Duelyst: Unearthed Prophecy expansion launched

94 new cards have arrived in fine free-to-play card battler Duelyst [official site] with the launch of its latest expansion, Unearthed Prophecy. This is the first big update since developers Counterplay Games cosied up to Bandai Namco. Let’s wish their partnership remains this fruitful.

Our boy Brendan’s indifference to digital cards is such that he once tore up a digital card gift for $5,000 on loofahs2u.com just to prove the point, but I know even he has been won over Duelyst (and got himself into some really daft situations). If you don’t dig Hearthstones and all that, maybe give this a crack.

The new cards are listed and detailed this-a-way. The expansions brings a new card mechanic as well as some new tile tricks. Counterplay explain:

“The expansion pack also debuts a new mechanic: Sentinels. The Sentinel ability will be accessible by the Songhai, Abyssian, and Vanar factions through three new minions per faction with secret triggers that when activated will transform the unit into a super powerful minion.

“The Lyonar, Vetruvian, and Magmar factions will have access to new Tile mechanics, giving each faction a new unique ability: Hallowed Ground for Lyonar, Exhuming Sand for Vetruvian, and Primal Flourish for Magmar. With Hallowed Ground, a friendly minion or General standing on top of the tile is healed for one point of health at the end of a player’s turn. Exhuming Sand tiles will summon a 2/2 Iron Dervish on them when a player summons a minion from their action bar. Minions standing on a Primal Flourish tile will Grow +2/+2 at the beginning of a turn, which can stack with other grow effects.”

More to consider as you build decks and battle baddies on the board.

Duelyst is available from its site and through Steam.


  1. VN1X says:

    My deck is still very much on scrub level (I haven’t even scratched the surface yet) but I’m looking forward to seeing all these new cards destroy me online!

  2. kwyjibo says:

    To bring in the Bandai Namco deal, anyone who signs into the game gets 3 free packs and 3 free tickets for the draft mode.

    Play it and fight me, my IGN is xhanx. If you’re new, you can use my IGN as a referral code and get another free pack.

    Not a big fan of the sentinels, their interactions are confusing. The hidden information gameplay they enable is not worth the increased learning curve.

    The other new units, and tile based effects look really good. Duelyst is best when it’s about tactical positioning, and this expansion looks to encourage that.

    • Gomer_Pyle says:

      I’m assuming that IGN means in-game name? How would I use that as a referral code? Is it something that you do after you first enter the game?

      • kwyjibo says:

        That’s correct. I forget how the onboarding process is for new users, but I assume it’ll be fairly obvious.

        You can ping me on the official discord channel too. Plenty of people there will help.

        • Gomer_Pyle says:

          Sorry for the late reply, but what is your name on the discord?

    • TheDandyGiraffe says:

      I wish sentinels were the only new cards with unclear effects/interactions… It’ll take weeks before we know how the new expansion actually works (and how it’s supposed to work), seeing as the community has already discovered a ton of weird interactions/bugs/inaccurate descriptions.

  3. Viral Frog says:

    I think I’ll pop in for a few rounds to check this out. I haven’t made a custom deck yet, but it hasn’t stopped me from winning a decent share of the online games I’ve played.

    Also yay! The main website lets me log in to comment on these posts. But the forums tell me I’m using the wrong username and password and that I’ve exhausted my failed login attempts (after one attempt using the correct username and password. -_-)