Victorian underworld overlord game Antihero released

Crime doesn’t pay, we all know, but paying for crime is fine. If a jot of thievery tickles your fancy, have a peek at Antihero [official site], a turn-based strategy game about building up a thieves’ guild and undermining your opposition to rob a Victorian city blind. Recruit, bribe, blackmail, assassinate, and steal, steal, steal. Antihero is now out and looks a little something like this:

You’re competing with fellow crimebosses to fleece a city, see, sending out units to help you and undermine the other. Deployable villains range from urchins and truant officers to master thieves and assassins, each exploiting one resource or countering another unit. I’ve not had a crack myself but it looks a promising game of crime.

Along with a singleplayer campaign, Antihero has AI skirmishes, and casual and ranked multiplayer. Neatly, it also supports asynchronous multiplayer, meaning players can take a turn when they please, dragging games out across ages rather than cramming them into live matches. It’s nice to have a game on the side.

Antihero is £10.79/13,49€/$13.49 on Steam and GOG, which includes a small launch week discount. It’s made by Tim Conkling and published by Versus Evil.

Say, gang, did you play during its ‘First Access’ days on Itch over the past year-ish? What’s it like?


  1. Shinard says:

    Oooh, that’s ticking an awful lot of boxes for me. I’ll wait for a few more reviews, and to be honest I’ve probably spent too much on games recently, but still. Is there a WIT incoming?

    • darrrrkvengeance says:

      I’d also be interested in a WIT. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention.

  2. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    Looks pretty interesting, will keep an eye out for reviews.

    (Fallen London tie-in/mod when?)

  3. Bobtree says:

    The QT3 forum has been fawning over Antihero for ages. I’m a bit disappointed that it only supports 2 players, but then I haven’t played it yet.

  4. Vilos Cohaagen says:

    Bought! Looks so lovely and seems to be getting good reviews that I had to give it a punt :)

  5. phlebas says:

    Underworld overlord, plundering free?