Hitman Season One’s final Elusive Target arrives today

Ha ha ha!

Ian Hitman today gets to kill Mr Giggles ­čí▒ as the final one-off ‘Elusive Target’ of his episodic killing spree in Hitman [official site]. He has ten days to murder the cheery fella before he vanishes forever. IO do explictly call this “the final Elusive Target for Season One”, which would suggest that they’re still planning a second season now they have split from former owner Square Enix. They’ve never said they weren’t, mind, but it is comforting to hear IO repeat this after the uncertainty when Squeenix dumped them.

Mr Giggles, codenamed ‘The Entertainer‘, arrives in Marrakesh at 1pm today (5am Pacific), where he’ll be up to no good for 240 hours – 10 days. As ever with Elusive Targets, if you miss this window, he’ll be gone. If you blow the mission, you can miss him forever – no restarting once an objective has been completed. Oh, and of course bopping him helps unlock bonus suits.

Also out today is Hitman’s July update. Changes including making Ian slightly more resilient on lower difficulty settings, unlocking the Professional Difficulty option at a lower level, and, er, stopping a toilet in Marrakesh from killing Ian with such gay abandon.

I’m sure I’ve seen Giggles’ Edinburgh Festival show. He does plate-spinning and close-up magic which inevitably climaxes in him piercing bodyparts with metal spikes, right?

Hee hee hee!

Giggles is the 26th of Hitman’s Elusive Target events (though the 28th actual target, thanks to two double-kill contracts), which have largely come once or twice per month. Have you been returning to whack them, gang?


  1. Hoot says:

    Coming late to the party I have missed every single Elusive Target (and to kill this last one would kinda ruin that record) so I have to ask, are there any plans to release all of the Elusive Targets as downloadable DLC or what?

    From what I can see there is no downside to it. Those that have killed the targets as they came got the content for free. Those of us who missed it still have the option to buy it if we want.

    • dontnormally says:

      I’m almost on your exact same page but am not so willing to give them a pass.

      I bought the damn game. Early, too. And have missed every target. Just give me got danged access to them. Make it a season 2 promo or something to get season1 owners excited. (this is a really good idea).

      I’m willing to go so far as to say that I will certainly buy season 2 if they do, and won’t if they don’t.

  2. Mungrul says:

    I came to Season One late, when they released the whole thing, and I kinda regret missing the earlier Elusive Targets.

    I botched my first one, which was the old lady poisoner in Marrakesh. I ended up electrocuting 47 instead of her. Doh.

    A few I’ve since done myself (although I’ve also botched a few from over-confidence).

    And a few I feel rather ashamed to say I’ve watched Youtube guides of before doing them.

    I really enjoy them, although after failing them, I’m usually too angry with myself to continue playing.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    I don’t see why they can’t just make these an annual thing, offline and linked to specific dates. That way they retain the one shot nature of the missions but they are not lost to history and still available for those who started playing later.

  4. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    Mr Giggles has a pretty natty suit.

  5. Zorgulon says:

    I should actually make an effort to do this one – I came to the Hitman party reasonably late, but still managed to miss quite a few of them.

    Roll on Season 2, though.

  6. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    I think I managed to do about half of these to varying degrees of success. If you run into trouble you can restart the mission just as long as you don’t get fully killed yourself (if the screen goes res, you can’t do it again) or kill someone you’re not supposed to. I ruined one mission by panicking and throwing a pair of scissors into a VIP’s face.

  7. April March says:

    It’s pretty harsh to kill someone just because their Joey Mallone cosplay is better than yours.