just blend into the frame.
    Obviously, films that have been recorded in 21:9 look bloody amazing.