Rainbow Six Siege to get rando cosmetic loot packs

The next update for multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege [official site] will add random loot packs to its plank-smashing and head-shotting. Update 2.1.1 will add “Alpha Packs” that contain cosmetic items like flashy gun skins, spikey helmets, colourful balaclavas and the like, which you’ll earn basically on a dice roll after every win. This is part of the game’s “Operation Health”, which was the studio’s way of spinning the cancellation of some seasonal stuff and postponing of some other seasonal stuff into something that sounded reasonable: a health check. Turns out part of getting a health check is creating a gambling game where you roll dice for hats.

The Ubipeeps describe the new rando-crates as: “a chance-based loot system that will contain many past cosmetics (like the Black Ice skins), as well as exclusive Legendary tier items that you will only be able to get in Alpha Packs.” It’s familiar stuff, aye. The update is due today, but the packs won’t be there right away, they say. Instead they’re to be staggered out shortly afterwards among all platforms.

Players on the technical test server have known about this upcoming feature for a while. Here you can see a player opening a silly 205 of the loot packs on the test server, and it also describes how you earn the packs:

“Build up your Chances meter by completing matches. Each victory grants you a loot roll. The higher your Chances meter, the more likely you are to earn an Alpha Pack”

Ubi haven’t said much else about how the finalised pack-grabbing will work, most tellingly they have not clearly stated whether you will be able to buy these packs for real people money or not. There’s nothing to suggest this is the plan, but icky microtransaction guff has been increasing among Ubi’s library in recent times. You just need to look at all the garbage flowing over the edges of the pause menu in Ghost Recon Wildlands to raise your eyebrows. On the other hand, Rainbow Six Siege has been historically generous to its players. In other words: I don’t know. You should have stopped listening to me ages ago. There’ll be more information next week, says Ubisoft, by which time the packs themselves will likely already be in your game.


  1. FriendlyFire says:

    Even if this were them introducing paid loot crates… I’m okay with that as long as it’s just cosmetics. It’ll let them make a lot more than they could if nobody paid for the crates, and it’d also help pay for running costs.

    But there better not be stats associated with these.

    • goodgeorge says:

      I’m completely sure that there won’t be any stats with the items. That would be a really bad decision from Ubisoft. There already are items that change stats like scopes and other gun parts and all of those are very cheap so anyone can get them.

      • stevesx says:

        You know what would be interesting? If one could get operators from these loot packs, and the loot packs could only be unlocked by playing.

    • stevesx says:

      Yeah if the packs will contain cosmetics like the ones that are in the game at the moment, then this will be completely fine.

      • goodgeorge says:

        Patch notes say “Alpha Packs are designed as a way to give you free cosmetics … will contain many past cosmetics (like the Black Ice skins), as well as exclusive Legendary tier items that you will only be able to get in Alpha Packs”. I’m also hoping that Ubisoft has learned a lesson from the awful pay to win loot system in For Honor and not implement something like that in Siege.

  2. Blad the impaler says:

    I can’t believe I just watched ten plus minutes of some random dude opening virtual stuff in a video game I don’t own or play and enjoyed the whole thing.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Earl-Grey says:

    Breaking news!
    Skinner box receives brand new flashy button.
    Button does nothing.

  4. Maxheadroom says:

    I assume its the competitive multiplayer only (and not the Co-op terrorist hunt mode) getting the crates?

    I like the Terrorist Hunt mode because you can dip in and out of it, you cant really do that in multiplayer (in my experience). Whenever ive tried I’m against people who have a years experience on whatever map we’re on and will snipe me through a 3mm hole in a wall 2 rooms away or otherwise manage to kill me before I even see them.

    Winning a round feels entirely dependant on the rest of my team being able to carry me which isn’t fun for anyone.

    I’ll have to make do with that 1 free pack you get when the patch goes live I guess

    • goodgeorge says:

      There are matchmaking issues, but PVP also has a quite steep learning curve. I didn’t have very much fun in PVP in the beginning either, but if you just keep at it, you will too learn all the tricks and the PVP becomes very enjoyable. Some people get really toxic when a beginner joins their team, but just ignore them. Still the matchmaker sometimes totally screws you over, but you constantly get less of that when you get better. TH feels so much more boring to me.

      • Maxheadroom says:

        That’s just it, I don’t really have the time to put into it to learn all the tricks. It’s not ‘wrong’ for that, its good that there are games that reward that kind of dedication and they shouldn’t change just to suit me, but I recently played a few rounds of TF2 after being away from it for almost 2 years and still managed to finish around the middle of the pack

        Oh my god! I’ve become a filthy casual haven’t it??

        • goodgeorge says:

          Yeah, Siege and TF2 are pretty much in the opposite ends of the spectrum in how long it takes to learn the game.

          I’m sorry to say that you are showing classic signs of being a filthy casual. Don’t be surprised if the next time you try to use your l33t g4m3r club membership card and it has been revoked.

        • Nokturnal says:

          But clearly that’s because you used to play it…I tried playing TF2 for the first time a while ago and I barely got above the last place on the board.

          However, I took a few months off Siege after it being my game of choice for over a year, and came back to still be nearing the top each match (at least in casual).

          Could just be that once you learn the basics, gain some map knowledge and so on, you will be able to drop the game and dip back in with ease.

          Terrorist hunt is just a shooting gallery, it’s okay to practice your reflexes but nothing close to real players in terms of how skilled (read: dirty) they can be.

          • goodgeorge says:

            In Siege learning the basics means a lot more things than in TF2, but I agree that after learning them you can take a break from the game just like in TF2.

  5. Chubbi says:

    And ubisoft still dosen’t buff blitz #buffblitz

  6. Bad.ger.- says:

    I love how the author of this article thinks you can head-shot in siege. Fix hitreg pls ubi.