Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds launching first-person-only servers this month

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds [official site] will soon start rolling out a mode locking all players to the first-person view, coming with this month’s big ‘Monthly’ update. The splendid 100-man rumble lets players switch between first-person and third-person cameras with the press of a button, see, and some dislike how the third-person view lets players peek around corners and into places they couldn’t otherwise see. For those folks who fancy a stricter challenge, the new servers will block that. It’ll initially be available in Plunkbat’s Solo and Duo modes, rolling out to full Squad mode later.

“1st person servers are coming to [Plunkbat] in our next monthly update!” Plunk himself, Brendan Greene, tweeted yesterday.

“We will bring 1st person only to EU/NA SOLO & DUO games first, and once we have polished the system, we will expand to other regions,” he continued.

We’ve known that such a mode was planned but not that it would come so soon. Monthly updates tend to come at the end of the month, so I’d probably expect it to launch on Thursday, July 27th.

Plunkbat’s first-person animations are little janky and often jittery but Plunk says the team are “hard at work getting 1st person improved before it releases!”

The mode will be optional, of course. I imagine I’ll have a go? As a cautious and peaceful player (like Graham), I do find the peeking handy – but I also know it’s a totally jammy way to play. I tend to be quite attentive so I might have an advantage on first-person servers, though I suppose they will have a self-selecting population of higher-skill (or, at least, more serious) players.

If you’re concerned about missing enjoying your carefully-constructed outfit, do remember that Plunkbat is one of those rare wonderful games which shows your body as you bend your neck at deadly angles to look down.

After the mode launches, be sure to check the driver seat in cars for people sat assessing their ensemble as they consider popping back into a house to swap gloves.


  1. DuncUK says:

    Yeah, I’m glad about this. Whilst it’s true that everyone can abuse the 3rd person view as much as anyone else, if you’re pressed up against a wall then you’ve an advantage against anyone else that isn’t, in that you can look over or around it without exposing yourself (fnarr). It imbalances encounters unfairly. I’ll be sticking to these servers when they’re available.

  2. Celcos says:

    This was one my few remaining excuses for why I haven’t picket this game up yet. I’m a bit miffed they’re coming after my wallet.

  3. andash says:

    Finally, that’s great. I bought the game but haven’t played it much. Like in Arma 3, I prefer playing with forced first-person players.

  4. moisan4 says:

    I find it ridiculous that even the window placements in the small shacks are intentionally placed for third person mode. When in first person, the windows are too high to even see through. This game should have been designed for first person only right from the start. But then people wouldn’t pay or grind for new clothing on a character they only see on loading screens.

    • Rituro says:

      I dunno, people have been known to throw money at things for worse reasons. I wouldn’t be shocked if grinding took place just so people could oggle their inventory screens and killcams.

    • Flopper says:

      I spent like $300 or more on Planetside 2 cosmetics and that game is first person only for infantry. And it’s dead as fuck now. Money well spent. 10/10 Would set money on fire again.

    • vahnn says:

      There are no microtransactions. Items can be bought and traded for on the steam community market, but that’s from players.

  5. GemFire81 says:

    While this does not really bother me, I much prefer the 3rd person view. It’s the only game I can find that kinda feels like my old Socom 2 and Socom 3 days again. I miss those days a lot :(. Lots of people think that being able to see around the corner is an unfair advantage , but I completely disagree. I feel like it adds another level of depth. Always trying to figure out where the next spot to move to and when to peek and fire. Done right it makes flanking and other mechanics important not just aiming and firing and hoping you hit them before they hit you.

  6. Spinkick says:

    Welp, looks like I’ll be buying soon.

  7. Chewbacca says:

    My problem with the third person mode is that if you have to rush someone (especially because of the circle) the “camper” always has the advantage as they clearly see you and can freely decide when to peak while already shooting. If both players are equally skilled and equipped, the camper always wins. And especially in the end game, that makes the ending of some round purely based on luck. Where is the new zone? Do I have to rush them or do they have to rush me?

    In first person mode you have to expose yourself to see the enemy. That’s risk/reward and adds, in my opinion, much more strategy.