The Foxer

To the thief who stole the spaniel-shaped RSPCA collection box from the defoxing annexe lobby while Maxine was helping Helen change the wheel on her Panda.

May dogs distrust you,
Cats boycott you,
And birds button their beaks in your presence.
May mice wake you,
Ticks warm to you,
And butterflies slam shut as you approach.
May bluebottles and blowflies
fly noisy circuits over your deathbed.

This cryptic collage has a hidden theme.

*       *       *



Last week’s collage theme: childbirth (defoxed by phlebas and AFKAMC)

a FTL follow-up, Into the Breach (phlebas)
b Brendy (phuzz, JB)
c Natal Mounted Rifles cap badge (phlebas)
d Labour Party founder, Keir Hardie (phlebas)
e 1953 Coronation crown (Little_Crow, Lazzars)
f Whip-It! whipped cream chargers (phuzz)
g WW2 tank ace, Lafayette Pool (phlebas)
h Holyhead breakwater (mrpier)
i ‘How the communication cord works’ cigarette card (Gothnak)
j Bradley IFV (phuzz)
k Section C coastwatchers (phlebas, Lazzars)
l Honda Partner (unsolved)



  1. AFKAMC says:

    P-38 Lightning there – maybe a droop snoot variant.

    EDIT: Probably a P-38J Droop Snoot from here link to

  2. Gothnak says:

    Bottom left is Simon from ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’.

    link to

  3. Gothnak says:

    Top left might be the Ismuth of Corinth?

  4. Stugle says:

    I’m going to hazard a guess that the photo top left is of the Corinth Canal.

  5. Artiforg says:

    That’s the unmistakable ‘tache of Arthur Conan-Doyle

  6. Little_Crow says:

    Simon, out of off of Alvin and the Chipmunks at the bottom left

  7. Stugle says:

    M-202 incendiary rocket launcher (the square tube).

  8. Arioch_RN says:

    M202 Flash launcher on the left

  9. Artiforg says:

    Is the rocket launcher (on the left obscuring Simon) the M202 Flash?

    Ninja’d by Stugle and Arioch_RN!

  10. unacom says:

    That launcher to the left is an M202 FLASH, if I´m not mistaken.

  11. JustAPigeon says:

    The section of molecule is part of the VX nerve agent.

  12. Gothnak says:

    Part of me thinks it could be Cameras?

    DOYLE was a keen photographer?

  13. Stugle says:

    I’ve been looking for that minesweeper (?) bottom right. It seems to be an RN ship and the Hunt class (the post-war one) is the closest match I’ve found so far, but I’m not convinced.

    • Arioch_RN says:

      At first glance I thought it was one of the Sandown sweepers. I think the ensign might be a clue, looks like a Russian one to me.

      • Stugle says:

        Ah – I could’ve sworn it was the RN ensign, but if it’s Russian (or something else), it could explain why I have failed to find any RN minesweeper that looks even remotely more like it than the Sanford (whose smokestack is not right).

      • unacom says:

        I doubt it´s russian. Not sure why, though -russian superstructure feels different.
        I have discarded the german frigates and corvettes.
        Maybe…a danish ship?

        • Arioch_RN says:

          Yeah, the nearest-looking I could find was the Gorya class so I think I’ll look elsewhere. That ensign looks like a diagonal cross to me.

    • AbyssUK says:

      link to

      Belgian navy flag, not russian or british i guessed at an odd one

      A961 – Zinnia

      • Arioch_RN says:

        Well done, and to use a particular Douglas Adams expletive – “Belgium”

      • AbyssUK says:

        Funny man with mask/helmet is from the cover of Stellar 7 on the C64, first game made by dev Damon Slye who made aces over the pacific and A10 tank killer..

        link to

        Nothing clever here used a reverse image search… bad form I know..

        edit.. misread article

        • Gothnak says:

          I love the fact the name of that character is…….. John…

          Unless he is the Evil Gir Draxon, which is hinted at in Draxon’s Revenge…

          • Artiforg says:

            Crop rotation in the 14th century was considerably more widespread after John.

  14. Gothnak says:

    Anyone ID the multi-function Ice Axe/Hoe in green in the middle, i only just noticed it.

  15. Gothnak says:

    Guy in the top middle looks like a modern day younger Henry Kissinger.

  16. Stugle says:

    Anyone have any idea about the four orange dots at the bottom? Searching “Four orange dots logo” is unfortunately not the way to go, lacking as it is in specificity.

  17. AbyssUK says:

    I am pretty sure the logo in the middle is the st. peppers lonely hearts band logo…
    What do you think .. link to

  18. Gothnak says:

    Right, it MUST be fairies or the Cottingley Fairies in particular, because Zinnia was the name of the fairy that inspired the girls to fake the photos that Conan Doyle then believed. It is also then linked to photography, maybe…

    Otherwise Conan Doyle and Zinnia, really, there is something else? :).

    • AFKAMC says:

      Wikipedia tells me that one of the photos was of Elsie Wright holding out her hand to a gnome; Wikipedia also tells me there’s a garden gnome on the cover of Sgt. Pepper.

    • Tim Stone says:

      Oddly enough, Roman has a half-finished Cottingley Fairies collage on his desk at this very moment (elements include Beck Mellow Gold CD, Midge Ure, Princess Mary and Phoenix Wright). Have a Flare Path flair point for a successful predefoxing!

      The foxer above has a photographic connection but is entirely fairy free.

      • Gothnak says:

        My apologies for breaking a future foxer, we must be getting too attuned!

        So, ‘photography’ isn’t the actual answer to this one as i suggested before, but something photography related, such as a specific photo, film, or photography related individual or process?

        • Tim Stone says:

          Cameras, photography, Muppets, Scapa Flow/Orkneys, Martin Scorsese… all incorrect I’m afraid.

          • AbyssUK says:

            Its not Martin Scorsese, i believe it is David Selznick.
            link to

            David O. Selznick was an American film producer, screenwriter and film studio executive. He is best known for producing Gone with the Wind and Rebecca, both earning him an Academy Award for Best Picture.

            Still no idea on the theme…

  19. AFKAMC says:

    I was toying with a Scapa Flow/Orkney link, on the grounds that the A961 road is on the eastern side of Scapa Flow, and a ship called the Doyle was sunk in Scapa as a block ship… but that’s all I’ve got.

    • Gothnak says:

      Well, Scapa Flow means ‘Bay of the Long Isthmus’, and I did mention the Isthmus of Corinth up at the top? Can’t exactly say i’ve seen that word twice in a day before.

  20. AFKAMC says:

    Droop, Sherlock Hemlock, Flash (saxophone player from the band Solid Foam), Alvin (alien from the planet Malamaroo)
    Thanks to Muppet Wiki if I’m right…

  21. AbyssUK says:

    I cannot ID the,i guess, game that is the background. It appears to show some animals like elephants or something going in/out of a castle..anybody any ideas ?

    • AFKAMC says:

      My first thought was “The Sentinel”, or its sequel?

      • phlebas says:

        If it’s anything that old it’d likely be the cover rather than the actual game. Given the Rear Window theme, might it be the cover of something by JEFF Minter?

  22. AFKAMC says:

    Is the link Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”?

    • AFKAMC says:

      Characters include Miss Lonelyhearts, NYPD Det. Lt. Thomas “Tom” J. Doyle, Stella.
      The flower bed (zinnias).
      The scene were the villain is temporarily blinded by flash bulbs.

      • Gothnak says:

        The villain is also modelled on a certain David Selznik.

        And the piano player in the film is Ross Bagdasarian who invented Alvin & the Chipmunks!

        Great de-foxing.